Oral Sex – Cunnilingus – Fellatio

A lot of people love to give and receive oral sex everywhere – even in very conservative countries. It is fact, oral sex can be the most exciting sexual experience.

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  • Male oral sex guide and descriptions
  • Female oral sex guide and descriptions
  • Learn how to intensify your partners pleasure.

Oral Sex means both, mouth contact with the vagina, which is called cunnilingus, and mouth contact with the penis, which is called fellatio.

Cunnilingus comes from a Latin word for vulva (a woman’s exterior sex organs), cunnus, and from the Latin word for licking, lingerie.

Fellatio comes from the Latin word fellare, meaning to suck.

Either form of oral sex can be done with one partner stimulating the other individually, or both partners can stimulate each others genitals simultaneously. Oral sex, if the sex partners perform on each other at the same time, commonly called 69.

Do you know?

Oral sex (cunnilingus) can be dangerous. If a man performs oral sex on a woman (go down on her) and he blows into the vagina, accidentally or on purpose, he is quite likely to kill his partner one through air embolism! Death in such circumstances can be remarkably rapid, a matter of seconds. There are some such instances in the medical literature.


Oral sex, performed on men is called fellatio. Fellatio’s street name is blowjob. If anyone decide to give a blowjob for someone, the most important thing is: You as a giver, must love the penis you play with. You have to remember the penis is not a baseball bat, don’t hold back. Some gals (an bi men too) try to give a head while holding their partner’s penis at arm’s length. Give a head mean perform oral sex on men.

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If you decided to perform a blow job you have to appreciate the beauty of penis. They are all different, but there is something to love about nearly every one of them. Maybe it nice and big, or silky or strait, perhaps it have dashing curve.

If you are a female and unable to love penis with out turning off the light, then you have got a major problem in your sex life.

How to perform oral sex on a woman? At first you should know does she likes oral treatment down there… Ask her what make you happy?
If she says nothing – it means you are going to have to go down on her.

She should cum first so you need to spend as much time down there as much she needs to obtain her orgasm. Be sure you take your time and be gentle. Remember, your “assignment” is to make her cum and not to rip her pussy apart.

The ideal position to do this: She is lying in her back, you are lying between her legs, or you might be on you knees between her legs. Either way push your face very close to her pussy and inhale the smell of it and use your fingers to play with her clit a bit.

Be ready, her pussy might not smell like a flower garden. It can’t smell like flower, but it will smell and should smell even should taste as a clean vagina supposed too. No any man want to perform oral sex on a pussy that wasn’t washed in details…

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After a few minutes taste her. Gently open her pussy lips and take the inside pussy lips between your lips. Get it really wet with your saliva.
Then, grab her two inner lips between your lips. Rub them back and forth against each other with your lips and let it go.

Time come to use your tongue. Flick your tongue in light feathery kisses along the fleshy folds of the outer labia, smoothing away the pubic hair if she did not trimmed.

Finally, lay your tongue onto her clitoris. Start with little licks with the tip of your tongue. Move very gradually inwards with your tongue. Vary your movements according to your partner’s response. If she is grinding her hips a little, you know you are definitely on the right track. If she pulling her but a way, you are applying to much pleasure. It might hurt her.

If she pushes her pussy up, you’re not applying enough pressure, and if she starts jumping on your nose and shaking, don’t stop, she might cum.

If you made her cum with your tongue, you might start the action with your penis. If you “gonna make her cum” by intercourse too, she will tell to everyone that you are a sex god.

Her and the blowjob

If you are thinking about perform a blow job on someone and you never done it, before you do anything I have to tell you, to take a stinky, dirty penis into your mouth is not fan.

Therefor if your guy stinks, don’t do it. A lot of North American women believe, only a circumcised penis is a clean penis. They are wrong, someone is circumcised or non circumcised is not the indicator of a man cleanness. To get a penis circumcised usually is the parents decision, when the baby born.

It is fact, easier to keep clean a circumcised penis then an un circumcised, but both type of penis need to be washed on a regular basic…

I don’t want to get into circumcise a penis is a right or wrong decision, but as a circumcised penis can be dirty as a uncircumcised penis can be clean. In both cases some soap and some water can make a wonder.

swingers sex partyThe “blow job”.  How to play with his balls? Suck them!

As I stated at above, You must love the penis you’re with. You have to remember the penis is not a baseball bat, and not ice cream. Guys love to receive blow job, not a dick-licking service.

How start to perform your magical blow job.

Trace a vertical line from his eye down to his penis. Start at up on his body and go down slowly. Use your tongue to lap, lick, or nibble along this line. Play with his, ear, neck and nipples. Kiss them suck them. It will turn him on big time.Guys can go from zero to 60 in a matter of seconds, it means a limp penis can turn to be a hard erected cock in a couple of seconds, if you do your things right.

Do what ever you do, but always go back to the a horizontal line. You can wonder left ans right, than back to the middle horizontal line of his body  and lick your way to his belly button. Spend some time there, just a few seconds. If he moans he likes it. Than you may spend some more time there. Finally go down to his genital area.

Glide your hand up his penis, gripping it firmly. Once you reach the crown, twist your wrist and open your hand so the flattest part of your palm is resting on the head. Caress the head — alternating between back-and-forth and circular motions — for just a few moments. Then grip your palm around the head and continue down the shaft with closed fingers.

At now you can start and should start with your mouth. The experience of having his penis sucked, licked and kissed is one that most men find intensely exciting. In some cases, there may be psychological barriers to overcome.

Some men fear being bitten during oral sex. You should open your mouth as wide as possible, and close your lips, but not your teeth, over his penis. Using all the muscles in the lips and tongue will mean that the teeth should not come into contact with the penis at all.

All men are different, so there is no any written rule what you should do. Keep trying it and if you have difficulties your partner will help you. However something that many men complain about is that women forget that a penis has three parts. It has a balls, a head and the body. For most men the balls are the most sensitive part and often this part receives the least attention. So suck his balls too if you want to finish him fast…

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Safe Oral Sex

Although there is no chance for pregnancy to happen from oral sex, unprotected oral sex puts both partners at risk for a number of sexually transmitted infections. The risks of infection are generally quite a bit lower with unprotected oral sex than with unprotected vaginal or anal intercourse, using a barrier during oral sex can further decrease those risks.

For oral sex on a man,  condom reduces the risk. In almost every sex shop possible to buy condoms in any colour and any taste that are designed and made for oral sex only.

For oral sex on a woman, risk of infection can be reduced by using a dental dam, Glyde® dam, plastic wrap, or cut-open condom to cover the vulva.However, personally I never met any woman who used dental dam or anything to cover her pussy to receive oral sex. They say, receive oral sex with dental dam, is like you take shower but your jeans is on.

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Otherwise, spitting may reduce the risk of certain infections more than swallowing. Of course, keeping ejaculate out of the mouth is even safer.

Perform or receive oral sex, both partners need to be prepared. Bath, trim, shave, and brush your tongue. Put some perfume on the right places, but never, ever, wear cheap to strong cologne. If you can not afford a good quality perfume, then don’t wear perfume at all. Use only deodorant.

Eating a woman’s pussy is the most wonderful thing a man can do for her. It makes her day. It’s very polite from the guy to do her first. You shouldn’t give her signals to go down on you, before you did it on her. If you do not like eating pussy, you better change your likes and dislikes, because most of ladies in our today’s open sexuality word love oral sex much more then the actual intercourse.

You should know, even if you have the smallest dick in the entire world, but if you have a magic tongue, you will be appreciated as a fabulous lover.

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