We Wanted a Bi Man for Male – Male – Female Threesome

My wife and I decided we wanted to swing. Moreover, we decided we wanted a threesome with a bi man. We’re both bisexual. I am a orally bi man, it’s more of a cock fetish, you might say, my wife is fully bisexual.

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So why a man and not a woman? She really wanted to see men suck cock (and who can blame her? Men love to watch women, right? Equal rights!)

We both had limited experience in the past with same-sex encounters, but we were secure enough in our marriage that we were sure we wanted to try a threesome. In fact, it was our deep love for one another that brought about our individual abilities to let go of convention. It was our love that made us want the other to experience ultimate pleasure and fulfill their deepest sexual fantasies.

So we joined an adult dating website, but we were met with anĀ  overwhelming number of straight men, and realized we were on a mostly heterosexuals only dating website, which meant bisexual women were perfectly welcome, but bisexual men were not. Hey, everyone has their preference. No one treated us poorly, it was just difficult to find a match. There were very few bisexual men.

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And that’s how we eventually found our way to Adult Dating in Canada and its partner’s website, Swingers Couple.net. I admit, we were skeptical. Would we encounter a bunch of creeps? We didn’t know, so we devised a plan for meeting members with the purpose of having no string attached sex, and then we went to find a match.

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He was an older man, fit, clean, good looking, with gray hair. Lets call him Ted. Ted looked distinguished. My wife likes older men and the photos of Ted’s cock on Swingers Couple made him look like he was hard as a rock. He wasn’t too big, which the wife prefers, but he had an erection you could hang a wool coat on. It stuck straight up, nicely curved upwards, he was cut, and had a nice swollen head, we both agreed, he had a simply delicious looking hard on.

We contacted Ted, he fully agreed to our ground rules, and we to his, and we made a date to meet in a public place (a restaurant’s bar) to see if we were compatible. We rented a lovely hotel suite for the occasion, and figured if we didn’t like Ted in person, we could always go back to our room and have a romantic evening alone.

We arrived early. Ted arrived on time. The conversation was light but friendly. He seemed like a nice guy. All of our searches of his information had turned up nothing suspicious, he didn’t seem to be deceiving us in any way. Ted was legit.

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During the meeting, neither of us gave the other our secret, “no” signal, so after dinner and two drinks and someĀ  chatting, we invited him back to our room. He gladly accepted, he said he have to make some phone calls, and have to park his car somewhere safer and after that he will fallow us.

About half hour later Ted tapped on the door lightly and we let him in. There was a couch and some chairs in the living room area of the suite,
so we invited him to the chair while we took the couch near him. We were all visibly nervous but also obviously and breathlessly excited. We could see Ted was really turned on already, and so were we. After a few minutes of more polite chatter, we felt comfortable enough to begin.

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Ted watched from the chair, squirming, as I began kissing my wife, nibbling on her neck, and running my hands over her shoulders and through her hair. I could feel the waves of pleasure spasm across my wife’s body with every touch.

And out of the corner of my eye, I could see Ted adjusting himself as he sat in the chair, growing achingly stiff in his jeans, and getting so turned on that he needed to re position himself to avoid the discomfort.

I turned my wife to face him and I kissed her neck from behind. Her eyes were locked on his while I ran my hands across her chest, just lightly brushing across her aching breasts. She breathed deeply with a sigh, but never turned away from Ted’s gaze.

I opened the front of my wife’s dress slowly while Ted watched, and I exposed her breasts to him. He grunted in approval. She heaved with excitement. I moved my hungry hands all over her firm tits, stimulating her huge nipples to full erection. She began gyrating her hips as my nipple play sent waves of pleasure through her body, and her vagina began throbbing in anticipation and desire.

I could see Ted had been teased enough. He was practically panting like a dog at the sight of my wife’s pretty globes and her squirming movements. He was beside himself, but still acting like a total gentleman and following the ground rules perfectly.

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It was time to fulfill my one of my wife’s fantasies, to have two men kissing, licking, and sucking on her breasts. So I invited Ted to my wife’s left breast, while I took the right one. Like starving wolves we devoured my wife’s pretty breasts, squeezing their roundness and exploring their structures.

It made my wife crazy with desire. Within moments, I noticed that she had found Ted’s arm with her crotch and was grinding it hungrily against him. And I could see that this turned Ted on a lot.

I told Ted to join me, and told my wife to sit in the chair. I then stood behind Ted while he faced my wife, their eyes gazing at one another. I began running my hands across Ted’s chest and stomach, and then down the front of his jeans.

The wife was loving the show. And so was Ted, his erection was obvious in his jeans, and my hand began exploring it greedily. He moaned in pleasure, and my wife squirmed with excitement while watching it, which in turn made Ted even more turned on. Continue Reading…

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