My friend and I did his wife

My best friend Jack, was always oversexed. As a single man he spent a lot of weekend sex parting and he loved to go to swingers club too. I figured that, when he will get married, he would slow down.  Eventually he married a lady, but I never met with his wife, not yet anyway. I used to work outside of the country when they started to date. At the time when I got back to the state, they have been married more then six months.

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One of the first thing that I did, was to visit Jack. That was my first meet with his wife.  She was a dark-haired, average looking Hispanic lady with grapefruit size of tits and very nice shaped long legs. More importantly her personality was much more better then her look. She played pool as a man, liked watching sport news on TV and did not offended at our course language.

Few weeks were gone by and I begun to forget she is a women, even though I found her sexually very attractive. Then one Saturday afternoon Jack reminded me how sexy she was. We had a few drinks while watching the hockey game and just as the third period started Ria brought in a plate of nachos.

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– You really found the prefect wife I said.
– Yeah, isn’t she a piece of beauty? Jack asked, sliding his arms around her. His hands dangled down to her boobs and begun caressing them. I looked quickly to the TV, but Jack voice turned me back to them.

– And her boobs are the best I ever had. Come here and fill them. I wasn’t sure what should I do. Jack had always been wild horny guy, but he just offered to take a close look at to his wife boobs. Did he really want me to check out his wife tits front of him? I looked at Ria, she drew her tongue across her lips very sexily. I realized she wanted me to do it. Well what the hack, am I a healthy man or what? I asked from myself and somehow I went over the sofa next to her and begun touching her boobs.

They were killer, I know that from the first moment when I saw her. She never wear bras, she doesn’t need them. Her boobs are tight and pointing to up direction. Her nipples poked through the fabric of her blouse.  Continue Reading…

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