What do you prefer, make love or have sex?

Married couples make love, because they would like to have an orgasm or would like to have a baby. Boyfriends – girlfriends make love too. Probably they don’t want to have a baby, but definitely would like to have orgasm as many times and as big as possible. Nothing better than a big O, isn’t it?

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Swingers and others in casual sex relationships have no commitment sex, because they also like to have as many and as big orgasms, with many different sex partners as possible.

There is a little difference between love making and having sex. The reasons are different. We can call it either way, making love or having sex, but the target remains the same, which is an orgasm. You can have sex, or you can make love, but the big O, the orgasm not guarantied as an end result.

A big orgasm needs time, knowledge and passion. Sometimes there is a long way to reach the no return point and have a great orgasm. It starts with a fore play. Longer fore play, better end result.

A good foreplay might begin in the restaurant or in the movie theater or might be somewhere on your date. And if you are lucky enough you are in bed, naked with your lovely and willing lady. Communication important in sex, so you should not hesitate to explain her what is in your mind and what you plan to do with her. Your erotic talk might turn her on.

But you should not talk to much. If you are in the bed with her, and both of you naked, probably you already talked a lot. Time to do something more erotic than talk now. So what are you going to do?

What ever you will, you have to do with confidence. You have to make her feel that, you are confident. You don’t want to frighten her and don’t want to scare her. You want to have fun and she needs to be an active player, if you want to make her obtain an orgasm.

What should you do? You can do a lot of thing, I can talk about it for hours. But there is one thing that you should not do. You should not rush. What ever you do, take your time. She is naked and she is in your bed, there is no any reason to rush.

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Will she run away? Something like this happened before, but if she decides to run, no one should hold her back, so just let her run. Very unlikely she will run naked, but once again, it has happened before. Mainly virgin girls do such a think like this. Like a naked home run, which is usually modified to run to and hide in her car. However if she would like to keep a distance, she would not be naked in your bed.

In the case she  rans a way, don’t run after her, let her run. She might be back or if she doesn’t, you can find an other girl in your neighborhood here.

Just because she is naked, it doesn’t mean that, you are in an all you can eat buffet. She have right to quit at any time, and there is a law in any modern country to protect her right, special in this days. A lot of women claims sexual harassment, assault and rapes. Therefore you have to be very careful here.

if she did not quit, hug her steadily, then slowly hug her tighter. Looking into a lady eye is nice, but you have better chance if you do your erotic things behind her. Try wrap around one of your arms on her upper arm and put some pressure on her.

This is a well know move in Kama Sutra, because it will make her back arching toward you, and she will trust out her breast. She will be exposed and she will prepare for your next move.

Kiss and nibble on her neck or ear or both, while your free hand runs up and down on her upper body, plays with her belly button, touching her tits, stroking her face. Your hand should end up in her genital area. You move your hand to  an other body part of her, and move fast. You do not give any chance to sop you or remove your hand. Than repeat, again and again, remember no rush.

If she into your erotic  game,  probably she already plays with your erected man hood.  As there is no two same penis, there is no two same pussy. There are uncountable varieties of pussy types. Pussies can come in all kind of different size and shapes and smells and tastes, but all starts lower then the pubic bone, all have lips and hoods and labia and clitoris. Some of the clits are deeply hidden under the hoods, some of them cleanly visible, even with out part the labia.

Play with her pussy lips, slightly massage it with your finger in up and down motion. Pull apart her labia and slightly touch her clitoral area. You do not finger her yet. If you do it right she will push her pussy toward you, if you do a mistake, she will pull her pussy a way. Then leave her pussy alone.

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For a new couple the missionary position is the best. In missionary position the man supposed to be on the top and if you are on the top, you can do everything with her. You have easy access to all of her body parts.

Tips on how to play with her boobs.

It is simple, kiss them and suck them, lick them, and massage them. You can do the same with her belly button.  You  can find more boobs playing how to advice and tips here.

By now she should push her hips up. If she does, you can consider it a call to pay attention to her pussy. A pussy can give you a sign she is ready to receive you or not yet. Keep kissing her body and try to make as much body contact as possible and place your hand over her vulva and slightly squeeze it. Be gently, you do not want to cause pain. You just cup her pubic bone with your hand, from above, arrange your finger in a V shape. One site of the V is your thumb and index finger, the other side is the rest of the fingers. Put the thumb and the index finger one site of her pussy and the rest of the fingers to the other side.

Also a juice erotic kisses definitely will help, but there is an other solution for better sex for ladies.

Let’s talk about the clitoris. How to play with her clitoris. Read more>>>

Squeeze them together and trap her clit in the middle of the V. If she is into your game, she will make masturbating move with your fingers. If you are into oral sex, than it is time to go down there. If you aren’t, then you should finger her. You should find her G-spot.

Do you know how to find her G-spot? Detailed info at here…

At this point doesn’t it matter how much exited, how hard and how horny you are. You have to pay all your attention to her. She needs to be more exited and more horny than you are.

If you would like to be a master of love making, if you want to know, how to make your lady orgasm at anytime, click here and you might learn something new.

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