Virgin Girls Browsing Adult Dating Websites

The cool thing these days it seems is for women to call themselves virgins and they brows adult dating website.  What a virgin woman want on an adult dating website? The problem, very few of them are actually virgins, but they wanna be virgin. I think women are trying to win back their dignity. Virginity is not dignity, if your virginity “expired” than that is gone for life. List from this present life…

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The lady on the above photo definitely not a virgin. A lot of them seeks sex partner here.

This kind of girls want to seem as pure and innocent while they lay on their backs for men who knows how to ride the bicycle and for those who don’t know how to ride the bicycle.

Finding a virgin girl, who is around 19 years old or older in year 2017 is like hit the jackpot on the lottery. For example in our Canadian 6/49, to select the 6 winning numbers from a possible pool of 49 numbers, the chances of winning the jackpot are 1 in 14 million. Someone wins, and someone virgin… One 19 year old girl from 14 million. They are exist, but hard to find one. I don’t know if it is worth the time, unless you want to go where no men was before.

There are many reasons why a woman might want to be a virgin. In this days and age of diseases, its not that bad of an idea. She might say, I never had penetrative sex, not yet, is it worth dying for? I can understand woman like this, but I never met one.

There are many other reasons to stay a way from penetrative sex.

adult dating By not having sex you don’t have any risk of getting pregnant. Men these days don’t seem to want to take care of their babies. Nothing would be worse than having a baby and being forced to quit school and work at a Timi’s to pay the bills. Being a single mother is tough these days and I don’t blame them for not wanting to take that chance. It is hard enough to live on your own, let alone have to worry about kids.

adult dating Some women may choose not to have sex for religious reasons. This is probably the number one reason why women stay virgins. They believe that they aren’t allowed to have sex until they are married. I used to go to church when I was a teenager and during this time a lot of girls in the church were having sex. I guess some people practice this, while others just claim that they do.

adult datingThere is the type of woman who claims she is a virgin but she will perform oral sex on you. She will allow you to stick your finger, or even two fingers in her vagina and get them really wet. She does this so in her mind she is still a pure and clean virgin.

adult datingThe next bunch of virgins are the type that allow you to touch them, but not do anything else. She may allow you to touch her breasts or lick her nipples. If you are lucky she will play with your penis, or if you are very lucky, she will give you a hand job. That is about as far as it goes with her. She might eventually end up being like the “virgins” who will learn how to perform oral sex on you, but I wouldn’t count on it though.

This might sound odd, so make sure you are sitting down for this next one. Some “virgins” enjoy anal sex. Usually women who originate from countries where sand is everywhere as far as you can see and camels still in use for transportation. They feel since they aren’t using their vagina’s it really isn’t sex. Anal sex is called anal sex for a reason, because it is sex. Just like oral sex is sex.

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She never had vaginal penetrative sex, but she might experienced double anal penetration… and she is still virgin. Strange things happens. I guess it doesn’t matter in the long run. All that matters if you can get into her sweet anal love canal. I won’t argue, if she thinks she is virgin, so what?

Sometimes when a woman hasn’t had sex in a while, the vagina can shrink back to its normal size. Though she isn’t really a virgin, she will seem like it and will feel like she is a virgin. Than she will tell you, you are the first man in my life, but she wont tell you since when. Wonders can happen…

Some women are what they call “virgins again“. This really blows my mind. Basically they started to screw in high school, they screwed all their class mate, plus everyone else who bothered to move between their legs and than decide they will be a virgin until they get married. I’m not sure how they can feel they are a virgin again, but who am I to understand anything about a woman. I think this usually happens after a woman climbed into some unwanted pregnancy, or might picked up some nasty STD. Those think can make her to decide that “No sex until marriage“.

Why is this so important? To a man, he could care less really. Getting to lay a virgin is like winning a jackpot on 6/49, but after a certain age you realize that is not just luck, that is a time consuming hard work. Does it worth? Personally, I want a woman who can screw my brain out in the bed and on the kitchen counter too, not someone who has never done anything kinky before. Other than not having to worry about disease, to me and probably most men, this whole virgin thing is plain stupid.

The reason why some women are so obsessed about this is, they want to remain pure. Their virginity is the only thing that they see as making them pure and clean. They can talk like a sailor and they can take two dicks in they butt hole. Are they pure, or are they better than a girl who had 2 lovers in her 19 years of age?

I am amazed that this is still an issue. After all women have the same rights as man have since the 1960’s, so why no one worry about guys and virginity?

I used to know a girl in my home town, she screwed the high school football team, than next year she screwed the next year’s team too. I know this for fact, I played in both year’s team. Than I moved a way and did not see her for few years. Than we ran into each other once, and after the Hi, how are you, long time no see, she told me, she is virgin again… Well I let her believe she is virgin again, because I realized she is more than likely a nut case and needs to be avoided…

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