Tips for Women How To Attract Men

Men used to start relationship with women in our past. Today they try to keep the tradition,  but  don’t realize facts often and try to pick the wrong woman up. In our open sexuality world, women can start anything and everything, or they can use some tricks. Kind of trick him into any kind of relationship.

I am not talking about only NSA casual sex, not just recreational sex is in my mind, but what I will say here, it will work in nsa too. Smart women can make things look like he was the one who started the the relationship. Doesn’t matter it is casual, recreational sex, or long term romantic relationship, the principals are the same.

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There are easy ways to attract a man’s attention and keep it to concentrate on you. If you’re spinning your head wondering the best way to get his attention and keep it, join the club. Most men seem to have this innate and diluted version of Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) when it comes to women.

Of course, this drives women nuts, special when men knows what to do, when the lights off, but they don’t know how to build a situation to turn those light off…

I used to have a friend in my University years. His love life was zero in three years, he spent that three full years asking one woman to go out with him and got rejected for three years. He did not give up,  he did not care anyone else. He was a nice guy and a lot of lady would be more than happy to get into his bed. I think he missed a lot of fun. And when, she finally said yes, he just stopped to think. Continue reading…



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She said yes to his movie invitation, and as he sat across from that very beautiful young woman, basically he was after her for three years, he couldn’t focus his attention to what she was telling him. Instead, as almost against his will, he kept shifting his eyes to the boobs of a nice brunette that sat across from them.

Her welcoming eyes kept him fixed on her throughout the entire conversation. He felt terrible that he could not help himself. Finally the lady who he wanted to so badly said yes and he just recognized an other lady. Somehow he felt, she is attracted to him. But why right now in this moment?

So, you might be thinking, “what a horrible looser this man is!” And perhaps it’s true, or might not be. Most men do have ADD when it comes to women. Men are simply wired to be this way. So where does that leave a woman who wants to know how to attract a man’s attention and keep it?

Well, if you want to know, you have either two options:
– Listen to what I have to say or
– Listen to the nice guy’s version.

At least with me you will know the truth and will be to act on it. To attract a man, you will have to heighten all of his senses, not just his visual sense (though it is important and it gets a lot of warranted attention).

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Smile: A genuine smile that brings “crow feet” to your eyes can stop a man dead in his tracks. Make sure your smile is a half second longer than you would do, if you smile on someone else.

You might get, should get your lips wet with your tongue. Do it very discreetly, like your lips dry. It will get his fantasy turn… This invites a man to come closer and make a move.

Scent – a nice lasting scent can work wonders. But make sure it’s light and not on your clothes. Men don’t like getting perfume on their clothes, even if it’s from the hottest woman in town. It’s like he just got marked. Put some perfume on your neck, and some at the back of your neck too, so if and when he stands behind you, he still can smell it. Every men have a little piggy inside them. They think what is smell good, probably taste good too…

Food: Whether you cook him an amazing dinner or share left-over meals at the office. Nothing plants roots better than a great meal. You can catch a man by his stomach. If you work with the guy you are interested in, bring him an extra piece of your last night dinner. Let him visualize and get a taste of your cooking. Don’t forget the strawberries. There is a very easy, sexy way for a woman to eat a strawberry. If you do this right… He wont be able to take his eyes off from you…

Stroke his ego – but not that much. Drop a compliment, on his muscle or hair cut… or if you are into casual sex, then the bulk in his blue jeans… but then back off a bit, like he might not deserve it. This allows him to take up the challenge of living up to whatever you are complimenting him on.

Men love to see a lot of skin and sexy underwear. Show him a lot of skin and the edge of you lace push up bra if you wear one.

Men love a beautiful face, great legs, nice butt, or beautiful breasts. Tease him with you assets… and you will get him.

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Also here at the end, you need to know, men crazy about boobs. When they born, the first think what they wanted is a boob into their mouth. And this is something, that never goes a way. Almost every men dying for a nice set of boobs.

A sexy push up bra is very important. Of course if you do not need to wear bra, then don’t wear one. Let your nipple push your blouse. Those up pointing nipples will get his attention even more…

If you think, your titties are not perfect, and you need to wear bra, you should know there are ways to enhance your breasts and other features without drawing too much attention to them by those you don’t want noticing.

Simply position yourself where he can see you what you have, but not give him too much. I know this from experience, my husband is a boob man too.

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