Our long time erotic fantasy

We’re a late 20’s fairly attractive married couple. Either of us would not have any problem to find sex partner, but we do not want that… Our long time fantasy is, do it together in a form of mfm threesome.

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we love sex twowelovex2

Actually it was his fantasy… but over the years he made me wonder, how, sex would be with two horny men.

After a long hesitation we made our move and find a guy. We had a meeting at first, than a date at second and a dinner at third. After the dinner we went to our hotel room and nothing happened.  I got a hug when he left at morning.

After that, he did not even responded to our messages, so we had to find someone else. Took us some time, but we managed it. At this time, we made a short cut, and went to the hotel room after the second meeting. At this time I did not even get a hug… He disappeared too

I know the problem is with us, but just don’t know how to start…? Anyone any idea? Continue reading…