Why some women do swallow semen?

In my experience there are women who love to give blow jobs and swallow a man’s semen, some other just spit it out or did not even let me discharge into their mouth.

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My wife swallows (my cum only) and I asked her what she likes on it and she said,  it gives her sexual energy… and makes her fill powerful.

I would lie if I say I don’t like when she swallows, and in fact it makes me really exited. Continue reading…

But just recently we had a chance to play with a couple, the women’s breast was extremely beautiful and her blow job technique was really good too, and before she took me to the no return point via blow job, she told me, she loves when a man cum on her face and or on her breasts, but she did not like to swallow.

I asked why, and she said, the cum makes her skin nice, and she do not swallow, because she never did and she wont try for safe sex reason. I think her reason is a respectable reason.

But I know there are ladies, like my wife, who loves to swallow.  So this question is for them; Ladies… why do you like to swallow a man’s load….or why don’t you? Continue reading…



Human’s tongue is covered with small bumps called papillae which in all purposes, our taste buds.

By swallowing, I don’t taste a thing.

Another reason is; as a woman, it sucks to have cum dripping down your leg, and it can make your pussy stink if you don’t have chance to get it out. By swallowing, that eliminates the problem altogether. Continue reading…


When I swallow… I didn’t wanna spit it out on my floor, or on my car seat, or run to the bathroom.

It is just easier to just swallow…. If you know what I mean, and it can be very submissive role playing thing too, if you are into this kind of role playing… Continue reading…



I have met women that like to swallow and others that just don’t, it depends on their preferences and their mood..

If I cum hard in their mouth, they don’t have to much choices, so they usually will swallow to start.

I leave it up to them can’t force the issue, I can make look like it was an accident, but if I do it twice, than probably that was it for my sex play, it is up to them. She swallow or don’t makes no difference for me, as far as I have  my share of orgasm… Continue reading…



I love to swallow and let it go down deep in my throat. I love to see my mans face when I make that cum disappear.

But it’s been a while since I did that, because latelly my husband rather cum in my pussy and I like your wife, do not swallow if the sex partner is new… Continue reading…

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Women aren’t the only ones that like to swallow.

I love it when a guy fucks my wife and then pulls out and blows his load in my mouth or face, some taste really good. Continue reading…



For me it’s not an open and shut case, it all depends on the mood of the moment. Like most our pleasure most of
the time depends on our partners experience. If he’s really into the blow job he’s getting then okay…

If he likes it but maybe something else might give an even bigger charge then let’s change things up. As for me I’m okay with where to cum, just not in my hair!

If it’s my choice I’d say deep in my ass after about two hours of play. The play would of been good or you wouldn’t be in there in the first place. Continue reading…


I am addicted to cum, I love to swallow.

Swallow his sperm or don’t