Married woman want more. More is merrier.

I found this website by accident… More is merrier, is it  true? I guess who ever is looking for, will find something. Let me explain, what got me here. I am a 35 year old married woman,  married since 22.

married woman looking for funmarried but want more

In the first few years sex was good and that make life beautiful, however sex life has become stale. We get so bored with routine sex. We’ve tried toys, new positions, you name it, we’ve done it.

We’ve tried to be creative by trying to have sex at different places, but nothing seems to work! Sex isn’t fun anymore, and both of us know this. I want to have fun, I simply want to find someone else… but I love him and he loves me… but I am frustrated and shy as I am I feel that day to cheat is very close.

Ultimately I do not wish to be a cheater, I want to bring the spark back into our bedroom so I thought, I should ask here. What should we do? Any tips would be much appreciated.

married woman looking for funMarried Women Looking for Playmates


I am sure you are not alone with your problem. Once the honeymoon’s over and you settle into the everyday life, it’s easy to get bored. A lot of people burdened by the demands of career, family, mortgage, sex is the last thing on their what to do list. However along with food and shelter, we need sex. Some of us need more some others less, in recipes ranging from simple to spicy.

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As you wrote it creativity is very important. Creativity isn’t just for artists. We all have a creative side to us; creativity is the key to great sex.

You need to keep it flowing so no one never knows what to expect. Sometimes in life not knowing what is going to happen is great.

Variety is the spice of life. Without it, our lives really get old fast.

I mean, you have to have some changes in life to keep you on your toes. I have known people who do the same exact job their entire lives, but I can’t see how they do it. I mean, years after years do the same thing, I would get sick of it.

The same is true in bed. If you always go through the same motions, you won’t keep your partner interested. If the routine is, kissing him, he is going down on you and penetration, you are in a rut. He might like this, but some variety will wake him up too.

Not everything in life needs to be cut and dry. This is true in the bedroom. If you guys don’t spend time thinking harder of new ways to make love, sex will get to be too much of a routine activity. Every older couple knows what happens then. Either you think I can’t turn him on anymore, or you’ll think about cheat on him.  My partner say, work hard and play harder, and this works for us…


play couplePlay Couple

Do I miss something here? She asked tips or advice what should they do to make their sex life fulfilling again,  and everyone talk about their own sex life.

What kind of advice is; “Work hard play harder”? What work have to do with sex?

Anyways, there are many things that anyone can try, or try  some that they think, you think you will enjoy both. For example:

Food in bed. Remember as a kid you were told not to eat in bed? Now that you are an adult, you can without the guilt. Use foods that are sweet and that you can smear on each other. Stay way from spicy or salty food. You don’t want to get that stuff around your privates, but whipped cream or foam, honey, peanut butter.  It can be fun.

Change your love making positions. This is an easy way to spice up your sex life. If you normally do it one way, switch to another way. Switch roles, you go on top of him. This will also give both of you a chance to explore what feels good for each of you.

Talk dirty. Pretend that both of you are enjoying phone sex with each other. Tell each other what you would do to each other while you masturbate. Not only this is a big turn on, but he can watch you while you bring yourself to orgasm. What is more fun than that?

Sex toys.  There are more toys than vibrators… Try them, figure out how to use them, that can be  a lot of fun. Be a kid again. Get some toys that both of you can use on each other. Explore, and enjoy each others new found sensual areas.

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Porn. Oh yeah, every healthy man loves porn.  Some women too, like myself… 🙂 This can add some spice into your sex life. Don’t do it too much, he might think you are looking for a porn star like man. I would suggest that you get a movie with a plot. Or get one of those android box, unlimited porn there. You will enjoy the sex, he will enjoy the movie.

How open minded are you, and how open minded is he? You said you are thinking about cheat on him. Don’t cheat, instead ask him to set up a mfm Threesome  for you. There are a lot o homework to do, before you get into this, but if you make it happen you might like it…

Three is company. You can start with a  couple… Why not have a three way? Do you have a buddy that would like to do you? His lady with your hubby in the same room? Is he curious about having sex with another woman? Actually you don’t have to do each other, you can watch each other. It can be a great turn on and a great amount of fun.  Why not see where it goes?

You tried threesome and its not enough. Well, you can take your sex life to the next level, which is Swinging. If your marriage and love strong enough let’s get kinky.  Hey, why not try it? You can go to a swingers club and observe… If you don’t like what you see, you can walk out… or stay and walk on the wild side…

I am sure there will be couples like you there. You can just have sex with your own man, while an other couple is in the same room. A couple who you like. If you are feeling on the edge, you can play erotic games together with them. If two couples start to play erotic games it’s usually ends up in great sex.

Role plays and Costumes.  It can be a great way to add something different into your sex play. You can role play in an old Halloween costume. He can be super man while you are little red riding hood. Or teacher – student, photo model, porn star, prostitute, etc.  Some of this role play scenario does not even need costume.

Sex doesn’t have to be boring. I know, if you have sex with the same person for years, it will get boring. It will  get more boring if you allow it to, but there is always a way to spice it up. The question is: How far would you go?

Happy banging. I hope it helped a little.

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How We Got Our-self Into Swinging

Love Making Disappeared From My Marriage

Men want sex, women know this…

Some women are like flypaper and you do not want to be a fly. I am sorry to say this, but it is true and sometimes true things hurt the most. Like the flypaper with the flies, they will try to catch you with their sweet scent. They fill your mind full of false hope. Then you are trapped, before you know it.

You are stuck in it, or in her sweet body and it is harder than hell to break free. Like flypaper for the flies, when a woman traps you in this deep, it is hard to get away from.

Some women think that men are the great liars of the world. They think men will say anything to get in their pants. This is true, but at least its temporary. Those flypaper type women on the other hand, will lie to trap you in. You lie because you want a piece of ass, they lie because they want to trap you.

Women thinks men tend to be suckers, and some men are…

Women know this. They know that when a hot babe with a nice boobs or ass walks by a guy, she has his full attention. If she bends over his eyes are plastered to her ass.

There are a large selection of women looking for men for marriage and relationship and nsa sex, but you us a man, you need to use your head… At first you have to ask yourself, why she is looking for online? They can be many legitimate reason and there are women who are real, honest and their reasons are real and they are into online dating.

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But there are women, who looking for suckers… You do not believe me? Try it yourself. Next time you go to the mall find a woman who has a nice set of boobies. Follow her around for a little bit. You will end up of seeing a ton of men who can’t keep their eyes off of her. This same woman could probably ask 75% of those men out on a date and they would accept. The first thing they are thinking about is her nice set of tits. They don’t care if she can’t carry a conversation more than a few sentences long.

I am sure, this same woman could ask those men to buy her things and she would find men to do it. It proves some men are suckers. They live by the rule of their penis. It is pretty simple, smart women know this.

Even if they not that smart, they will try to smart men out. Don’t fool yourself, they know men are after a piece off ass. It is no secret, it is in men’s DNA, every women know this. They have been using this knowledge for millions of years. They aren’t going to stop anytime soon. Women use their body and sex to draw in a man.

If she wants to marry you, she will do it at all costs. She will open her legs and give you the best sex you have ever had. I have seen this happen.

You meet a girl and you are just friends.

After a month or so, you realize that all you want is a friendship. In her mind she wants more, a lot more. She asks you if you want to have sex and she rocks your world. The next morning she gives you oral and makes you breakfast. Before lunch she offers you anal sex and wins your heart over. The perfect woman right? All of a sudden you begin to change your mind about this woman. Before she was your friend, now that you have felt her tight ass, you have different thoughts. Before long, she will have you in hook, line, and sinker. She will have you eating out of her hand.

All of it started with her ass.

She was a friend, but when there was sex involved, things were different. When she gave you oral while driving down the road, she all of a sudden wasn’t friend anymore, well, maybe kind of sex friend. You see that woman use sex to divert the men’s attention. They know if they please the guy sexually, they have him. It is the truth. No any horny guy going to turn down a good lay. Well, maybe gay guys, but that is another topic all together.

When you decide that you want to marry your sexfriend who now rocks your word sexually, you need to keep a clear mind. This is the most important time of the relationship. You have to base your next move on your real feeling and not on your penis. It may save you a lot of money when it comes divorce time.

If you are marrying her because she is a nice piece off as, here are some things to keep in mind. It might happen her nice ass, after you get married will turn to be wide ass. Married women sometimes get fat. Yes, its sad but true. This hot piece of ass might get as fat as a cow and she will look like a shadow of her old self. If this happens with wife, their husband always shocked by it. If you can keep an erection while looking at overweight woman’s ass, then you are more of a man than I am. Are you still want to married her? Just because her hot ass… you shouldn’t…

However an ass is an ass, does not matter it is a  hot sexy ass or a big fat ass, just because her ass, you should not make up your mind  married or don’t. There are many other things in a woman that you decision should based on.

One things is sure, small ass or big ass,  sex will dry up. You heard it here first. Every married man knows what this is like.

Before you get married, she was your sex friend, you screw her all the time or she is riding on you when ever is possible. You screw watching television, you screw in the shower, you screen on the back porch while taking the dog out to piss.

Than she became a lover, and this is great, but all of this sex will become nothing more than a memory. You will be lucky to get it twice a week if that.

Forget those times where she spent an hour to make her face up only to have it ruined in the heat of the moment. Now you are thinking about hire a escort to have sex with. If you are lucky she will brush her teeth before you kiss her in the morning. You will consider that to be great sex life, even though before you married her you performed anal sex on her, while she was bent over the washing machine during laundry day.  That was thought to be great sex, and that is in the past, if you are not smart enough.

Be smart and evaluate why you want to get married.

If she lured you in with great sex, don’t do it. There is more great sex out there. The sex will end and you will become unhappy. There is no way around it. If you choose to get suckered into this kind of marriage, I would suggest you get your subscription to and find a sexy Asian woman after your honey moon. You will need to look and find someone, since you won’t be getting any real pussy that easy anymore.

If you wanna be slipper, go head and married her and she going to forces you to kiss her ass a rest of your life.

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More Than Few Good Tips for Dating

If you think about dating, you need to know, dating is an attitude, a good attitude. If you are a negative person, than you have to change your attitude, or you will fail in our today’s dating scene.

Anyone can use the next few dating tips, does not matter if long lasting romantic dating or a simple no string attached casual dating is the subject, these tips can help anyone to start to build something…

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The tips are:

Be positive:  A good flirt is self-confident and not afraid to take risks. Be enthusiastic and positive, it works!

Start a conversation: The best opening line is saying hello. Talk about the surroundings, ask a question, ask for help, state an opinion.

Have fun: Be playful, light hearted and spontaneous. Show your vulnerability.

Use props: Never leave home without a prop. Props are natural conversation starters. They encourage conversation and others will be compelled to start talking to you. Great props include: dogs, kids, unusual jewellery, a fabulous scent, a sweatshirt with your favorite passion, interesting ties, hats, or an interesting book or newspaper.

Be the host: Change your behavior from the role of guest to host. You are not the passive person in waiting, but rather the welcome committee.

Make the first move: Move closer to the person you want to meet. Say hello!

Listen: You have two ears and one mouth because you should listen twice as much as you speak. Listening is a true art. Your flirting partner will be drawn to you. Everyone loves to be heard.

Eye contact: Make eye contact, but please look your partner in the eye gently (no more than 2-4 seconds) and then glance away. Don’t stare – it’s a turn off.

Compliment: Compliment your flirting partner. The best compliments have the element of surprise. The “flirtee” will know that you really noticed them. Remember, your compliments must be honest, sincere and genuine. When you receive a compliment the best response is merely, Thank You!

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Being polite, please, thank you and or sorry always works. I say this not just because this is a Canadian website.  Even though Canadians are know for their politeness. I heard many times: I love Canadians! You guys are so polite. You say sorry all the time.

Smile: It is contagious. It will make you so much more approachable. A smile lights up your face and draws people to you. You will be a people magnet. Try it!

Our extra tips, humour: Humour is one of the clearest markers of a successful social interaction. You can use it as an ice breaker, and in the mean time you might put a smile on your dating partner face. Sharing a laugh with others help.

If you are a man, you should know: According the latest surveys, single women attracted more to humorous men than just physically attractive men.

Remember, dating supposed to be fun. Don’t take it to seriously. If doesn’t work, turn the page and find someone else. There are a lot of men, women and even couples looking for dating partners.

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On-line dating in Canada

I am a single Canadian woman and I love to date, special into on-line dating. Why online dating?

Well… everybody doing it. On-Line Dating is growing increasingly popular with people of all ages.

local womenIt’s quick, easy and inexpensive. That’s why so many are wearing their heart online.

If I can find, than you can find too, romance, love, marriage or casual date, no string attached sex. What ever you are looking for, or into, you will find on the Internet.

There is no border and no limit how far you can go. Everything is up to you…

All of the major Internet Companies and  Web portals, without write any dating website’s name, are really just big pick up joints for millions of singles across the world. Believe me, I been there, don that…

However, there are a few tips to remember, before taking the plunge into On-line Dating:

You can weed out people not considered ideal candidates for a date by their online responses. Ask questions about hobbies, career, education, family relationships, political interests, and other reasonably personal questions.

There’s a lot less pressure on-line. If you decide not to follow up with somebody, just say sorry it wont work. If the person wont understand you can always just ignore incoming e-mails. There’s no need to make up some excuse. Just click on delete and move on.

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Online dating personals are much more convenient. At a bar, people are pressed to find somebody within a certain time range, between the hours of 8:00 p.m. and 2:00 a.m., for example. I am sure you have seen the “desperate hour” right before closing at a singles type bar.

Visitors to online dating personal‘s web sites can browse a wide selection of profiles at their own convenience – in the middle of a Sunday afternoon in the comfort of their own home. There is a huge selection of singles online. You can browse hundreds of profiles and photos in a very short period of time.

It’s easier to custom tailor your search online. You can search location, gender, age etc. And the beauty in, you do not have to identify yourself.  For example you can use the built in e mail service to introduce yourself and then from the respond, you can make up your mind, do you want to go further or do not…

romantic datingLove – Romance & Much-more

You can find out more information about you new dating partner on-line with a little chat in 5 minutes, than  one month in a face to face – traditional dating.

There are forums, advises, blogs on-line adult dating magazines with all kind of on-line dating related info available 24/7 with a singe mouse click.  Check out our partner’s adult dating magazine at next…


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Romantic Dating Advice

Romantic Dating AcademyFind romance, love, maybe more…

People look for relationships for may different reasons. For some, dating is a lifestyle, they are looking for no commitment sex partners. They  do it for the fun factor. Some others realize that, we are human beings and we should spend our life with someone. We should create our own family and live like a family. If you would like to have a nice family life, and you are old enough, than you have to stop wondering about if you’ll ever find that special relationship. It is time to do something about it.

How To Find That Special Relationship

Our today’s high tech world there many ways  are available to find partner for casual sex relationship or love, spouse for your lifetime. Millions of dating services and romantic ads are on the Internet, large number of men and women looking for sex partners for casual sex relationship or love and committed partnerships. The internet can speed up the process to build any kind of relationship. Over the net everyone can ask and should ask questions, that takes months to ask  by traditional dating.

Relationship Advice – Don’t Rush Into Anything Unknown

However you should not be rush into anything. Just because you desperately need somebody or because you are desperately looking your way out from your present relationship, you should think before you do anything that you might regret later on. Think about the millions of married people who wake up each day wishing they had made a different choice. Difficult and it can be even more difficult, especially if you rush into something new and unknown.

Relationship Survey

According to a recent survey, 35 percent of North Americans say their biggest mistake in their life involves their relationship. From those 35 percent more than half say they would not choose a different mate, they would not dump a former lover, they would not rush into anything new if they could change their past. More than a third of those who said this are married, they live in their own home and half of them have children living at home.

The statistics are startling and point to bad romantic decision making and fantasizing on the part of both men and women. The reasons have become clear: Rushing into a new relationship, settling for the wrong person just because, you feel this is the right time to move on and you are hoping to change someone who you hardly know, change her or him into what you want them to be is simple wrong. Wishfully believing that some magic will happens, and a better person is waiting around the corner for you with an exciting new life and nobody took her / him yet is simple wrong. There are no magic like this in the real world.

People with relationship issues looking for someone, they believe they need to find someone — anyone — to be with, at least until someone better comes along. But at that time it might be late.

romantic datingAre you looking for romance, love or more?

On-line Dating Mistakes

You do not rush anything. Take your time. You should only meet someone new when you’re ready. Be honest with yourself. Did you talk yourself into something new that might be not right? Will this turn out right? With online dating relationships, don’t skip over any small issues and don’t make any excuses. If something seems to be not quite right, probably it is not right. If something doesn’t strike you right, believe in it. You do not have to explain anything, but you still should ask questions. A lot of questions. You have to be prepared and to be prepared, and it takes time. If she or he is the right one he / she will wait for you.

Don’t Fall In Love Fast

So finally everything seems to be right. You’ve exchanged emails, maybe had a couple of sessions over the phone, maybe you talked for hours. Perhaps you have already met few times. Maybe more then few times. And this is the danger zone. Take your time. When you get many email responses quickly, when you get many dripping love emails just in a matter of hours after you met, it’s tempting to make you fall in love fast.

Don’t jump into an exclusive relationship. Explore all your options – that’s what this is about, meeting new people.

Are you looking for long term romantic relationship with commitment partner? Check out our sister website’s adult dating ads, I am sure you will find someone in your neighbourhood.