Tips on erotic massage for men who want to make her night…

On this page I am going to try to give some tips and suggestion for guys, who pick up ladies at the bar or at the Internet.  Casual dating might be in their mind, but these tips at next, can apply to any kind of adult play.

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It is easy to pick up a girl or a woman in our open sexual world,  it’s easy to take her into a hotel room. However sometimes it’s hard to get  things going. The biggest mistake that man can do is talk to much.  If she is in a hotel room with you, you  have already talked enough. It is time for some action. However, you have t make it sure, she wants the same things what you  want, otherwise you will be charged with  sexual assault, rape and who knows what else…

Therefore you go forward only, if you are sure, she is in the game…  At first you have to make her relaxed. One of the secrets for having a great time is relaxation.  A nervous, stressed woman  not much fun to be around. You, as her male partner have to make her relaxed. Confidence is the best solution. You have to be confident. Even if you don’t, you have to look like you are confident.

I assume some kissing, touching and erotic play already happened at the bar or at the way to your room. Otherwise it is very unlikely she will go to the hotel room with you.  So you are in the room with her. You have to set the mood right for sexual play. If you want to have a great time, you need to do your homework. In this case you need to rent the room in advance and take some “stuff” over there in advance. Stuff, like a portable CD player, CDs, candles, maybe some light, that you can adjust, and massage oils.

That’s right, massage oils, because you are going to give her an erotic massage. A good erotic massage is going to make her relax and if you do it right, she might even have an orgasm while you massage her.

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You can see there are no freebies here. If you want to have a great time, you have to work, you have to put forth an effort and you need some preparation. Less preparation  is needed if you do it in your home, but you should not invite strangers in your home.

Well, isn’t it strange a bit already? You can have a casual sex, one night stand with a stranger, but not in your home? It is just a pre caution. Sometimes things aren’t going to the right direction and sometimes it will better for you, if your new partner don’t know where you exactly live. However it’s up to you and up to your morals…

I hope you already know that most women are turned on by gentle bites on the neck and throat while being held from behind. You know that gently pulling her head back with her hair while kissing her is very exciting for a lot of women.  So as soon as you close the door you should do the above immediately.

The previous sentence has two important words in. They are,  gentle and closed the door. At first you need to close the door, because you don’t want anybody to walk in to your room, not your room mate, not your mom and not  room service. If you are in a hotel room you should place a “Do Not Disturb” sign outside  the door.

The other world is “gentle”. You have to be gentle all the time. You should not push her and you should not do anything that might make her uncomfortable.

Dim the lights, light some candles, turn on some very romantic music, maybe even pour her a drink. Make the room as romantic as possible. And now you can start to massage her. You have two goals in a massage, the first you have to make her relax, the second you have to turn her on. At first she doesn’t have to be naked. You just rub her shoulders and offer her a back massage. Have her lie on her stomach and massage her back with nice long steady strokes.

You should read her body language. If she likes what you do, you should say something like: I should apply some oil, and you go and get that oil. You do not ask her, can I apply some oil, if you ask, she might say yes, or might say no. You have to be confident, not pushy, just confident. You should not give her any chance to say no. So you tell her I will apply some oil and go to the bathroom and get the oil. You go to the bathroom because heated oil does better job. The easiest way to heat up the oil is with hot water. Just put the oil container into a bigger container of hot water.

Take her blouse or sweater off. The bra can stay. Have her lie on her stomach again. If her bra’s opening from the back just open it. If from the front ask her to open it. Don’t poor the oil on her back. You do not need too much, you do not want to make a mess, plus the oil is not heated up yet. Just poor a small amount in to your palm, wipe your palms together, it will warm up the oil and start to massage her back again.

This massage should be different from your regular back massage. During this massage her back is naked, making it easier for you to access all  the areas. From her body language you might find out where are her erotic zones. Massage her spine area with nice long steady strokes. Next, some oil all over her back and start massaging in small circles. From the back, move to her arms and legs. To do so she have to take off some more clothing.

Don’t worry about her panties. They can stay, if she takes them off it’s, okay but you should ignore her butt.  Maybe just cover it with a towel. Massage her legs exactly the same way how you did on her back (long steady strokes at first, and small circles second).

A foot massage can be quite erotic and certain pressure points can spawn feelings of elicit sexual pleasure. You should spend plenty of time massaging the bottom of her feet. Millions of nerve endings are there, it can start to turn her on.

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Now pore some oil into your palm, place one of your hands on to her leg, the other hand on to her other leg and with a nice long move go back to her butt.

Right now is the time to start the erotic part.  Place on hand at the bottom of one cheek and place your other hand at the top of the other cheek. Move your hand up and down, to the side and center in the same time and opposite direction. Put a little more pressure on,  it should  tighten her skin. If she is still wears her underwear, you can slide your hands under it, and after a couple of strokes just take them off.

Move your hands on her upper thighs and point your fingers toward the inside of her thighs. Massage it with small circles. Lightly brush her vagina’s outer lips with the top of your fingers. Within a few seconds you should see the excitement in her body language.  If you are healthy, you should have a hard on by now.  Slightly brush your body over hers,  to let her feel your hard penis and whisper softly in her ear that it is time for her to roll over.

If you think she isn’t relaxed enough, you can cover her genital area with a towel. If you think she is getting horny  (you can find out from her body language, hip movement and her breathing), you do not need to cover anything.

Massage her breasts and stomach gently. Use the circular motion. Play with her nipples, but not too long. If you spend too much time there, she might ask you stop, and you don’t want to stop now. Move the action to her upper body, once again ignore her genital area, but you might slightly touch it, while massaging your way down to her feet. Massage all the way down on one of her feet, use both of your hands. The circular motion is the best. Spend some time to explore behind her knee cap. Do the same with on her other foot on your way back to the top, but now stop at the genital area.  Give her a long very erotic kiss.

Seat facing her vulva, on the side of her body. Pour the warm oil into your hand and hold your hand over her vagina, let the oil drip from your finger on her vagina. If she is shaved down there, you should use a lot of oil. If she is neatly trimmed, you should not massage the hairy area too much, and if her pubic hair is long, use a small amount of oil. Long pubic hair and lots of oil, plus a massage can make a lot of mess and trouble.

Put your hand on her pussy’s area and with a gentle pressure massage it, in slow circular motion. Use enough pressure to move her skin over the harder tissues. With one finger, tickle her vaginal opening as lightly as possible. If you have a sex toy feather,  rub that feather across on her love channel opening several times.

First focus on her larger labia with smooth long up and down strokes,  then run the top of your finger on inside of her inner labia. Rub the entrance of her vagina in a circular motion. If the shaft of her clitoris is long you can try to roll it between two fingers. Never directly massage her clit, that is an extremely sensitive area. Put your well oiled finger on the top of the hood and try to make a small half circles, or site to site moves.

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Put your palm just over her clitoris and with a slight different kind of pleasure and vibrate your entire hand.  Try inserting the top of your first finger into her. If she moans insert the second finger too and thrust them in until your rests against her clitoris or if her clitoris is very sensitive, just rest you wrist on her lower abdomen above the pubic bone.  If she did not pull her hip a way, try to insert your fingers deeper.

Try to find her G spot and massage it in a circular motion. If she likes what you do she will push her vulva to your hand, kind of asking for a finger fuck.

Not every women like finger(s) inside their  vagina. A lot of them prefer a penis instead, or oral sex. If you love to perform oral sex, you should use edible massage oil. If you don’t have any, then you should clean her genital area with a warm water soaked towel and then go down on her…

If you take your time and follow the above tips, its almost guaranty both, you and your partner going to have a lot of fun…


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