How Can Anyone Set a Great Romantic Date Up

Dating can be very expensive these days, special if you are like a lot of others, who want to impress their dating partner with money. Money can be impressive, you can take your date out to a very expensive fancy restaurant for dinner, but if you can’t afford it,  than you have some thinking to do.

You can impress someone naive or a gold digger with your money, but it can also be less than romantic – after all, what is really romantic about eating in a restaurant? You can afford it, but that is not romantic at all, that is just a financial statement.

For that matter, how can you get to know each other with a waiter coming by every five minutes to see if you need anything?

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Go to a movie  theater watch a very touchy movie, that make her cry… Is that romantic? Maybe, you can turn a touchy move into romance, but if a date is about getting to know each other, finding out if you like each other and have things in common, you can’t really do that if you go to a movie or a concert or club.

Attraction won’t grow  in the movie  theater, even if you go there several times. Why not try some dates that encourage spending time with each other and don’t cost a fortune?

Stop at a neighborhood deli just before the date and pick up a full picnic lunch or dinner? Ask your date for her favorite foods, so hopefully you can include one or two in the meal. Now drive to the beach or the park (perhaps  your date have preference) and find a nice spot away from any crowds. You can talk while you eat (remember napkins and something to sit on!) and then go for a walk together.

If you are a man you want to  be the man and you should remember almost every women loves flower.

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Why not meet your date with a single flower that you can have professionally wrapped at a florist? Make it one in a color she likes, or if you happen to know her favorite flower, even better. Have it wrapped with baby’s breath and a few nice leaves in clear or colored cellophane, just like a full sized bouquet.

If you want to end the evening doing something, maybe an ice cream parlor or a exotic bar somewhere, for example in Japanese restaurant for a drink would be nice and easy.

Or want to be sure that you have something to do in case you don’t end up with much to talk about? Why not go to a pier or local amusement park? Not a theme park – just a place with a merry-go-round and some pinball and other games, and maybe bumper cars and stuff. You can take turns trying to win each other toys, or play pool or some kind of ball game – and except for serious snobs, everyone loves to play.

What about a romantic dinner at you place?

If the first couple of date worked out well, you can finish your next date at your place with a home made romantic dinner. Nice table, some candle light and a glass of fine wine. If you don’t know how to cook, order take out meal from a restaurant and you just have to serve it. No paper plates allowed! Use your best dinnerware, nice music and scented candles. It will touch her hearth.

Romantic Movie at Your Place.

If you do not want deal with meal, you can do a movie at your place, but make it seem special. Instead of the same old microwave popcorn, why not see if you can buy a couple actual movie popcorn containers? They have them at restaurant supply or party supply places.

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If there is no party supply store in your city, than you should  buy it from  the local movie theater. Try a little decor – maybe you can get a couple old movie posters that used to hang at movie theaters. Find out what her three favorite movies are – hopefully they aren’t too esoteric and you can find at least one for rent. Then send her an invitation, either hand-delivered or in the mail. Invite her to a movie preview (but make it clear it will be at your place, so she doesn’t get dressed up).

For example: “You Are Invited to a Cinema Event! I will be your host and I would like to invite you to a movie premiere at my personal – home based theater. Will be playing at 8pm sharp. Please bring this invitation for seating.”

Or you can always go somewhere where at you both have interests. If you both enjoy reading, maybe you can go to a used bookstore and then go sip coffee. If you and she both like roller skating, that could be fun too. Or a trip to the zoo. You might even try a long drive in the car, if you have some nice scenery near by where you live at.

As you can see at above, there are a lot of way to get to know someone. You just have to find a compatible partner, have to use your imagination, than put some time and work in  and everything else, sooner or later will work out. Guaranteed!


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