Our long time erotic fantasy

We’re a late 20’s fairly attractive married couple. Either of us would not have any problem to find sex partner, but we do not want that… Our long time fantasy is, do it together in a form of mfm threesome.

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Actually it was his fantasy… but over the years he made me wonder, how, sex would be with two horny men.

After a long hesitation we made our move and find a guy. We had a meeting at first, than a date at second and a dinner at third. After the dinner we went to our hotel room and nothing happened.  I got a hug when he left at morning.

After that, he did not even responded to our messages, so we had to find someone else. Took us some time, but we managed it. At this time, we made a short cut, and went to the hotel room after the second meeting. At this time I did not even get a hug… He disappeared too

I know the problem is with us, but just don’t know how to start…? Anyone any idea? Continue reading…



Threesome or one on one sex

My threesome started with a kinky erotic  fantasy. Fantasy sex with my partner and then I  add one more man into my fantasy sex. He was a big dick man… A lot of people states it, (mainly very religious people) erotic fantasies are unhealthy, they are indicates problems within the relationship or a retreat into a fantasy created world rater then live in real world.

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Well it could be, but I don’t think anything is wrong, just because two people fantasies to have sex with a third, if that sex doesn’t hurt anyone and doesn’t damage anyone’s relationship.

In fact fantasies can add a lot of positive to a couples sex life once you start sharing fantasies. If you share you secret fantasies with your partner you are laying bare in your partner’s mind, you are going to get deeper and getting more intimate then ever before.

However at one day, we made my fantasy reality. Since that time we do not really enjoy one on one sex? Threesomes are great, but one on one sex palmist like dirty work. Did we made a mistake? Continue Reading…


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I don’t think you made any mistake, but we are not here to charge you… Your life your sex play…

In my opinion, erotic fantasies can raise the level of sexual excitement. They provide short cut to sexual arousal because they reveal things about your partner, that you never knew before.

If you add a third person to your sex play, for example in our case it increased the intimacy between my permanent  partner and I.  This is why we got into threesomes (and more somes) and we have few friends and playmates. They got into casual sex pretty much for the same reason. So I am not sure why your one on one sex does not work for you…

There must to be a reason that you did not tell us… Continue Reading…


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A privet erotic fantasy is definitely not a recipe for better sex with a partner. If you do not share your erotic fantasy with your partner you will end up masturbating alone… Shared fantasy on the other hand is a way to turn sex into great sex.

You made your fantasy sex real sex and since that your spousal sex doesn’t satisfying. Sometimes it happens, you need to talk about with your partner, and need to find a solution  or your permanent relationship will be over sooner than you think. Continue Reading…


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Agree with the above, the best way to do it… During intercourse you have to suggest something new, and very erotic what you never did with anyone. For example one of this think can be anal sex, but what ever it will be, that sexual activity should be reserved just for your primary painter.

It works for us. Continue Reading…

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This is the biggest danger in a three way sexual relationship.

Before you got into you should make sure it is for you…

When we started we spent weeks on reading, how it would be. Continue Reading…


Would you like to double the pleasure? Are you looking for a threesome? How can you turn your fantasy into reality. At first you need to find a “fuck buddy”… to develop a no commitment casual sex relationship. You need to find a man or a woman to share your sex life, your and your partner’s body. How? Continue Reading…