Are you want to be a party animal at Valentines Day?

Valentines Day is lovers’ holiday, therefore people not really getting wild with their loved one, but it doesn’t mean you can’t be. If you want to be wild you can  be at any day, with out any reason, but Valentines Day provide  anyone with an opportunity  to  turn to be a party animal.

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Are you want to  be a party animal? You can be. Host your Valentines Day party and turn it into an  erotic party. Its wont be easy, but can be done, or as a second option,  find someone else Valentines Day erotic party. Erotic parties or sex parties are organized by people either for profit or fun. If you would like to participate in somebody else’s erotic party (for fun) in our member’s section you will find upcoming events posted by members for members. If you don’t feel like creating your own party, then feel free to join someone else’s!

Other type of sex parties run by swingers clubs for profit.  Swingers club will charge an entrance fee which can be very expensive at Valentines Day if you are single man. Single women usually can get in free, I know this is not fair, but life usually not fair at all.

Before you decide to go, you need to know, erotic swingers parties are divided into two categories, on premise and off premise parties, meaning sex allowed or disallowed on the premise. If intercourse allowed on the premise, the entry fee will be even higher.

On premises sex parties are illegal in many countries, however were legalized here in Canada  December of 2005. Previous to it was legal only in the privacy in somebody’s home.  A group of swinger couples gathered at one person’s house and what ever have happened there, it’s have  happened for fun…. Men and women love to have fun in our sexcentric world.  It shouldn’t be surprising that women participate in erotic parties for fun.

Women have erotic fantasies also. Sometimes, they are more sexual than men’s.  Women often fantasies having sex with strangers, special single women around Valentines Day. They feel very lonely and they want to get loved by someone for list one night.

Having sex with a complete stranger takes away the pressure. They feel like they don’t have a standard they have to live with, since they won’t be coming back for seconds. Women engage in this type of sex because they feel that they won’t be judged. Around Valentines Day more single women fantasias about sex than any other time – even group sex… Group sex can be exciting for a woman. I don’t mean that they want to get banged by seven horny men. Women tend to like the idea of a bunch of nude people together having sex with their partners, unless of course, if they like to have sex with multiply sex partners.

If you decide to host your own erotic party, you can find a lot of “How To Host Your Erotic Party” information on our personal website.

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Wild  Valentines Day Erotic Party

Please keep reading if you decide to join someone else’s  Valentines Day erotic party. If you would like to have a wonderful time, while you at a party, you should:

Show up by the time. If you are late, you might not get in. Erotic parties often happens behind close doors. You can leave at any time, but if you are late, nobody going to open the door for you.

Dress appropriately. Appropriate stand for suitable, proper. Blue jeans usually are not suitable for  erotic party, but you need to ask the host about dress code. Ladies can dress as sexy as they dare. They can show as much skin as much they want, however nobody have to. Wear something that make you feel comfortable as well as sexy. Guys should wear dress pants.

Circulate in the room(s) and mix and mingle with many people. If you just try to chase down the sexiest couple, you might have to go home alone… with out sexual satisfaction. Make contact and talk with a lot of people. Be carefully, don’t talk about your spouse, girlfriend, or boyfriend. You can talk about every day’s issues, weather etc, maybe Holidays. Show you are interested in some erotic play, but don’t start the conversation talking about sex. The sex talk will come later.

Don’t drink to much. This party supposed to be a sex party, not a drinking party.

Remember,  erotic parties usually organized for couples. In some cases limited single guys can attend. However either you are single or part of the couple, you can have a great time only if you leave your punk attitude at the door (if you have an attitude). Be yourself, be real and socialize. If you are a man ask a lady to dance and have fun. Maybe even ask her husband for permission to ask his wife to dance with. Talk to her husband and be friendly with him too,  if he doesn’t like you, you’re not getting anywhere with his wife. Take your time and don’t be in a hurry. If it is a couples game, all four of you have to find attractive the others.

If you are a single man, play with a couple will be even harder. Visit our “Single Men In Swinging” page  for more info. If you do not have to much lifetime experience I suggest you to browse our website and search the internet  for related info, before you try to attend any erotic party.

You have to make your move, if you want to have fun at this upcoming Valentines Day, or you will run out of time. Remember, Valentines Day is just around the corner…

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My friend and I did his wife

Valentines day threesome, the father the son and I

I red a lot about Valentines Day and Valentine Day‘s dilemmas here. I have my own and I would like to hear others opinion, advices about it. I know, some of you wont like me after read my post… but that is okay, I can live with that.

erotic Valentines Day

As you can see at my photo, I am not a teenager, but it is not about my age, even though I never been married and not get to get married in the near future.

I used to date a man for several moths. I had few casual relationship before him and I  I thought he is the real deal, and I thought I love him, he was a nice guy, even thought sex wasn’t satisfying enough. I was sure  we will get used to each other and with time, sex will get better, but instead it get worse…

But one day I was in his house and I had sex with his father… My boyfriend  was 29, lived his father who was  50 at that time. His mom died in car accident few years back, so the two men lived in a big house.

He hit on me while his son went to work and I was in at their house….so I went for it. His timing was good, because it happened after a sexually disappointing night with very unsatisfying sex and I was horny and somehow I felt for his father. Damn he was good….he did me hard…I told him about his son sexual performance level and he understood.

Anyway, when my boyfriend came home, I told him too and he did not freak out.  He said my dad must have needed it, well I said I needed it more.

That day started a three way relationship, the father the son and I. It worked for few months, than it started to get messy, than I tried to get out and at that time it turned to be very messy, but I ended it.

Here comes the problem. I have a friend with benefits (I always have) lets call him my permanent sex partner. We play together and play with others too. At next weekend we will go with his friends a married couple to a  lifestyle Valentines Day dance and I know from the host couple, my X boyfriend and his father will be there too.

I really don’t care wat they tell or not tell about our past, whatever… but I don’t want to be at the middle of a circus… and if my X boyfriend drinks a little, never know what will he do..

The question is should I got or should not? Continue reading…

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first time nsa sexJJCpl

When I was university student I loved older women. I did a mother and then the daughter. I dated the mother and she invited me over for overnight and she left me there when she went to the grocery store to pick up something to eat.

I was having coffee in the living room and her 20 years old daughter came on me… I said what the hell, and did the daughter too, the mother came home and we got catch.

She did not make  any “circus”, I had casual relationship with both of them until the seminar was over, and I have to leave the city,  but we never  had a threesome. They shared me and they decide who I spend the night with, it was okay for me, in fact I kind of found it very cool…

If I were you, I would explain your problem to your sex freind and let him make the decision. If anything happens there, list he knows why happens… Continue reading…

Love Being Watched


I would feel like a pervert if I had threesome with father and son… For Gods sake, that is not right!

lol, some sick people in this world. His son should say to his father,  better stay the hell away from my girlfriend. And you better stay a hell of the way from that Life Style Valentines Day Dance. Continue reading…



A long time ago I wasn’t married and I had sex with my best freind mother on his grandmother retirement party. My friends mom is older than may mom, and it was ongoing for a while..

I learned a lot from that lady, he trained me how to perform oral sex…

Why do you worried about that life style Valentines Day party. Your ex boyfriend should worry, you should tell him,if anything stupid happens, you will tell to anyone… whit out his father he can not even properly fuck a woman. I am sure he would not like that. Continue reading…

Gang bang anyone?