Love Making Disappeared From My Marriage

I am has been married for 18 years to my first love. I am a 48 years old man and my wife is 42. She is fit and she looks no more than 35 years old. Men find her very attractive and just to know this make me proud.

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The problem? The love making disappeared from our life, we do not even have “quickies”   we do not have sex at all. My wife and I have not been intimate more than a year now, before that, we made out  about once a month, than less and less, an than nothing at all.

And it is me not her… I’m an average, healthy guy, with few extra pounds, you can see on our photos, however I am not fat at all. I know there are men out there who would sleep with my wife with out any hesitation.

When I think about this, it makes me realize that, we should make love more often. Than one day I was looking for an old document at home and found a box of sex toys, so definitely my wife miss something in her life. I know we should have our intimate moments every now and then, but somehow I just can’t get into it. Before any misunderstanding I am not gay!

Part of my mind thinks many relationships are like this, after 18 years of marriage, but when I found those toys, I wasn’t sure. Today she plays with the toys, tomorrow she might sleep with someone. I believe in this is normal, but I am not sure anymore. Please help me, what should I do?

One more thing, she doesn’t know about this post here and I prefer keep this this way… Continue reading…


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This is a first message that I red from a man, who complains about the lack of his own sex drive. Men usually complain their wife or spouse’s sex drive.

You have an attractive wife and you have not been intimate with her over a year. It was so long ago, you can not even remember when did it happen. Your situation is everything but normal.

A healthy spousal relationship involves a satisfying sexual relationship. The frequency depends upon the couple’s needs, but it should happen more often then monthly. Love making should not reserved as a  X-mas present…

Only one thing is right in your message, if you will not do something, she will sleep around, I can guarantee this.

You wrote that, you are healthy. A healthy 48 year old man with an attractive wife can’t live with out any kind of sex. Definitely something is wrong with you and you should find out what it is. As men get older, their sex drive might get weaker. This should not be a problem for a 48 old healthy man, you are not a old man yet. In your case there’s more at play here than simply getting older.

You wrote it, she does not know about your message here. That is wrong, you should not do anything without her here. It is her love life too, not just yours.  You have to seat down with her and you have to explain it how  you feel and you both – together, need to find some kind of solution.

The best option go and see your Dr. Continue reading…


You are posted your help seeking message on an  adult dating website‘s forum, not on a men sexual health related website…. This fact makes me think, what kind of help are you really looking for?

Older woman younger man scenario, or hotwifing role play? Any of the both can be really exciting to watch… I think something like this is in your mind…

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So, find out why you’re just not up for it like you used to be in your 20’s. There are many factors that could be to blame, both physical and emotional. Most cases of low libido are mental rather than physical. Stress is the number one cause behind a low libido – while sex is a great way to get your mind off of things, you’ve got to be ready for it in the first place.

Any other negative feelings, like guilt or depression, can also be at work. Once you’ve exhausted all of those possibilities and you’ve  determined that your dip in sexual desire isn’t emotional, then it’s on to consider physical causes.

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A profound decrease in testosterone may be to blame. As men age, they lose 10% of testosterone a decade. Many men lose more than this, resulting in a male form of menopause.

Millions of men are going through this right now without even realizing it. They’re so convinced that they’re just experiencing growing older. But feeling tired and out of sorts is not necessarily a universal experience when you’re in your forties or fifties.

There are men out there who are still in great shape through their golden years – then why should you twenty years younger feel and live like an old man? Why should your attractive wife live with out sexual intercourse. Sure sex toys are made for have fun with them, but her sex life should not based on sex toys only. I definitely would try that VGRXPlus or some other magic stuff…  

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There are so many other ways that your body is affected by a dip in testosterone, such as a decrease in bone density, an increase in body fat.

You wrote, that you are getting overweight. Your marital sex life should not stop because you are 48 and a little overweight, so get yourself in order and feel like you did in your late twenties.

There most to be something wrong with your testosterone level. You should have enough power to change your body around, by engaging in regular exercise and healthy eating. Men going through a mid-life crisis has become a cliché, but you should look at your middle age – years as an opportunity to take care of yourself. Healthy eating a regular exercise will boost your libido level and some magic stuff like VGRXPlus definiatlly would make it easier. Continue reading…