Love Making Tips For Women

How to Satisfy Men?

Usually men have problem to satisfy their female sex partner, however there are many women, who want to be prepared for every situation, even if the word situation stand for make love or have casual sex. This page is created for those women.

An average woman would say, satisfy a man is simple and easy. Get naked and bang him. Few others will modify this, they will say that; You don’t even have to get naked, give him a hand job, or blow him in his car, or don’t have to do anything, he will satisfy himself, you just give him access to your genital area.

Those above statements are partially true. Easy to get off a horny man. Easy to make him rich an orgasm, but was it satisfying? I don’t think so. If you want to satisfy him you have to be an active, enthusiastic sex partner or lover and serve his sexual needs. If your sex act is just for him, than you have to be a giver. However to give him what he want, you have to communicate with him. You have to find out what he likes and what he doesn’t.

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Every man is different, if you and your man are  new in the relationship or first timer in nsa, you should not be scare to ask him: “What do you like?” After a question like this he should let you know what he likes and what he expect from you.

Love making and casual sex is two way game, therefore you should make sure your own sexual needs are served properly too.

There should be a limit in your erotic action. You should not loose your coolness and you should know where at is your limit.  You definitely should not do anything that you not enjoy and don’t do anything that could hurt you.

Basically there are two easy and normal ways to provide satisfying sexual experience for a man.

Let him “do you” as he wishes. You do not have to do to much just be yourself and do what comes naturally. When things gets to hot, let him choose the love making position. When he penetrate you, you have to pick up his rhythms and squeeze your pelvic muscle in the in stroke and relax on the out-stroke.

The second way is start like the first one, but you can spice it up. While his hard erected penis is inside you and his body weight is not on you, you should wiggle, thrust and grind on his penis and against his pelvic bone to achieve as much friction as much possible. If you really want to be good in this, you have to learn how to loosen up you hip’s join. It might take some practice and you might have some muscle pain after, but it worth.

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You have to keep your eyes on him. You do not want to over do you wiggle motion. Your hip’s movement have to be synchronized with his rhythms. You have to keep in your mind your own sexual satisfaction too, the man is the one who have to maintain an erection. If you wiggle and turn your hip to vigorously, he might last control and orgasm early. You have to start slow. You should get him to the no return point as late as possible, and he will have bigger and better orgasm. Plus longer time gives you more time to achieve your  own orgasm.

Any women can apply the above tips to almost any sex position.

Even a virgin girl know that, the easiest way is to make a man orgasm is a blow job, but that is just get him off… The other easy way is to choose sex position when you are on the top. He is flat on his back, you sit on his erected penis, facing him. Your legs should be bent with your feet flat on the floor, or on the bed, next to him. You can reach with your hand behind you and play with his balls too.

In this position you are in control. He doesn’t have to do anything. You control the penetration’s deepness, the angle and speed too. If you change the angle, bending forward, you will increase the friction, plus your boobs will get in his face. You have access to your clitoris, and he can enjoy the view, the titties in his face. He doesn’t have to worry about anything, because you control everything.  If you want to finish him, go on your knees, support your weight on your hand and balance up and down and back and forward on him vigorously.

In the same position you can turn around and face to his feet. Support your weight on your arm and band forward. It will band his penis inside you and he will hit your G-spot while you move your hip back and fore. He will have amazing view for your rear end, including your vagina, while his penis slides in and out, and he can even finger your butt hole or can slip into an anal toy for a really big sensation.

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Men are visuals and I have to note that, many men’s favorite love making position is from behind. If he penetrates you from behind, he will see the full picture of your butt, which is already a big turn on for any man, plus he will see a wonderful vies of your vagina as his erected penis sliding in and out of you. Positions from behind can be very satisfying for a lady, if she like deep penetration, or if his penis is smaller than an average penis. If he penetrates  you from behind, you have bigger change to obtain a G-spot orgasm.

Love making or casual sex is not a Olympic sport. There is no medal at the end, but there should be a great orgasm. Being an Olympian is hard work, make love should not be work. Casual sex sometimes called leisure sex, it should be enjoyed, exiting and satisfying.

The secret is knowledge and communication. Of course practice make it perfect and practice will give you confidence.

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