Reason to Masturbate

Why men, women and sometimes couples masturbate? Almost everyone tried it, some  in very early age.  Animals not masturbate, so it is a  very human activity, therefore it brings the question up; What makes people masturbate?

No one need a reason to masturbate, however  there is reasons, the #1 Reason For Masturbating that it feels good and it is 100% safe (if you do it in the privacy of your home and you are alone). The other good reason is, you just have to worry about yourself. Because you do it alone (well not necessary do it alone, but you can do it alone, if you prefer) you don’t have to worry about your partner. And at the end masturbation is one of the greatest stress relievers.

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Masturbation may help everyone to understand their own sexual nerve system. Where it is sensitive and what you enjoy the most? To know these things will help you in your sex play with your partner.

You can masturbate in the presence of your partner or you can masturbate each other, and you can watch each other masturbate. For example for men with erection problem, masturbation perform by his partner, can help to get erected. Watching a masturbating woman is very erotic and will turn any healthy man on.

If watching alone wont help, the lady should perform masturbation on the man and sooner or later he will be ready for action.

Women are different. A large number of them unable to reach orgasm with traditional penis-vagina penetration. In this case the male should spice up the intercourse with his hand and or tongue (oral sex).

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During sex play – he should play with her clitoris (Google women orgasm).

How Should You Masturbate If You Are a Woman

You can do anything that feels good. Touch the sensitive parts of your body. For starters play with your nipples. After lightly rub your clitoris with your panties on. Cotton panties might feel better rubbing against your clitoris than synthetic. When you are “hot” and your pussy produced some natural lubricant take off you panties and finger yourself. If your vagina is dry try lightly stroke your clitoral hood and play with your anus area. Lots of nerve endings are there and they are very sensitive.

But you have to be very careful! You do not use the same finger in your anus and in your pussy. If you do so, you’ll get a nasty infection. In your anus is all kinds of bacteria that’s okay there, but they definitely not okay in your vagina. You can use rubber on your finger, but you need to change them. The best method is use one hand for your butt and one hand for your vagina.

Does your pussy getting wet? If does not use lubricant, your saliva might be okay…  just suck your finger, before you ply with your genital. Than you just have to find the right rhythm and right angel with your finger. You should think about something very erotic, for example your most erotic night or the best guy in your life. Apply the right amount of pressure on you clitoris and you will reach an orgasm very soon.

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Of course sex toys, vibrators or dildo will help.  For example you can reach your G point with a good vibrator. It will make you cum at no time. Also a  lot of women masturbate in the bathtub  under the running water (they keep run the water on their clitoris). Some women point two fingers in a downward V around the clitoris, so the pressures applied to the sides and the tops. Some others use the flat of the hand to grind the clitoris and insert the other hand’s finger(s) at the same time into the vagina.

Also some older women, who are into loves hard rough sex , love to twist their clitoris between their index finger and their thumb.

Men And Masturbation

The simplest way to masturbate for a man is to wrap his fingers around the shaft of his penis, similar as holding a hammer, apply some pressure and move it up and down. Pick up the rhythm and think about the women he does have crush on or something very erotic. Some men just can only reach orgasm with masturbation if they watch porno movies. Nothing  wrong with that. He won’t go blind. Many men use lubricant. It is not necessary, but if you decide to use one, you should use the right one. Vaseline wasn’t made for this kind of activity. It is possible to buy water based love making lubricant in any drugstore.

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The other masturbation method is inserting the penis in something vagina like. However, every men should be very careful before inserting his penis in anything. Hospitals often give emergency treatment to release men who trapped himself by their penis. It is extremely embarrassing to explain what happened and usually very painful the release.

On the today’s sex toys market it is easy to buy sex toy for men. Our advise, men who does not trust their own hands, should buy a good quality sex toy, to avoid hospitals.

If you are a male and your female partner performs masturbation on you she can use the same technique what she might use during oral sex. If you are a lucky guy and two ladies perform masturbation on you, you definitely should play with one of the ladies.

Oral Sex

A lot of people prefer oral sex to masturbation. If you don’t know why people love to perform and receive oral sex you should try. Oral sex lovers are everywhere – even in your city too.

Check out our users in your area, get a free membership, join in and meet them. Remember practice make perfect…

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Understanding Oral Sex – Oral Sex How To For Men

What to do and what don’t when you go down on her. How to eat her pussy?

I know, you already know how to lick it down there, but her pussy is not ice cream, need to do more than just to lick it. Trust me, after reading this, you will will learn new things to do down there. Oral sex knowledge is more important than you think.

oral sex infoOral Sex Tips

I don’t know if women prefer oral sex verses penetrative sex. I would think that some, if not more than half do. A lot of woman can’t achieve an orgasm via vaginal penetration only, it is a sad but true fact of life. Some women don’t like to perform or receive oral sex. Most women, who into casual sex, swingers sex enjoy oral sex a lot. Chances are if a woman not into receiving  oral sex, she either had some bad experiences or she feel uncomfortable with her body.

Do You like it when she goes down on you? Then you should go down on her too! I have known several men who say they won’t lick their sex partner’s luscious spot because they think that it is gross. I’m sure your woman doesn’t think its the greatest thing in the world to have her face near your sweaty balls.

Cunnilingus & Creative sex positions are so important in love making. Women adore men who can go down on them and make them orgasm they will never forget.

Performing cunnilingus is about the most wonderful thing you can do for a woman. It makes her feel loved, admired, ultra sexy, and can give her the most exceptional orgasm. Many women prefer it to intercourse, and for most, it is the easiest and the best way to achieve orgasm.

There is nothing more exciting to a woman than to know that her partner finds her delicious.

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A very easy and fairly kinky oral sex position; She should lay down on her side with one leg in the air over her partner’s right shoulder.  Lets say her partner is a man at this example. Our man should have one arm underneath her leg on the bed and the other one placed near her pubic bone. This  hand should play with her clit, while he licks her beaver.  Visit our on-line adult dating magazine for more tips on oral sex

How can you as a man make oral sex more enjoyable for her?  Here is what you have been waiting your whole life for. Here is a list of things that you can do to make oral sex more enjoyable for her.

Tease her first. Don’t go straight for the beaver, get to know the dam first. Lick her thighs. Kiss her belly button and tummy and drag your tongue down to her vagina. Let your tongue brush against her labia, but don’t stick it in. Give her a chance to get horny and wet before you do.

Have some fun. Women love to see their men having fun while they eat them. Just don’t go cracking any jokes. She will pull your head back down to her crotch using your ears as handles.

Spend plenty of time down there. Pretend you are a miner looking for gold. Don’t spend 30 seconds down there and say you are done. Take your time. Enjoy all of her tastes and smells. Get to know every single part of her pussy.

Work that clitoris. Spend time licking and sucking the clitoris and her hood. Start out real slow and work up your speed. Most women find it easier to have an orgasm when her clitoris is stimulated.

Massage her outer lips. While you are sucking and licking her clitoris, massage her lips. Pull them away and bring them close together. This will drive her totally insane.

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Use your fingers. Use your fingers to penetrate her while you are licking her clitoris. She will love this. Chances are before long you will feel her tremble with pure delight. Also, you can rub her clitoris while you eat her out.

Put a pillow under her butt. This will give you more room for your dinning pleasure. You will be able to focus more on how to please her if you have easier access to her vulva.

Massage her nipples. Most women love it when they nipples are rubbed during sex acts. I had one girlfriend who insisted on this. She said that when I touched her nipples it made her clitoris tingle.

Stop midway through intercourse to eat her again. This will catch her by surprise. Get her all worked up by pounding the hell out of her. Just when she least expects it, jump down and start licking her beaver. She will go crazy when you do this.

Eat her while you have mints in your mouth. This will set her wild. Put a menthol cough drop in your mouth and go down there. After you are done, share it and have her go down on you while she sucks on the cough drop.

Did you ever hear about  hummer technique? Put your mouth on her clitoris and suck. While you are sucking, hum a little. Some women really like this. If she doesn’t, don’t feel like you were humming the wrong tune.

There are few  things that a lot of  woman hate.

– Bad comments. Don’t tell her that her pussy stinks. Pussy smells like pussy and taste like pussy. It should not smell like the latest French perfume. If you do not love the smell of it, don’t go down on her.

– Don’t insist on performing oral sex. If she doesn’t feel fresh, she will drop you a hint. If you push her to hard, you might get a face full of blood if she is on her period.

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– Keep your nails trim. You don’t want to damage her because your nails are too long.

– No limits. There are no limits to where you can and can’t lick.

– Don’t blow air in her! This can cause serious health problems!!!!!

– No bartering. Oral sex is not a deal maker. Don’t tell her because you went down on her, she should go down on you.

– Don’t tell her what your ex liked. She isn’t your ex, so don’t compare her to her.

There you go. Follow these and you will be terrific when it comes to oral sex.


More Oral Sex Tips – Like how to deep throat a penis – On Swingers Affair.

On-line  adult dating magazine with oral sex tips.

Oral Sex – Cunnilingus – Fellatio

Oral Sex Orgasms

Why some women swallows semen?

Oral Sex Orgasms

Orgasm from oral sex is great.  A lot of men loves to receive blow job and even more women  love to achieve orgasm via oral sex.

Did you know that more than 30% of women in the world cannot reach orgasm by penetrative sex?  For many women the best way of achieving a wild orgasm is via oral sex. Clitoral orgasm by oral sex  seems to explode all the way from her clit all over her body.  Some people call it full body orgasm.

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I love oral sex, I love when my man “eats my pussy” and I will share the oral sex technique that I like the best to receive it.  For me, there is nothing better than a great orgasm obtained by oral sex, if the partner knows how to perform oral sex, than the orgasm will come in fact that orgasm will be an outstanding oral orgasm.

My partner certainly know how to play with my little button and he sure knows how to make my pussy wet… so guys help your partners experience this wonderful sensation that I enjoy so much…

Lets get down and have some real fun with your partner.

There are many different ways to perform oral sex on your partner and all I can say is, the best way is the way you and your partner feel most comfortable with.

Both you and your partner should be in a comfortable and relaxed position and ladies YOU have to tell your partner what you want him to do! Enjoying and pleasing is a team effort so to speak, enjoy sex at it’s best for both of you, not just one of you.

Foreplay can be fun if you let your bodies relax and enjoy the sensual touching that can be experienced either in or out of bed. Sexual encounters do not have to take place in bed or they can take place anywhere that you feel comfortable.

I like lying near a roaring fire on a sheepskin or on a wool rug in winter, watching a porn or a very erotic adult video and sipping on a glass of wine. In the kitchen is good too, but just remember to have a wide enough kitchen counter and make sure there is nothing sharp like a knife, etc. is on that kitchen counter, because you do not want anything sharp around  your genital area…

oral sex infoOral Sex Related Information

I like it when my guys get verbal. I like it when he spells  out what he want to do with me or what he  is going to do with me.

For example my man starts usually to send me to the bath room and ask me to take a shower. Shower at a middle of the afternoon? I asked.

He said;  “Yes,  because I want to suck your clit and lick your pussy… That’s right, I will kneel between your legs and use my tongue, tickle your clit, and lick your pussy juice. I want to fuck your wet pussy with my tongue.”

Of course language like this make me horny as hell and I finish with that shower in no time. Few minutes later  my legs are open for him,  and I prepare myself mentally to give my body to him in a hope he will make me obtain a mind-blowing orgasm.

Than he goes down and I give him some direction.

Something like: “Oh yes, that is so nice, tease my pussy, flick my clit softly, don’t point your tongue, use the flat part of your tongue to lick me. My pussy loves to be licked, I want to feel you caress my pussy with your hot tongue, make it tingle all over…”

What is penis deep throat?

With his head between my thighs, my pussy is hot as he licks, tastes my juices again and again.  He slides one finger into my twat, tickle my g-spot, playing with a sensitive area, try to make me obtain that wild orgasms.

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I love it  and I don’t want him to stop… Ask him to finger  fuck me and than replace his finger with his tongue. At this point usually I am very close to obtain an orgasm.

However, there are some parts that you should pay attention to.
1. Use the flat of your tongue – really going to down on a girl and sucking on a girl’s clit may sound exciting to some men, but I have found that it can also turn a girl off with the continual sucking. It can be uncomfortable and also painfully too.

OK to help you guys along a bit about how this may feel to a lady. Think about how the head of your cock feels just after you have ejaculated, sensitive right? Yep, well going on my experience that is what it feels like to have your clit sucked over and over. However some ladies may enjoy it, so really it is individually based on what your partner’s preference, or sense of arousal and the sensations that this may cause. Hope this makes sense.

2. Listen to her – if she tells you to fuck her pussy with your tongue, then do it, follow her lead but at the same time experiment, use your fingers to please and tease at the same time, if she likes toys, use them gently unless she tells you to fuck her harder and harder with them.

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3. Ladies, tell your man what you want, don’t be afraid to open up and tell him your needs.

Above all else, relax and enjoy your sexual experiences together. If you can’t relax your mind-blowing orgasm may not happen, so please take my advice, relax and you will enjoy you sex scenario. Focus on a pleasure point that is most sensitive and let it happen for you.

On that note, if you are  shy, just forget about your shyness and give it a go,  enjoy the oral experience that we all desire. Mind-blowing orgasms are wild and fantastic.

Oral sex can be  a part of a foreplay with out intercourse, its a wonderful way to play and it can end up in a great orgasm, and for extra, no permanent damage done.

Please remember that I am not a Sex Therapist, and I am not a sex worker. However I love sex and casual sex a lot and sometimes I post my “related” experience for others, in the case if those others wondering….

Wondering about, how it would be…  Achieve orgasm via oral sexg-spot orgasm or mind blowing Clitoral orgasm