How to Seduce Your Female Dating Partner

The truth is, dating online  is an audition, or it can be like a job interview. You need to apply on-line for a new job, than comes a phone interview and if you pass, than might be 2 – 3  face to face interviews, like in the on-line dating world. The only difference is, in on-line dating you do not post your resume, you create and post your profile. I assume, you past the job interview part of your dating process and   you want more.

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Whether you’re on your third date or your third drink at your fiirst date, whether you’re with Ms. Right or Ms. tonight, there comes the time to make your move.

But the unfortunate mating call of the inebriated and/or socially challenged lesser usually goes unanswered. Sure you’re out with her, but that doesn’t necessarily mean she wants to go to that hotel room with you.

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If you want a call-back, you’re going to have to perform well, you have to impress her. We’ve all experienced an ill-fated pass at one time or another, either as the recipient or, embarrassingly, as the perpetrator.

“My friend set me up with this nightmare woman,” complains one of our member.

“She stared at me, grabbed my necklace in her fist and grunted, “Nice necklace! You look like a nerd.” I’m like, scary stalker behavior and insults… “Yeah, I really want bee with you!”

We recently overheard another sad attempt at a dyke bar in Amsterdam.  A Canadian tourist slurred, “Let’s go somewhere, right? I want to taste a beaver.” It’s not clear what her partner thought about beaver, her face expression stated clearly,  she does not have any idea what her Canadian wanna be partner want…  maybe a spicy drink.

Prepare her, tickle her fancy.

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So we all know what not to do at least when we’re not actually on a date. But what are the best ways to get a woman in the mood? The time to plan is before the nerves get jittery and the drinks start flowing. We’ve compiled some tips you should keep in mind.

Send some playful, suggestive email before your date can help to prepare her: One advantage of dating someone you meet online is you can set the mood before meeting face-to-face.

Be yourself: If you are not a movie star, don’t want to look like and act like one. Confident, self-assured people who are comfortable with themselves are very sexy!

Dress to impress: Do you have toned arms, front or back cleavage, a cute tattoo? Whatever it is, feature it!

Keep conversation upbeat and positive: Nothing kills the mood faster than talking about your boss, your ex or your financial difficulties.

If you are with friends, introduce her proudly. Everyone likes people with interesting friends.

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A lot of women are more social than men. That is the reason behind the number of women and men Facebook users. Women are dominating in the digital “battle of the sexes.” Women outnumber men on every available social media, its proves women likes friends.

Stay focused on her:  Make positive comment on her look, her hair and dress. If she wears perfume you can tell her;  I really like your perfume  and ask her; What do you wear?  Make her the center of your attention all night.

Flirt with your eyes: Look her up and down and smile. Look in her eyes when you talk to her.

Create anticipation: Touch her shoulder, does she move a way?  If she doesn’t then might be it will be your night.  If people dance, ask her to dance. Dance with her and  when the music turn to be slow whisper in positive things in hear ear. Tell her how much you enjoy her company.

If everything going on your way, she wont pull a way from you. If you feel she anticipate more, keep doing what ever you do, because she likes it. If she doesn’t she would excuse herself and leave you alone.

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Time goes and at one point you have to decide  what you going to do, go home alone, or make your next move. If your timing is wrong, you can scare her a way.

If you decide to invite her to your home, or to a hotel room, decorate it in advance for maximum appeal: Set the mood with flattering lighting and romantic music, that she might like.

Your date might not work out the way, how you planned to it. There is always a next time, or a next dating partner. You need to know no means no: If she say “NO”  at anytime for anything, than you need to back off. There is no maybe or try again, or can you please. Harassment and sexual harassment is serious crime this days and vigorously punished in any Western country.

Our final tip, your personal safety should be your number one priority.

Probably you’ve heard all those on-line dating related horror stories of people’s bank accounts, credit cards, gets emptied, women getting raped, men getting beat up, killed or kidnapped.

You can be a very muscular super man, she takes you a hotel or motel room, and there will be her husband with few friends, than things  can get very complicated. Yes stories like this true. Unfortunately many strange and perverted people use on-line dating website, for criminal activity.

The most important thing to being safe is – to be smart. On-line dating can be risky, and it is not a joke anymore.  Doesn’t matter you are a woman or a man, you need to know what you are doing and where you are going at all times.   Trust your instincts, if your dating partner doesn’t feel right, than don’t hesitate, go home and log into this website, try to find somebody else! There are millions of men women and couples looking for date, and not all of them criminals.


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