Erotic dance tips for open minded people

Once upon a time erotic dance used to be a sacred ritual in ancient Egypt, common in fertility rituals and sex magic. Those days are gone a long time ago. However erotic dance still exists with several categories with unlimited styles in, for the purpose of erotic and sexual arousal. For example striptease, lap dance, poll dancing, table dance, belly dance, etc.

Erotic Dance is: The Dance That Attempt To Simulate Sexual Acts.

There are also styles of dancing that attempt to simulate sexual acts. In the 1980s, Dirty Dancing and Lambada became popular, each involving very close body contact, including grinding. Just few years back, a style of dance called “Freak Dance” shocked teachers at school dance parties across North America out.

There is no house parties that are without erotic dancing.  Swingers parties?  Swingers lifestyle supposed to be fun, and erotic dancing is a lot of fun. It can really spice things up, it can be  erotic foreplay. With really hot erotic dancing anyone can start things going. It can turn almost anyone on.

How To Erotic Dance

The most important think you should know, you do not have to be Ken or Barbie to have fun. No matter what age, shape or size you are, you can have fun, just be sensual, sexy and be yourself. If you are a woman, sensuality will give you confidence and beauty.

In the other hand if you are a man…. Men Like To Watch

Most men are visual creatures by nature. That is why porn web sites and striptease clubs are still making lots of money. Men like to watch. So erotic dancing will get most guys hot and excited even if they just watch it. Some guys like little teasing while others might like more direct action, like touching, body grinding etc.

Everyone is different, but in most cases, sexually provocative moves mixed with music and dim lighting are usually one good way to get things rolling. If the women feels she’s got the guys attention, it helps her feel sexy, so it’s a good way to get partners into the mood.

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Sexy Clothing

Also the dancer’s clothing is should be sexy, and may be gradually decreased, but nudity is not a prerogative of erotic dance. Of course I am talking about a lifestyle party not strip club…

Okay, you have a killer outfit, now all you need is a sexy attitude. It is easy – being sexy is a state of mind. If you think you’re sexy, you will be.

By now everyone is ready to make the first step. First of it you do not have to know how to dance rumba or samba. You just have to move your body in a harmony with the music. Do this as sexy and erotic as you dare.

Body Grinding

If you are a female before you go any further you should know that,  hot erotic dancing might involve lot of body grinding. It may also include you bending over while he presses himself into your backside.  At erotic lifestyle parties sometimes many men and women, all pressed against one another in an orgy of sexual simulation and dancing.

Plus quite common to see two ladies with legs intertwined and bodies pressed against one another. You will rarely see the same between two men. If you have problem with any of the above, then erotic dance is not for you.

Move Your Body

If you are dancing front to back for your partner then just grab his hands and put them on your upper, sort of inner thighs and just put your ass on right where his shaft would start.

I’m assuming you want to get him hard, do you? Move your body to the music, roll your hips and then when you’ve got him in the rhythm turn around. Right now you should be face – to – face. Put one of your legs sort of over his thigh. Have one of his hands holding that leg and put that foot on the ground behind him! Put his other hand on your ass.

Now comes the best part, press your crotch up to his dick (he should be pretty hard now) and hump him good! You will know you are do it good if he leans back a little or pulls your chest closer. You’ll know he needs more grind if he grabs your ass with both hands and pulls you in! So go for it. Remember either of you should not be naked!

As for what to do if you are a guy and dancing like this, just move your body in harmony with hers and with the music. If you’re feeling a really good vibe with her, press as close to her as you possibly can, and make it more intense. Stay moving in rhythm with her, and follow her lead.

If you would like to lead the dance, dance behind her, put your hands on her hips or above her pussy. If she puts her hands over yours, let her lead your hands wherever she wants. If you’re facing her, put one leg between hers and pull very close to her. Put your hands on her back, or if she lets you, her ass.

Grind your body to her body up and down directions. Imitate you having sex. Let her fill you are hard like a rock! Remember not to make her uncomfortable with your dancing.

Many people may not be at ease with this form of dancing, so you may not want to grab them and start grinding immediately on them. Touch her erogenous zones. Stimulate her with caresses. Be spontaneous and move your body in a creative way. Tell her how you feel and tell her she turns you on. You are dancing very erotically so try to use erotic words to describe your feelings, but don’t be rude.

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Useful Erotic Dance Related Ideas

It is considered very rude to have drinks or lighted cigarettes on the dance floor. With so much movement, the drink could spill or the cigarette could burn someone.

Some ladies don’t like it when guy put his hands on their stomach. This kind of dancing is very erotic and the best place for a guys hands is on the inner thighs, the ass or the upper pussy of her.

Her Ass, Inner Thighs, Erotic Zones

If you are a guy and already discovered her body (ass, inner thighs, erotic zones) with your hands, then grind your dance partner good! She will love it and she might love it face to face a whole lot better than front to back because while guys get hard out of a girls backing their ass into their dick, she get absolutely nothing but burning thighs. With face to face it feels really good to her too because she will feel your hard dick against her genitals. Hold her close and grind her like you are in the bed with her.

Erotic Communication

Dancing is a way of communication. Erotic dancing – erotic communication. The erotic dance give an erotic message to your dance partner. This message might break social norms and rules, but it might let you partner know you have been turned on by his/her moves, you are horny and would like to go further…

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