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Some people are open about their lifestyle, even if they are into casual adult dating and looking for partners on the Internet,  while others aren’t. I think some people are afraid to be honest about adult dating via Internet, because they worry about what others think. Unfortunately in our today’s society a lot of people think that, people who are use the Internet for  find  dating partner are a bunch of sex maniac idiots.

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Okay, let’s complicate it a bit. What about if someone into sexual fetish and always looking for new partner on the Internet for casual sex, because this person   love to have sex with multiply sex partners? Is this person, a sex maniac swinger or  have some kind of sexual fetish?

If your neighbors, think that,  people who looking for  dating partner on adult dating websites are oversexed idiots, what they think about sexual fetishes? They might think fetishes sick or are weird,  in this case I have a bad news for your neighborhood. No any fetish is weird, unless it is having sex with animal (Zoophilia) or with human corpse (Necrophilic fantasizes).

Otherwise fetishes are normal and we all have them, probably your neighbors too. They are what make sex interesting and fun.

What is fetish anyway?

A fetish is when we need something special to turn us on. It can be a thing, can be an imagination, or a sexual activity. For example that special thought we think while we are masturbating. It is what makes us really horny, not just horny. There are all kind of fetishes out there. More than we can imagine.

Some fetishes will contain actual items, such as high heels. Some fetishes will be about acts, role-plays, for example acting like a prostitute, or house keeper, while having sex. Some “hard core” fetishes might contain both actual items and acting, like wearing a diaper and acting like a baby. I don’t want to talk hard core fetishes, like, domination, pain, plastic, golden shower or water sport. They are a different category and have nothing to do with on-line adult dating or casual sex, (other than find willing partners).

Some people might be into adult dating and or casual sex, or they might not, but they get aroused from fetishes and don’t even know it. Are you a breast lover? That is a fetish. A nice long female legs turn you on? Do you like them in pantyhose? What about shaved and pierced genitals, or hairy chest, I mean men’s chest, or cock ring. That too is a fetish. Don’t run from them, they are what turn you on.

Voyeurism is the most common fetish. People love to watch and be watched while having sex. Also lot of people into Hotwifing role play and or swinging because they love to watch their spouse in sexual activity with others. This is why they swing. This turns them on. Is this practice consider as fetish? I believe so.

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Other popular fetish that almost every one of us practice is: the language. Lot of people enjoy saying things while having sex, because it turns them on. Some people (usually women) can’t have orgasm with out dirty words. For example a lot of swingers women like to “order” their sex partner: “Fuck me harder whit that hard big cock of yours!” She get turned up by just thinking about big hard cock (even if her sex partner’s cock is not that big) and if somebody watches it, that person probably will get horny too.

It is interesting how the swingers men and women deal with fetishes. For example the average swingers men has foot, crotch less pantyhose, garden belt and shaved pussy, fetish.

Women, swingers and non swingers obsess about shoes and spend a lot of money on shoes. Also women often fantasizing with threesomes and sex partners with multiple sex partners. Is this fetish? You decide!

A lot of people into sexual fetishes. Probably they don even know what they love is fetish. They love it and they don’t want to give it up and they should not. If they and their spouse, or sex partner enjoy it, just because it is fetish it is not a crime!

You are a fetish lover or not, it makes no difference, the quality of your love live or sex life, what does make difference, if the quality is missing, you can not replace quality with quantity. If you try, your relationship, will be in very serious trouble. You should find somebody to help you out, or you should educate yourself, before she’ll find some young stud to serve her sexual need. You should visit the Ultimate Sex Guide. You can learn there tons of sex games, erotic tips for foreplay, tips before and after sex.

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Should couples masturbate, should they give a hand job to each other? Is this fetish or just plain fun? Do you think, if masturbation is a fetish, couples wont masturbate anymore? What about clubs for people who are into masturbation fetish?  Continue reading….