Reason to Masturbate

Why men, women and sometimes couples masturbate? Almost everyone tried it, some  in very early age.  Animals not masturbate, so it is a  very human activity, therefore it brings the question up; What makes people masturbate?

No one need a reason to masturbate, however  there is reasons, the #1 Reason For Masturbating that it feels good and it is 100% safe (if you do it in the privacy of your home and you are alone). The other good reason is, you just have to worry about yourself. Because you do it alone (well not necessary do it alone, but you can do it alone, if you prefer) you don’t have to worry about your partner. And at the end masturbation is one of the greatest stress relievers.

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Masturbation may help everyone to understand their own sexual nerve system. Where it is sensitive and what you enjoy the most? To know these things will help you in your sex play with your partner.

You can masturbate in the presence of your partner or you can masturbate each other, and you can watch each other masturbate. For example for men with erection problem, masturbation perform by his partner, can help to get erected. Watching a masturbating woman is very erotic and will turn any healthy man on.

If watching alone wont help, the lady should perform masturbation on the man and sooner or later he will be ready for action.

Women are different. A large number of them unable to reach orgasm with traditional penis-vagina penetration. In this case the male should spice up the intercourse with his hand and or tongue (oral sex).

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During sex play – he should play with her clitoris (Google women orgasm).

How Should You Masturbate If You Are a Woman

You can do anything that feels good. Touch the sensitive parts of your body. For starters play with your nipples. After lightly rub your clitoris with your panties on. Cotton panties might feel better rubbing against your clitoris than synthetic. When you are “hot” and your pussy produced some natural lubricant take off you panties and finger yourself. If your vagina is dry try lightly stroke your clitoral hood and play with your anus area. Lots of nerve endings are there and they are very sensitive.

But you have to be very careful! You do not use the same finger in your anus and in your pussy. If you do so, you’ll get a nasty infection. In your anus is all kinds of bacteria that’s okay there, but they definitely not okay in your vagina. You can use rubber on your finger, but you need to change them. The best method is use one hand for your butt and one hand for your vagina.

Does your pussy getting wet? If does not use lubricant, your saliva might be okay…  just suck your finger, before you ply with your genital. Than you just have to find the right rhythm and right angel with your finger. You should think about something very erotic, for example your most erotic night or the best guy in your life. Apply the right amount of pressure on you clitoris and you will reach an orgasm very soon.

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Of course sex toys, vibrators or dildo will help.  For example you can reach your G point with a good vibrator. It will make you cum at no time. Also a  lot of women masturbate in the bathtub  under the running water (they keep run the water on their clitoris). Some women point two fingers in a downward V around the clitoris, so the pressures applied to the sides and the tops. Some others use the flat of the hand to grind the clitoris and insert the other hand’s finger(s) at the same time into the vagina.

Also some older women, who are into loves hard rough sex , love to twist their clitoris between their index finger and their thumb.

Men And Masturbation

The simplest way to masturbate for a man is to wrap his fingers around the shaft of his penis, similar as holding a hammer, apply some pressure and move it up and down. Pick up the rhythm and think about the women he does have crush on or something very erotic. Some men just can only reach orgasm with masturbation if they watch porno movies. Nothing  wrong with that. He won’t go blind. Many men use lubricant. It is not necessary, but if you decide to use one, you should use the right one. Vaseline wasn’t made for this kind of activity. It is possible to buy water based love making lubricant in any drugstore.

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The other masturbation method is inserting the penis in something vagina like. However, every men should be very careful before inserting his penis in anything. Hospitals often give emergency treatment to release men who trapped himself by their penis. It is extremely embarrassing to explain what happened and usually very painful the release.

On the today’s sex toys market it is easy to buy sex toy for men. Our advise, men who does not trust their own hands, should buy a good quality sex toy, to avoid hospitals.

If you are a male and your female partner performs masturbation on you she can use the same technique what she might use during oral sex. If you are a lucky guy and two ladies perform masturbation on you, you definitely should play with one of the ladies.

Oral Sex

A lot of people prefer oral sex to masturbation. If you don’t know why people love to perform and receive oral sex you should try. Oral sex lovers are everywhere – even in your city too.

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