Dating Your Best Friend Ex Girlfriend

Okay so a certain girl has been on your mind for a while. With a personality and body that drives you wild. She’s your ideal partner, or so you think. She is available, she is single and she is not in any relationship. There is one little problem. She just happens to be your best friends ex-girlfriend.

So you ask “what do I do”?

There’s so many things to take into account before you even consider having a relationship with her. The most important one is, your best friend and you. Will she destroy your friendship or wont…

Some men can’t form a mutual trust with another man, if girls are and x’s at the subject. Some men thinks they own the girl, even if the relationship is over. If this is the case with you and your best friend, you may want to look for another girl. If the two of you have been friends since grade school why risk it over a girl?

No matter how good she is, she will never replace what you and your best friend have. Relationship might be great with her, but just might be. It did not work for you best friend, might not work for you, but she might destroy your friendship.

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A best friend is the greatest thing one can have in life. Providing you don’t try to sleep with his ex. But let’s get kinky a little!

There is another type of best friend that men have of course. Which is fun for some and sick for others. The one who you ask to join you in a threesome or compare a sexual conquest with. How do you know if he’s the same kind of best friend as above? And how do you know she will do two of you at once?

Maybe he is and maybe he isn’t. Maybe she is maybe she isn’t. The chances are slim to none so don’t risk it. The same best friend is also the kind who would be open to the idea of you and his ex-girlfriend as a couple. The fact of the matter is that some men have a wolf pack mentality when on the subject of women.

Men want score often and revel in the “hush hush” endorphin rush guys get when they date and make love with the same woman. One man got some nookie so he wants his pack to get some as well. Some men don’tĀ  share anything, not even their TV’s remote control. So when the subject of theirĀ  X comes up, when real emotion is playing, the situation could become complicated.

You and his ex.

To find out the nature of his relationship with his ex, you have to be a really good judge of character. Even our best friend may not know how we feel about our ex. If you think this might be the case you should get some info. How did the relationship end? Did he dump or or vise versa? Did he love her? The most important question to find out is did he respect her?

There are some guys that are players. I would think that these guys wouldn’t really care if you went after their ex. Then again some players are very controlling and possessive towards their ex’s.

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How long has it been?

If your best friend was close with his ex, there is still a chance for you and her. The more time that has passed, the less it’s going to hurt him when you tell him that you’re interested in her. But let’s say they broke up last week and you want to make the big announcement today, watch out. But then again if he dumped her for another woman she’s free to take.

Time is a big thing for some people. Some men have a one year rule with their best friend. Which means give me sometime to get over her and then feel free to have her. While other men want their best friends to wait 6-7 years for their friends to date their x. Then there are some men who does nor care about their ex’s and you don’t bring it up. This is a strict code of honor set in stone: no matter the reasons an ex is never to be dated by a best friend. A very effective way to set things straight.

Why is it taboo?

My opinion is that a woman is not an item. So why should men care whether or not why they broke up? If you really like her and you want to pursue a nice relationship with the girl then the best friend should have nothing wrong with you dating her. No one should be held back from a relationship regardless if she/he was your best friends ex. You can’t stop who you fall in love with. That’s life.

What you should do?

If your best friend has given you his blessing, be sensitive and take your time with his ex. It might be a little awkward but sit him down and talk to him about it. Let him know how you feel about him as a best friend and tell him how you feel about her. Reassure him that you would never sacrifice your relationship for any girl. Don’t go into detail about why you have an interest in his ex. Be prepared for an extreme reaction, from rage to silence. Number one thing to remember is stay calm. Don’t blurt out things you’ll regret later.

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You, her and the new relationship.

You have your best friend blessing. Now you have to attract her. You can’t afford to make any mistake. You have risked your friendship with your best friend for a girl. You have to get that girl! Change your life today and enjoy your relationship with you body ex lady friend!