My First Casual Sex Play

Dating in my life followed a pattern in my university student age, a pattern that I did not understand at that time. I’d meet a guy, we’d go out, have a good time, than go out a second time, than before the third date happened, I got a text message, or email from him, and he explained in: “Because I don’t have enough time for everything and because I have to concentrate on my study and on my future carrier, I’m not into romantic relationship. I’m just looking for something casual. If is okay for you, let me know.”

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Of course I was fantasize about casual sex, and sex with two men, like 90% of women today, that was my very secret erotic fantasy, but I could not go there and tell him, okay man, here I am do me… It just did not feel right. List he should put some effort and work into to get some kind of on going friendship with benefits. However casual sex wasn’t behind my dating efforts. I just wanted to have a boyfriend, to to things with, to love and being love by him.

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It happened more than few times with more than few guys, my thought was, guys are spineless, they can’t even tell, brake up in face to face. Its easy to send a “You are fired” text or email…

So I updated my dating pattern. I dated 2 guys at the same time. I treated young men, like consumable items. One was gone I replaced him with an other one. I was pretty, guys wanted to get into my underwear, but I wanted more, and there was about 7 thousands of them, just in the University, so there was almost unlimited supply of men. I believed, men who wanted nsa sex only, don’t care about their partner, they just care about their own sexual satisfaction, so I kept looking for romance. Sometimes I had some difficulties to manage my weekends, share it with two dating partners, but somehow it always worked out.

Than at one night… I’d booked two dates with two guys at a night club. I planned to go a little earlier, before my first date arrive and spend some time with my BFF, so I went there and had a drink with my lady friend and my first date showed up. He arrived earlier too. He recognized me and he came over to our table, which was okay.

Two girls and him, he wanted to impress us (maybe not just impress 🙂 ) and he bought several fancy cocktails. We kind of had fun and time went fast, than my second date showed up. It smelled like trouble… He found us and came to our table too. There is nothing suspicious, two girls, one guy, right? But he didn’t know that guy was there, because he wanted to get me into his bed…

So he sat down to our table and we changed our cocktails to hard liqueur. Rye on the rock in real Canadian style, that is a very good and effective method to kill our brain. Then before we drank ourselves under the table my lady friend’s man showed up. Because the alcohol, she introduced him to my dates as her sex friend. You should see the surprise on my wanna be boyfriends face when they realized both of them are at our table, because of me. Than my second date, asked me for some kind of explanation… I told him dude, there is no explanation, it is how it is, or people call it double date. Than he turned to be a total dude, called me bitch and left. He did not know what he missed…

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After one  more drink we decided to go to my BFF’s friend place and we partied there until next day, like there is no tomorrow. My lady friend and I had sex with both guys, or I can say my first casual sex happened at that night.

On a normal day, I would not do, what I did at that night, but because of the alcohol and because I was pissed about my second date the “dude” and I might try to prove something for myself, than my top secret erotic fantasy, plus my BFF and her friend virtually had sex at front of us, all of these things together get me into my first sex with multiply partners.

Sex was great, I did not regret  anything… and that night was the first night of a wonderful relationship. The guy, who was my first date at that night is my husband today. We are happily married over 8 years now and we still into casual sex.

My point is at the end of the story, there is no point… other than If you fantasize about something do it, and if does not feel right, than probably its not for you…

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Question of the first date: Will you have a second date?

What kind of men women love to date?

The Subject is Penis Size

Does penis size matter? Some say yes, some say no. It is a matter of continuing controversy. Men and women argue this point, and magazines have frequent articles on this subject matter, however one of our female member from AZ has this to say.

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curious wifecurious prof cpl

I am a bi curious woman, but I love men more than women. Anyways we met a man who I think would be  wonderful play mate, even for long time sex friend. We have so much in common, he is fun to be around.

The problem is that when we have intercourse, I can’t feel his penis inside me, and  his penis makes no contact with my clitoris. It doesn’t matter how long he goes, I can’t feel his cock.

With my previous partners, I did reach orgasm within a couple of minutes, but he feel small, I just can’t. I feel embarrassed going on about specifics, but his penis is about 5-6 inches long and a bit thin. I try to tell myself that it doesn’t matter, 5-6 inches penis is not small, that is an average size.

The fact is, we are (the hubby and I )  into nsa sex for orgasm and as  everyone, me too, deserve to have good sex to reach that orgasm. Not only I can not obtain orgasm, but I am worried that he can’t feel much either, which makes me feel like less of a woman with him.

I don’t know what other women do in this situation, but I’m confused and upset. This guy and we get along well, I really like him. Everything is so great with him, but the sex is so unsatisfying. What can I do?


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Well, there is nothing that you can do, but there are a few things that he can try. For start, he can contact other guys here with similar problem. He can ask them how they deal with their size matter or love making technique….


big dick man want-big-dick

My advice is, you need to decide, what do you want. A man who is fun to be around, or a man who can take you to that orgasmic heaven…

A man like me… Let me tell you a story and you will understand.  I am just a 22 years old student, but I blessed with a penis, like you would not believe. I have a secret…. I use VigRX Plus regularly. Believe me, that  stuff makes life more enjoyable… for any man. Your likable guy should  try it too.

The story is…. All the girls and older ladies want my penis  into their mouth, even dough I prefer it into their pussy… Seriously,  I don’t have to go looking for action,  girls and women, even much older women try to get me in their bed.

I am a student but have a part time job, I need money, I work few hours pro week at the local BMW dealership. The job is easy, mainly cleaning cars, but let’s get back to the ladies.

For example my boss’s wife, lets name her Janet. She is pushing 50, but she is very sexy and extremely hot. Seems she wanted me to do more than clean cars. I did not have to be a rocket scientist to figure this one out, even dough  play with the boss wife is not a good idea, if you want to keep your job, and I need my job, but there is always a but…

It happened just recently. She got out of a taxi and stormed into the boss’s office. Few second later she bounced into my work area. She had on a pair of white, tight tennis shorts, so tight, I could see her camel toe . She did not wear bra, her big boobs were half way out for her blouse.

“Is my husband car ready?” She asked me. “Yes madam.” I told her. “Good, can you drop me off at home then? You have to drive my car back. Something wrong with it, it needs to be checked out.” She said.

I looked toward to the office, where the boss had struck up a conversation with one of our regular hot, blonde costumer. He is always looking to fuck somebody other then his wife. He will be happy to have his own wife off from the premises.

He realized I  looked at him, he went to this phone and the next minute my mobile phone ring in my pocket.  What she wants? He asked me. I told him, she want me to drive her home and bring her car  back. He said okay, do it and do anything that she ask you to do. Anything? I asked back, yes you heard it right.

During the car ride across town she asked all kind of questions about my social life. At one point she placed her hand on my leg and asked me. “Is it true what my friend’s daughter saying about you?” “Don’t know madam’. It’s depends on who is your friend’s daughter and what she saying about me.” She did not say anything for few seconds, than her finger inched closer to my prick and she took a feel. “Oh yes, I can feel that she is correct.” Than we got to their home.

She did not waste her time. Directed me to the living room and came on strong. We had a quick drink and she navigated me to the couch. Her hands had a mind of their own, looking for my dick and squeezing it true my work overalls. She stood and stripped, showing off her hot looking body.

I knew whats going to happen, but the boss said, do her anything what she ask you to do. It made me think for the moment, did I get set up, or trapped into something kinky, by both of them? It might cost my job, or I will get raise…

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I told her how pretty she was and it wasn’t a lie. I never see a woman in her age with a body like hers. Her legs were long and muscular, her ass looked tight and hard. Her big tits were firm and very erotic looking with huge erected brown nipples. Her neatly trimmed pussy hair was wet from excitement. The smell of her sweet perfume and the smell of the horny woman started to fill up the room. “Now let me see that humongous cock of yours. Let’s see why girls talking about it.”

I got rid off my coveralls and dropped my underwear too. By the look in her eyes, I could tell she loved what she see. She did not hesitate, started kissing and licking my semi hard dick. From her activity my prick kept getting harder and bigger. I figured out from her moaning that her excitement grew too.

She would spend all day licking my cock, but I did not need cock licking service, so I asked her, if she wants my dick buried in her sweet looking pussy. For my big surprise she said; “No, I wont do you without my husband, but I swallow…”

In less than a minute she surprised me again, whit her swallow comment. She realized  it, than opened wide her small mouth and begun move it up and down on my prick. Every time dipper and dipper. Her throat muscles opened right up for me.

She really knew how to give a blow job. I am sure she have a  lot of experience. I wondered how often my boss  get this kind of erotic treatment from her. In fact she was so good, I was soon pumping my cum into her mouth. She swallowed every little drop off it. She told me that she never had a cock like mine, and my cum tasted good….  and want to have sex with me, and asked if I can do it front of her husband.

This  was something that I need to think about it, but than I knew, if i want to keep my job, than I need to do what ever it takes… So I promised to pleasure her pussy at the first available opportunity. She told me sooner is better and she is ready for a hot fuck or two as soon as she “coordinates” it with my boss.

Than she asked me, did I ever fuck a woman front of her hubby? Well I did not, but I played in mfm threesomes few times at wild parties. She was happy to hear it.

Than I left. I hated to leave her turned on, but I had no choice, she is the boss’ wife and I know, the game is not over yet…

Anyways, my point is, if someone got a  dick, than the wanna be playmates lines up,  in our small city, the news fly very fast.


Love Making Disappeared From My Marriage

Better Sex Bigger Orgasm | Tips To Reach Sexual Satisfaction

Casual Sex Casual Sex Dating Ads Related Info

Sex is a short word with a lot of meaning. Talking about sex used to be taboo in the past, sex used to be very privet matter between two people, mainly between married couples or between couples in love. Don’t forget, prostitution is the world’s oldest professional, therefore taboo or not, there was and there is sex outside of marriage since marriage exists.

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The Internet changed every sex related things. Since the Internet boom there is on-line dating and a “new” type of sexual encounter, the casual sex or people call it no commitment sex is widely popular, in fact NSA dating is more popular than any other on-line dating activity.

Casual sex was born from the past’s keys exchange, swinging parties, however casual sex might be a little different than no commitment or swingers sex.

There are many different world that related or many words that defines casual sex. For example no string attached sex one of the most used word the define casual sex. It means: Penetrative sex that involves two or more people who have no desire or intention of ever develop a committed romantic type of exclusive relationship with each other.

There are few benefits of no string attached sex. For example nsa sex eliminates many stressful factors that may accompany a romantic relationship such as: jealousy, mind games, verbal or physical abuse, and/or frequency in sexual activity, boredom, and many more I’m sure. If the sex partners have enough from each other, they will try to find someone else.

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Casual Sex can be one night stand. But sometimes, sex partners state it, after penetrative sex, they have had by-far the best sex they’ve ever had and can hardly wait for the next time they meet! This kind of sex play might turn into friendship, friends with benefits, sex friends, sex friendship or fuck buddy.

Swingers Sex | Swingers Couples | Swingers Sex Ads

Is swingers sex casual sex? Swingers are human be too, therefore their sexual activity can be casual sex too, but it can be more. Swingers couples like to build sex relationship, with someone compatible for leisure. Swingers leisure sex relationships are relationships and they are are more than sex. It maybe a friendship, that ends up in sex.

Casual sex can happen in a heat of moment. No commitment, no relationship, just sexual intercourse. Casual sex usually one night stand only. If it was good, the partners might meet few more time, but after that, the life will go on and they will find someone else to play with.

Are you looking for open minded swingers couples? You will find them here, even from your city…

Swingers sex never happens in the heat of the moment. Swingers prepare for sex. They share their primary partner, spouse for sex. They are always looking for new playmate, they meet them, sometimes those meetings like a job interview… Therefore swingers sex is much more than casual sex.

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Sometimes couples sex life getting boring, and here is the point when sex can meet with casual sex. We are being human, without sex we wont be around, therefore sex is our strongest desires. If sex is great the life is beautiful, if sex life doesn’t work out right, we have all kind of other difficulties in our every day’s life. Sometimes couples sex life getting boring, and here is the point when sex can meet with casual sex.

Why do married couple like casual sex?

Not all of them likes it, in fact in US only about 9% of married couple looking for no string attached sex partner to share their sex life with. Married couples, and couples with their permanent romantic partner, who are into casual sex loving it… because they can live out their sexual fantasy, and they love variety. variety in partners and it should be variety in sexual activity. Variety in sexual activity comes in many different form. For example, foreplay, oral sex, anal sex, masturbation, different sexual positions with different sex partners.

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Our casual sex advice: Remember you are not with your primary partner, you can and you should try to do and learn different sex play, positions, etc with your nsa sex sex partner. Learn, practice and master your sex knowledge and this kind of knowledge will spice up and will make better your romantic relationship, sex life with your primary partner or with your spouse.

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What kind of men women love to date?