Friendship After NSA Sex. Is it a Sex Friendship?

This goes to all out there. How often do you stay friends
with someone after you had nsa sex with? I have ran across
many profiles that say, friendship before sex, but not after…

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But what about after sex?

Friendship would be fine with me, before sex. I think it is important to know who is going to be in your bed. But afterwards, what happens?

I recently I met a nice guy, list I was sure he is a nice guy, but I am not so sure anymore.  We had a date than one more date and I had the pleasure of enjoying his company.

He was sweet and cool and we had some really good erotic connection or chemistry instantly. We liked the same things and he mentioned I was best sex friend material.

That night, we slept in a hotel, ripped each others clothes off and got into the shower. We played and teased, and he tasted wonderful…

We then went into the bedroom where he penetrated me for hours. At next morning we started again and we made each other orgasm few more times. Than we left with “See you soon”. Yet, since then, I’ve tried to talk to him and he won’t even return my call.

Do people make it a habit not to talk to their  nsa fling afterward or was it just a misunderstanding on my part??? Continue reading…


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I have ex-lovers I’ve been friends with for years. One old nsa girlfriend in particular I’ve stayed in contact with over 15 years.

We still get together sometimes, however no more sex.

It all depends on whether the relationship ended bitterly. My x partners are very special to me, because I’ve shared something with them that I could never have shared with platonic friends.

Of course one night stands does not count… Maybe he meant to have one night stand only, but did not want to tell you, because he saw how much you enjoy his company.

Or he is a married man and just cheated with you on his wife… He is the only one who know it… Continue reading…


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It is kind of wild for me. I can’t make friendship with anyone after 1 date… I need more time for that.

However I can have nsa sex on the first date with a young bull, and I am here for nsa not for making friends. I have more than enough friends, I don’t need more. I need sex!  Continue reading…

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In general, I have stayed friend with my ex-boyfriend,
but the men that were pickups  for nsa fun, for brief flings, fade quickly.

If  there is chemistry, than nsa sexual relationship can happen, but the mental connection for friendship might not, so the nsa thing will fade away, with out any mental connection.

However if I build friendship, that will brings some kind of strings and attachment and I don’t want that. I am here for nsa sex, and I think your sex freind was the same. He did not want to go any further, because he did not want any relationship.

90% of people on this website are like him. Sex only, nothing else. Continue reading…

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