Romantic or casual relationship?

There can be benefits in a casual relationship and there are a lot of erotic benefits in NSA sex.  Than comes romance and marriage. I just heard somewhere, marriage is the last legal form of slavery…

I like to be a sex slave, but I don’t want to be talk about my like… Instead you should decide what are you looking for, legal form of slavery or casual no string attached relationship.

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A lot of people say, enjoy life  before you get married and if you get married you should slow down. They think casual sex is part of the before marriage enjoyment and they love older womenOlder women exemplifies the experienced teacher of sexuality that many men fantasize about.

An older MILF. The definition of MILF is: MILFs are mothers, whether married, separated or divorced, that a male individual sees as physical attractive enough to want to have sexual intercourse with them. It does not have any age bracket, any mother in any age can be a MILF, but usually people do not call MILF a young single mother…

The best place to learn about sex is a bed with an experienced woman. MILFs are mothers, so very likely they have love making experience. Of course you need to have some basic knowledge and confidence too…

Sex with an older woman can have great benefits, for both partner if both of you comfortable with the idea of having sex. A MILF definitely comfortable to get into the bed with a young man, that is why she visits website like this.

MILF want playOlder Women Need Young Men

But are you comfortable to play with her? Do you want to make out with an older woman? Do you want to have sex with a woman, who might have children close to your age?

I know you think that, it is just sex. Yes it is true, but there can be something more then just sex…

I mean yes, the sex is great with someone when there is no strings attached to it. Nothing is more satisfying than being able to please yourself and your partner without having to worry about her bitching about the trash that needs taken out afterwards. No drama, and she does not want you to introduce you to her parents.

In fact you don’t even need to take her to the movie theater, list not to often, she does not want you to pay in the restaurant, she is financially stable, so very likely she wont cost you a will of fortune.

However, as I said above, there can be something more in this kind of relationship then sex. One night stand is ok, and beneficial, even if you make it two nights, but if you wanna be a  regular returning “visitor”, than you need to be very carefully… .

As I said, one night NSA sex is great thing with a MILF, but if your, older lady sex partner, turns into a regular sex partner then you need to know few things.

At first, everyone needs a companion include MILF or any older women. I like to think of this as a unleaded relationship. You are there, when there is a need, if the other person needs someone to talk to, and to full feel both of your sexual needs, she call you, and you go. It is like being in a relationship without all the nagging and other responsibilities that you have.

There is no need to worry about her bills or putting food on her table, or her having to worry about doing your laundry or taking care of the house.

However there are potential dangers comes with relationships like this though. Sometimes people may begin to mistake sex for love. When it comes to oral sex, she performs the best blow job what you ever had.

After awhile you are not a shy young man anymore, you begin to feel comfortable with her and you come to expect the sex. Then you might fall in love with her body. She can get you hard just to show her heart shaped naked ass, end if she bends over, you are ready to penetrate her.

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Older Women Looking For Younger Men

Things can happen with her too. She might mistake lust for love. She enjoys the pleasure that you are able to give her, and in her mind she think it is love, she thinks you love her.

While the only thing you are thinking about after sex, how erotic was to penetrate her in doggy style, how erotic was to see your hard cock slides in and out from her wet, nicely trimmed and shaved pussy. If you are not be careful these types of relationships turn into long term romantic  relationships.

NSA sex have no age limit as far as the partners are in adult age, there are no maximum limit in age difference. It happens between two adults, does not  matter  who is 22 years and who is 40 years old. This happens between them and it is only their business.

The sex is good, you don’t want to ruin a good thing, right? Why would you turn down an experienced lover for a lonely time with you and your bottle of hand lotion on a Saturday night?

Because  you do not want romance with someone who old enough to  be  you school teacher. That will cause trouble, sooner or later but that trouble will come.

These types of relationships are never good ones to per sue long term. They tend to end abruptly and cause a lot of pain. You better move on before you get dumped… or before those troubles arrives. Every man knows what I am talking about.

Casual sex with older women good only, if you are too busy for a real relationship. If you do not have enough time to date a girl in your age, or if you want to learn erotic things in a bed, then this is the best way to go.

Older women pay attention for details, for example protection. They know how important to play safe.

swingers sex datingMarried Women Looking for NSA Sex Partners 

Therefore you need to know when to get out, even from a NSA sex relationship. Does not matter if she is a MILF or she is a Cougar, does not matter how hot and young looking she is, you have to get out, before she or you might think, there is something more in your relationship then sex.

In the case you love older women,  there are a lot of them here, find an other for yourself, or let them find you…


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