How We Got Our Self Into Swinging

Rick and I had been married for a little over four years. The first six months we spent catching up on all the sex we thought we’d missed out on while we were both single. Neither one of us was very experienced sexually before we started dating each other. Our lovemaking had become pretty much unexciting and routine in our four years of marriage.

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Sure, we’d tried a lot of various positions and explored our desires. We were very happy with our marriage but felt we were missing out on something and wouldn’t discover what it was. In bed of an evening we’d often small talk about people we’d like to have sex with. Just talk, nothing we’d ever expect to really experience. We had a good, solid marriage, no jealousy or apprehension between us. Rick and I both had a roving eye but neither of us ever pursued an extramarital affair.

In bed one evening, we were watching a porno movie on Android box, something about swingers couples. Porno movies always turned me on especially if one or more of the guys was exceptionally well endowed. Rick’s about average in size I guess, not that I’ve had much to compare it to. I’d only been with one other guy and that was before I met and fell in love with Rick. Just figured most guys had about seven inches except for those porn stars. We got to talking about how some of the women in the movie had seemed a little reluctant to get into wife swapping. I kidded Rick about why they didn’t call it “husband swapping”. Rick just chuckled and said “wife swapping” sounded sexier.

On the drive to work the next morning, Rick brought up the subject of “swinging”, another term I’d heard for wife swapping. I figured he was trying to get me to voice my opinion on the subject. I kidded him about me being with another guy while he was with another woman. I figured Rick would get insanely jealous at the sight of me with another guy sexually. We’d been out with some of our friends nightclubbing and dancing. Rick always seemed to keep an especially attentive eye on me if I was dancing with one of our friends. If dancing would cause him concern, then having sex with another guy would put him well over the edge.

I wouldn’t approve of Rick having an extramarital affair. I’m pretty open minded but not that open minded. Rick kept chatting away about how exciting it must be to experience sex with a lot of different people. It did get me thinking that it might be very exciting but also very dangerous to our marriage. I tossed a few questions to Rick about how he’d really feel and react to seeing me getting fucked by another guy or sucking on another guy’s cock. The questions almost caused him to drive off the road, don’t know whether it was out of excitement or distraction. I toned down the conversation a little so we’d make it to work safely.

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All day at work I kept thinking about the conversation Rick and I had on the drive in that morning. I’ll have to admit I was kind of giving the idea a lot of serious thought. I’d been hit on by a couple of guys at the office but never took it seriously. The girls always referred to them as “hunters”, guys just out to score with as many women as they could. “Running Up the Scoreboard” was the way one of the girls called it. No way would I ever consider an office romance, that would be definitely heading for a disaster. During lunch I got to chatting with my closest friend, Sheila. The conversation pretty much revolved around how some of the guys in the restaurant looked very handsome in their expensive suits and silk ties.

Sheila is quite a character and outspoken about how she loves sex. Don’t think she’s ever had an office romance, if she has, she’s never let it be known, not even to me. I kind of smiled and recounted the discussion Rick and I had on the way to work that morning. Sheila’s draw just about dropped to the table as she blushed when I told her I felt Rick was trying to talk me into swinging with another couple. I felt comfortable telling Sheila about it since we keep our close conversations just between the two of us. Sheila grabbed my hand frantically and said we should give it a shot. “We’d love it” were her exact words. I asked her how did she know Rick and I would like it. Sheila whispered to me that she and her husband, Mike were into it and had there own little group of couples.

“You mean you meet with other couples and have sex with them?” I asked.

Sheila smiled. “Damn right we do and we love every minute of it. There’s nothing like it. We have four other couples that we meet on a regular basis and sometimes all get together for a big party, an orgy, so to speak.”

At first, I thought Sheila was just pulling my legs, but the look on her face told me otherwise. She was dead serious and not backing down from her statements. I was a little shocked at first but I had to ask questions. My main question was how it affected their marriage, had it caused any problems of any kind. I was afraid maybe she and Mike were having problems with their marriage and the “swinging” was a way to temporarily cope with it.

“No way are Mike and I having problems, in fact, our marriage is stronger now than it’s ever been”

“What about jealousy, surely there’s a chance someone could have a problem with that” I asked.

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Sheila’s reply was “Couples who are jealous of each other don’t stay in the lifestyle for very long. They drop out before it gets to be too big a problem.”

Sheila talked about a lot of the aspects of the swinging lifestyle including a few do’s and don’ts. I listened so intently I forgot to eat. The more she talked the more interested I became.

“Do you think you and Rick would be jealous of each other having sex with other people?” Sheila asked.

“I don’t think I would be jealous of Rick but I’m not sure he could handle the idea of me being with another guy. I’m not really sure.”

Sheila suggested she felt it best if Rick and I sat down and really talked it out before giving “casual sex” a try. “Make sure it’s something you both think you’d like to try and both of you can handle without any problems afterwards.”

“OK, we’ll talk about it this evening and I’ll see if I get any sort of hesitation from Rick if I tell him I’m interested”

I don’t think I realized what I’d just said until I said it. I’d pretty much let Sheila know that I was willing to have sex with another guy and not feel guilty about it afterwards. Sheila smiled coyly and I got an impression she had some ideas of her own. We hurried back to work running just a little bit late.

At the end of the day Sheila and I picked up our conversation where we’d left off. I usually have to wait a short while for Rick to pick me up so it gave us a chance to continue asking questions about what “swinging” and casual sex was really all about in married couples case, like we both are. I didn’t realize swinging wasn’t all about sex, but about forming good friendships and doing things socially. “Sex is just the icing on the cake” was Sheila’s favorite quote.

On the other site, casual sex, can be just a one time thing, so I definitely liked the idea of swinging much more.

Rick stopped in front of the office and Sheila and I walked towards the car. Sheila’s a bit of a flirt and she really put it on heavy when she got close enough to speak to Rick. He smiled and slightly blushed when Sheila leaned into the car to say “Hi”. I think she “made his day” to have her flirt with him a little. Sheila’s always got the top couple of buttons on her blouse undone and when she leaned into the car, I knew Rick could look down the top of her blouse.

The drive home was pretty uneventful, just idle chat about the workday. He’d had a pretty rough day at work and seemed very tired. After dinner and watching the evening news I got Rick’s attention away from the television long enough to get a conversation going. I had to admit I didn’t know how I was going to get the conversation headed towards swinging so I just came right out and asked him if he’d gotten over his idea of getting into wife swapping. He grinned like a kid with a new bicycle and said;

“Hell no, I kept thinking about it all day at work.”

“Well, I thought about it too. I even talked about it with Sheila at lunch and after work”

Rick couldn’t believe what I’d just told him.

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“Are you crazy, we don’t want anyone to know that we’ve even discussed it let alone actually thought about doing! Sheila might let it out and then we’d be faced with a lot of embarrassment”

I had to chuckle just a bit when I told him Sheila and her husband Mike were into the swinging lifestyle. The look on his face was one I’ll never forget. He’d always thought Sheila was just a big flirt and that was about it. He couldn’t get over the idea that she and her husband were into the “lifestyle”. It was like I’d breathed new life into him. He was all attentive and wanted to know everything Sheila and I had talked about. I filled Rick in on everything I could remember. I had my hand on his chest as I recanted the discussion. I could feel his heart beating faster and harder as I told him about the group of couples Mike and Sheila were involved in. I mentioned that I’d asked about the jealousy thing and how we’d have to handle it if it were to come up. I could see the look of concern on Rick’s face and I figured he might be hiding his concern about it too.

“I wouldn’t be jealous of you fucking another guy. After all, I’m going to be busy fucking the daylights out of another woman. I won’t have time to be jealous.”

Somehow I just couldn’t believe he actually meant what he’d just said. Saying you wouldn’t be bothered is one thing, but saying it after your spouse has just had sex with another person is another.

Rick asked, “Do you think you’d feel jealous or betrayed if I had sex with another woman?”

“Nope, not at all.” I quickly replied.

Couldn’t believe I’d admitted it to him so blatantly. I guess it was the way I actually felt. Think I must have been keeping it hidden and just blurted out unexpectedly. We kind of fell into our own little trains of thought as we smiled at each other. Not knowing what to say next, Rick asked me if I wanted to give it a shot and see if the swinging lifestyle was for us.

“I’m willing if you are, but if either one of us has any qualms about it, we get out and get out fast”

“Sounds good to me Babe. Now we need to decide how we go about finding another couple. Got any ideas?”

I knew by the sly grin on his face he was thinking about Mike and Sheila, probably fantasizing about getting his mouth on her breasts and his rock hard cock in her pussy.

“Let me talk with Sheila tomorrow at work and see what we can come up with”.

Rick wanted me to phone her right then but I told him I’d feel more comfortable talking with her face to face than over the phone.

We went to bed early that evening, enjoyed great sex and wore ourselves out but don’t think either of us slept much. I think the whole idea of swinging had us too excited or maybe it was just apprehension keeping us awake.

The drive into work the next morning was pretty quiet, mostly listened to the radio. We didn’t bring up any conversation about swinging. Maybe Rick was starting to have doubts, maybe he was just tired from lack of sleep. Continue Reading…

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Love Making Disappeared From My Marriage

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How I shared my wife with my best friend

My wife Eva and I are swingers. We’ve been into it for about five years. I can honestly say that swinging saved our marriage. We had been losing interest  in each other and both of us had more than one affair. We found out about swinging through the Internet. Soon after that we got touch in with another couple that showed us the ropes.

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As we got more into the lifestyle, we separated our circle of friends into two different groups. Everyday friends and intimate swinging friends that we swing with regularly. Our everyday friends doesn’t know anything about our lifestyle and sex life, or my best friend Ernie doesn’t either.

They had been married four years and are already separated.  It was very stressful for him. Eva and me put him up in our spare bedroom and we told him, he can stay with us as long as he needed.

A few weeks later it happened. Eva wasn’t at home. Ernie and I were sitting in front of the TV, watching the hockey game. Ernie seemed very depressed. I asked him what was the matter. First he said nothing at all, but after few question he confessed that he was starting to get pain in his balls. It had been over two months since the last time he had sex. He masturbated a few times, but it just wasn’t enough. I suggested that he should go and find a sweetheart for himself. He said he is still hoping to fix his marriage with his wife, so he did not want to date anyone.

That night I explained our little chat to Eva. She felt sorry for him, so I thought I should help  my best friend and asked her. “Would you share our bed every now and then with him?” At first she said no way, this game is for couples only plus Ernie doesn’t know anything about our swingers side and we should keep it this way.

no string attached sex adsWell I let the things sit for few days and asked her again. She gave up a little and she said, Ernie is a nice guy and probably fantasizing about sex lately a lot.  A few more days passed and I had convinced Eva it was our duty to help Ernie. Now all I have to do was speak to Ernie. It was easier than you think. It took only 5 minutes to explain him it was okay for me.

The next day was Saturday. We were in the patio drinking beer and having some popcorn. Ernie was very nervous.  We talked about everything except sex. Ernie accidentally overturned the popcorn. I know the time is arrived to do something. “Why don’t I clean up the popcorn, while you and Ernie get better acquainted?” I   asked. They went in the house together. I cleaned up the mess very fast and went after them.  They were sitting in the living room on the sofa. I peeled of my clothes. Ernie helped me to undress my wife and he undressed himself very fast. All three of us were naked. Eva set back  on the sofa. Ernie turned toward her. His hard cock was bobbing in front of him. Eva reached for it with both hands and brought it into her mouth. I dived down between her legs and started to eat her pussy.

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Her lips were swollen from the excitement. She opened her legs. I found her pleasure button and started to suck it. Ernie groaned. I looked up for bit and saw Eva deep throat Ernie and reached his balls with her hand. One other moaning and Ernie almost came. However he managed to keep himself under control.

I know how to please my wife. My tongue was everywhere, slithering in and out from her love tunnel. Every once in a while I stopped tongue fuck her to suck her clit. It did not take to long her to hit the first orgasm. She rubbed her pussy into my face. I looked up again and saw Ernie just pulled his cock out of her mouth and squeezed her tits together so he could fuck the silky tunnel between them.   I changed positions too. I pushed her thighs more apart and slid my rubberized rock hard cock into her. She lied on the sofa. Ernie fucked her tits and I fucked her cunt. The sofa squeaked with our rhythmic movements. She tipped her head forward and started to suck the end of Ernie’s cock. I saw Ernie balls are in firing position. I was giving to her with all my man power. My balls were balanced against her bottom. She closed her legs a bit, she know it always make me cum. My cum started to boil in my balls. At this moment Ernie groaned and fired his first load of sperm on her breast. I groaned too as excitement flashed through me. I could not hold back  any longer. The cum streaked up my shaft. I groaned as her cunt pulsed around my cock. She reached her second orgasm and her orgasm triggered mine. I filled up the condom with my first load.

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I laid on her for a few seconds then sat up. She did too and reached Ernie. She started to clean up his tool with her tongue. When she finished it Ernie was hard again. “Your turn” I said and gave him a condom. He rolled it up. Eva laid back on her back and now Ernie dived down between her legs. She turned her had to side a little and reached me. I gave to her my semi hard dick. After a few minutes stroking and sucking I was hard again.

I spent the night with my wife and with my friend. All three of us enjoyed it thoroughly. We slept through all of Sunday and spent Sunday night the same way…

Well a week later Ernie and his wife Sue got back together. Ernie moved back home. I waited a couple of months and invited them for a dinner. I hoped that I’ll manage some swinging action into that evening.