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I am a 44 year old woman. I consider myself attractive. My husband passed a way 3 years ago, leaving me widowed. I don’t need a husband, I don’t need commitments but I do need sex. Even though I am 44, there can be a first time…

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Because of my professional (I own and run a law office) I don’t want to get into the bar scene. I didn’t know where to find what I need, until recently. Continue reading…

On that day I got a case with a new client. She was the owner of the local swingers club, with a website. It is very similar to swingers couple’s website. She believed her website hosting service redirects her web traffic, on simple English it is stealing. But I am not here to talk about my job.

Because of my job and of course of my curiosity, I spend a lot of time analyzing her business’ website. At one night I browsed it and read a lot of very erotic ads, and those ads turned me on.

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I have long time erotic fantasies, to make love with two young guys at once, and I found an ad. “Two young couples looking for older women for adult fun,” and a phone number. I did not hesitate, I dialed the number. A man with deep sexy voice answered my call. I was very nervous, but what the heck,” I am the person that they are looking for.” I told myself. I explained everything to him.

I told him I had built up a lot of frustration the past three years and now I need men. I don’t need their wives, I just need them. Also I told him because of my personal life, discretion is a must. After this I wasn’t nervous anymore. We chatted for about two hours on the phone and at the end we set up a meeting at a café at next evening. Continue reading…

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I hung the phone up and started to think? What am I doing? At a café? I am not a virgin. I don’t have time for these dating games. I need sex and a lot and need it now or as soon as possible, and I made a plan. After several phone calls everything was ready for a party. I reserved a suite for tomorrow in one of the downtown hotels. Continue reading…

The day past by fast. Around 7, I called the yesterday’s phone number. The same bedroom voice answered the phone. I told him something happened and I can not go to the café at 8, but I do not want to cancel our date. I asked him what about if he and his friend wait for me in the hotel room. He did not have a problem with this.

Basically not a thing have happened, but this was the easiest way to invite them to the hotel room and this left me a narrow escape way, if they turn to be not attractive enough. In that case I can say that, sorry gentlemen, but I have to leave you because something happened.

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I arrived at 10. A tall handsome young man opened the suite’s door. He introduced himself as Sam and with a gesture invited me to the room. He was the deep voice guy that I talked with the day before. The living room was nicely furnished and soft music was playing. He asked me what would I like to drink. I told him a Martini is fine. Continue reading…

He yelled my order to the other room, (I figured there was the bar and the other guy) then he took my hand into his and asked me what my expectation was from this night. I thought I was to shy to talk about my expectation, because it was only XXX rated sex. However his gentlemanly manner and deep sexy voice made it easy for me. We were chatting soon about love making details, when the other guy came in with a tray, and three glasses on it.

Sam introduce me to Larry. Larry was tall and blond. He wasn’t wearing a shirt. One look at his athletic body made my juices flow. He excused himself for a moment and left into the other room while Sam invited me to dance. We were very close, I felt his penis on my crotch. I thought my nipples would burn a hole in my bra… Finally Sam’s hand found my breast and his mouth my neck. I swooned as he started to play with my hard nipples. Continue reading…

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Larry returned, but I did not see him until he pulled my dress’s shoulder straps off my shoulder. I let it fall to the floor and in one step and I was dancing with a young man who was a stranger to me, only with my sexiest lace panties and bra on. Larry rubbed his hard-on against my ass.

Then Sam knelt in front of me and Larry took my bra off. At the same time Sam pulled my panties down, spread my vaginal lips and started to perform oral sex on my pussy. Larry held me from behind by my breasts. My nipples perked out from the erotic excitement. It had been over three years since a man touched my naked body and over 20 years since someone performed oral sex on me. Continue reading…

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