She screwed your two best friends

Why so? Is she a slut? Who is Slut anyway?

Lets say, she had sex with two of your best friends, and with your uncle who has no front teeth and has even tried to hit on your under aged brother. She wears clothes that make her tits almost fall out and shorts so short that you know she did not shave her pubes because her genitals’s hairs slightly visible.

first time no string attached

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Everyone know her, she is the woman, who gets visited by married men and high school students, when they are super horny. They know, they will get laid. She does even in the park, she does not have problem with location…

Play with her like when a tall men plays basketball with a bunch of midgets sized children. He knows, he is going to score. We all know that society views men who have had sex with a lot of women studs. Women who have had sex with a lot of men, and no money involved are sluts.

I’m not sure how slut was born, but I have my idea. Men aren’t picky who they have sex with and a slut always horny, always ready to open their legs. Men don’t care, their brain stops when their penis get hard… and they just want to reach orgasm.

That is about it. They want to have the orgasm and leave. No strings attached, don’t need to take her to dinner or movie, no fallow up phone calls, just good old fashioned sex.

What about open minded women, if they into no string attached casual sex, or if they visit swingers club… Are they slut? No, I don’t think so, I would not call them slut, they are swingers women.

Swingers women different. They want to reach orgasm and want to have no commitment sex relationship. They are horny, being horny not a crime, (list not yet) but they are picky also. A slut takes man who ever she gets, swinger lady choose men to be her sex partners. They are able to select. A large number of men looking for women sex partner for casual sex, this fact allows women to be pickier, to be more selective than men.

Open minded women knows all they have to do is talk to a man. Be nice clean and sexy and he is in the palm of her hand. She knows that by dressing sexy, she will get her pick of men. A horny guy on the other hand, just tries to bang any woman he can. If she is good looking, that is extra pleasure for him. Men want to pass on their seeds at all cost. It is in their genes. Their sex drive is stronger. In the animal world males have to be. They have to be so the species can survive. If they weren’t like this, the species would die off.

It brings up interesting points. Why would a married woman be a swinger? Especially if she knows how society views it. It brings up many things, but most of them are pretty simple. Maybe she has a strong sex drive and she doesn’t get enough sex at home. Or she has erotic fantasies and very often horny. Or her husband is her first lover, first penetrative sex partner.

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In our today’s world, married women allowed to get horny too and they don’t have to make secret of it… Don’t be too shocked of this. Women aren’t the old fashioned women of the 50’s anymore. An orgasm feels just as good to them as it does to men. Maybe she has emotional issues, or maybe her husband talked her into it. Maybe she uses sex as a way to make her feel needed and beautiful. Some women feel that if they can attract enough men, that means they are beautiful. They know that the only thing a man cares about is what is between their legs.

An open minded who is into no string attached sex, serve her body for a selected man, (maybe for men) for a return(s) of sexual fulfillment.

Lot of men believe, easy to find sex partner for a woman. Men thinks to have no commitment sex, no women needs to be a swinger. She just should go to the first bar and let herself pick up by the first guy. He will bang her, or she might have a change to bang him. So she acts like a slut, but we just said it above, open minded swingers women are not slut…

Therefore, keep it in your mind, casual sex, sex friendship and or swinging is more just screw someone brain out. Swinging is casual sex, and sometimes develops into no commitment sex relationship, sex friendship. Which means no cheating on your partner, no pirate sexual action behind your permanent partner, no phone calls to call you for a date, no complication with family members, and lot of discretion. Read more about swinging…

Some of the today’s women may gets into casual sex or go to a swingers club, because of the above reasons, some other choose to be a slut.

Why would a women be a slut? Because they were molested. This one is going to take some explaining. Being molested as a child changes everything that you know. We are always taught as a child that our bodies and special and that we need to protect them from strangers. Well, often times they don’t tell us what to do if uncle child molester wants to touch our private parts. We don’t expect people who love us and people we look up to to hurt us. So children are apt to allowing family members to molest them. If they are a young child, they probably don’t know any better. We live in such a sexually oppressed world, that they probably don’t know they are doing a sexual act.

This really does effect a lot of women. More than we can imagine. There are millions and millions of women who were raped, some of them when they were kids, just look at today’s Hollywood celebrities and court cases. I think women who are molested might become sluts because it helps cover up the pain. Sex is like a drug to them. It is like acceptance too. They knew it pleased the molester when they did sexual acts, so in their minds they would like to please everyone. But it just my thoughts. If I am wrong, its not the fort time…

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