How to play with your male sex partner balls (testicles)?

An easy way would be, just suck it, but it is not that simple.

An open minded woman said: I was very young when I performed my first blow job on a man, (actually he was a teen boy) I was unskilled and did not really know what to with that penis in my mouth, however I loved his penis. I liked the smell and the taste of it, and I started to love his peniswhen I realized he liked my activity too.

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Also I figured out fairly fast, I hag control over him. I was very unskilled, I guess I was an orally talented sex partner, because without any experience or knowledge, I could control the hardness of his erection and I was even able to delay his orgasm…

I was very young but I already loved penis. Later on, that year, I met with an older guy and he taught me how to perform oral sex and what to do and what not to do whit man’s sex organ, including how to play with testicles.

The most important thing that you need to know, before you go down on a man; You must love the penis you’re with. You have to remember the penis is not a baseball bat, don’t hold back. Some gals try to give a head while holding their partner’s penis at arm’s length. If you decided to perform a blow job you have to love and have to appreciate the beauty of penis, including the smell and the taste.

Different Penises

Men are different and their penises are different too, but a clean penis is very suck-able.  Men usually loves it when their female sex partner perform oral sex on them.

You as a woman should find something to love in every one of them. Maybe it is nice and big, or silky or strait, or it have an erotic curve. If you are a female and you can not to love penis, don’t even bother to try to perform oral sex. Your partner wont like it. However I am not here to teach you how to perform fellatio, I assume you already know that. If you don’t you can find some fellatio related info here.

I am here to explain you, what you should do with his testicles or let’s call them balls while you perform oral sex on him.

The male testicles are very sensitive, you should not be rough down there, it can be painfully. You want to pleasure him, not to cause pain… I assume your tongue is dripping wet, because you already sucked his shaft all the way from the bottom  to the top.  Sucking a wet cock with a wet mouth sounds very erotic.

Start to massaging those balls, with your hand lightly maybe scratching them very lightly with your fingernails. If you want to take him to the orgasm’s haven you may also want to reach behind and underneath the balls to get to that very sensitive area just before the anus.

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His Anus Area

A lot of nerves ending are in that are and those nerves can effect his erection.  You can be sure your activity will produce reactions in his cock. If you know what you do, then now is time to play with his golden hole area. If he pulls his but a way give it up, but if his erection getting harder, then he likes what you do, so keep doing it. You might place your very wet (from your saliva) index finger into his ass hole.

Your finger is in his ass-hole, with your other hand you left his cock up a bit and start to play with his balls with your tongue. However this varies of his position. The best position to do this, he is laying on his side, his bottom leg is strait and the top one is bend into a triangle.  You are between his legs. This position give you easy access to his genital area.

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Let’s get back to his balls. Suck them, you can suck one and the other, I don’t think both will fit in your mouth at once. Be gently, very gently. Already mentioned at above those balls are extremely sensitive to pain.  Most of the men like that when their lady partner kisses and licks the skin around the testicles, so do it. Perform a hand job on him, like you masturbate him. You should try to pull the balls away from his body with your wet, hot lips. If you think he will cum, slow down. You don’t want to take him to the no return point. If you delay his orgasm several times, his joy will be bigger and better when he reach it.

Before he reach the no return point you might notice, his penis starts to swell, the skin on his testicles will get tighter and his balls will travel up to close to his body.

There Are More Erotic Things To  Do With His Balls

What else can you do with his balls? If you having sex in doggy style, you should reach behind him, between your leg, and pull his balls slightly a way from his body. With this move, you get into the drivers seat. You can control the speed and the deepness of his trust and he is going to have a mind blowing orgasm.

Threesome Spiced Up With Ball Sucking

Playing with erected penis’ balls is a very popular female – male – female (ffm) threesome activity. The best position is side by side, back. He is having intercourse with one of the lady, the other lady go down on him, upside down, so her pussy is in around his neck. She has very easy access to his balls, even to the other lady’s clit. It is possible to do this in doggy style, see the picture above. It need some practice, but the  end result will be mind blowing orgasm.

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