Four Basic First Date Moves

Few things in life can be so intimidating as a first date. Intimidating  or not, the first impression is very important. You have to be confident to make a goof first impression.

Especially when going in blindly, with only a few exchanged emails or telephone calls, video chat. Without careful planning, the tension of a first meeting can cause a potentially compatible couple to spontaneously combust in twenty minutes or less.

Think about it. You’d never enter a job interview without preparation and attention to detail. Why should love be any different? You can’t just wing it, or you’re doomed to fail.

Strategy counts on romantic battlefield too.

So pay careful attention to these four basic first-date moves, and the first introduction could lead to love.

romantic datingMake your approach

As I said above, the first impression is important. Video chat or swap at least a couple photos before making plans to meet. Because you’ve got plenty of stress ahead for the evening, why worry about approaching the wrong person or missing your date entirely?

It’s no shock that most people choose their best shot for a profile and may look slightly different offline. Be prepared for two problems that may arise: Mistaken preliminary attraction and many awkward moments spent scanning the faces of complete strangers.

Before you go, make sure you know your date’s true identity. Give details on how to find each other, reveal your clothing plans, top your duds with a bright tie or scarf.

Talk to me

You’ve set aside time to spend with a relative stranger, so how do you plan to spend it? Talk! Regardless of whether or not the attraction translates from online to off, be friendly, be attentive and be inquisitive. Arm yourself with tons of questions about career, hobbies, and interests. When your date reciprocates with a query of his or her own, go out of your way to avoid one-word responses. Don’t be shy; don’t hold back. You’re there to learn about one another, so open up and start talking.

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Get down to business

If you’re the type to typically clam up in the face of potential love, I highly suggest you partake in what I dub the distraction date. At all costs, avoid dinner and drinks. Stay away from coffee shops, and go nowhere near a quiet park. Save these venues for later dates when you’ve regained your talent for talk. Instead, try something sporty like miniature or Frisbee golf, batting cages or bicycling.

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If not a jock, try a course in dancing, pottery painting or a trip to the museum. Keep busy, and your date will never know you’re at a loss for words.

Focus on the finale

The parting moment can be nearly as perplexing as the initial meeting. So many thoughts are bound to overwhelm: Is my date attracted? Did I ramble on too much about work? Was my comment about current events completely asinine?

Push these worries aside for the moment and simply relax while saying goodbye. Because more than likely, your date’s got a few self-imposed bothersome thoughts too.

If all went well and no blood was shed, express your interest and be genuine about future intentions. I’d opt to avoid the first-date kiss. Instead, if the vibe’s right, go for a quick hug.

Or… Are you looking for one night stand? Than this page’s info do not apply for you…

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The Perfect Romantic Date happens Between Woman & Man, but same sex people can have perfect date too.

First Date Expectations

What do You think, your date wanted You to be like? You found a dating partner and the first date’s time arrived. You’ve done all the checks you can and you may have chatted about hopes and desires, likes and dislikes.

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But now the date is about to happen.  What do you think your date really wants from you on this first occasion? Is it the same as you want?

When you meet do they match up to your expectations, treat you the way you want to be treated or do they disappoint you?

If so, was this due to any misunderstanding about what each party was expecting from a first date?

In short did you get what you wanted?

I have, many times but I just wondered what other peoples experiences had been like. Continue Reading…


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“What Do You Think Your Date Wanted You To Be Like?”

To be yourself. Would be my guess.

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The first time I meet anyone from here it is only a coffee & chat. It is just a short casual meeting in a public place to see if there is any chemistry or interest in real life, it is not a date.

I make it crystal clear in both my profile and in initial interaction that is all it is and that nothing will be happening other than a chat. If he says ok but still expect something to happen when we first meet, that is his problem not mine. So far there has been no issue. Continue Reading…


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That should been made clear as to what you both want in the go to get. It’s not a guess.

First we set a time and day when and where we meet. It is clear if we are attracted to each other, we may want to find a room and enjoy each others intimate company… Continue Reading…


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Well… I suppose you would think you were going to meet the person you’ve been communicating with. At least
that’s what you’d hope to do.

What I have found works best is to: Expect nothing, but hope for the best! You find you aren’t near as disappointed if things don’t fly right.


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You over think shit too much. Be real and be yourself.

I go in with no expectations and aim to have a good time. If the other person expects more than that, it is on them.

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First date flirting tips. How to be romantic on your first date