Valentines Day is Coming

A few more days and Valentines Day is here. What does love have to do with Valentine’s Day? This question is being asked a lot lately. People who ask, usually keep saying, Valentine’s Day is only a candy holiday. Well, we can call it any name, but it is fact Valentine’s Day is  dedicated to celebrate love. If you plan to celebrate Valentines Day with candy or chocolate, just be sure you buy enough… If you are not a candy person the best thing to do on Valentine’s Day is to try something different. Do something that you usually don’t do.

Vallentines Day hook upValentines Day Hook Up

The problem is, people, singles and couples end up doing  things on Valentine’s Day that should have be done a long time ago. You should do something that makes you and your partner happy! So, whatever you are, single or couple, celebrate Valentine’s Day this year by doing something that makes your heart dripping from a romance or excitement. If you are a couple do something that make your partner extremely satisfied.

Valentines Day FantasyWomen’s Valentines Day Fantasy

If you are into casual sex, than you should play with friends that you know the best. You should party with someone who you know well.

If you are just thinking about something kinky, that you never done before, Valentine Day  give the best opportunity to stop thinking and start doing it! Singles hate t be singles at Valentines Day,  a lot of them looking for somebody to make their heart drip, even for a few hours…. at Valentines Day.

Valentine’s day is lover’s holiday and there is no love with out kiss, so  let’s talk about kissing. Continue Reading…

What Kissing Is?

“Kissing is an art and a highly individual and personal expression of affection…” said John L. Ferri, author of “Sex in the Romance“.

So what exactly a kiss is? Some people believe kissing is something that you can not give with out taking. I am talking about an erotic kiss on the mouth, or deep kiss, that called “French Kiss” not a good night kiss that mothers gives to their child at bedtime.

Mainly women but some men too, consider kissing more intimate than sexual intercourse. What do you think?

Either way, it has been proved by scientists, erotic or romantic kisses turn us on. Kissing peoples’ brains produce a chemical that have Oxytocin content. Oxytocin is a hormone that “available” during positive experiences, and not being depleted of it during negative experiences. From Oxytocin you feel “high” and your brain automatically wants to get more. So you want more kissing.

Relaxation massages caused oxytocin levels to rise slightly, so first you should give a massage to your partner, the oxytocin levels start to rise. Then you start to kiss him/her and if you do it right from here is no way back, because the Oxytocin level will rise more and your partner and every human wants to get more. Also Oxytocin is released in men and women during sexual orgasm, so making love as often as possible is one  secret of well being! . Continue Reading…

Interesting Kissing Statistics

67% of Americans and 64% of French likes to give/receive kisses on the neck, but only 15% of Danes likes to be kissed on the neck. Big percentages of Danes are on the wild site. 44% of them love to be kissed on X rated body parts.

Canadians love winter. Not only because winter is a hockey season, but because kissing. They spice up the long winter’s nights with love making and kisses on the neck. In fact the brain produces a chemical during kissing in the dark and it help you to find your partner’s mouth in the dark. Some 62% of Canadians say their favorite place to be kissed, after the lips, somewhere between the chin and collarbone.

If you are man and have foot fetish,  (fetish for feet) you have to go to Hungary. 10% of Hungarian women (which takes them at the first place in this category) enjoy having their tootsies sucked. Continue Reading…

erotic Valentines DayKinky Valentines Day

If you don’t ask most people don’t mind deep tongue kissing, but only 7% give a seal of approval. So don’t ask , just do it if you are not in Canada! According to the survey 41% of Canadian women don’t like to having a tongue stuck down their throat.

The best male kissers are the Norwegians following by the Italians. On the female department, 64% of Hungarians and 58% Mexican women do an excellent job with their mouth and tongue.

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