Do you want to get kinky at Valentines Day?

Host a Valentines Day party, and spice it up with some kink. What kind of kink, its depends on those who you party with. A lot of single men, women, and some couples fantasize casual no commitment sex around Valentines Day. Valentines Day is lover’s holiday, but singles want to celebrate it too. This is when their Valentines Day erotic fantasy turns into overdrive. They need love and lovers too, even just for one night.

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Invite them, host a party. The most important factor to host a satisfying party at Valentines  Day and any other given day is the people with ability and willingness to participate in a party.  Its even more important if you want to make your party a kinky or  an erotic party. Erotic party is not for everyone, so if you are thinking about hosting one, special at Valentines Day, you have to know the people who will participate in your party.  Before you invite those people you have to decide what sort of  party you want to have.

Some parties are mellow tea party like parties, get together for socializing – get to know each other, and than people make their own party after your party is over. Some other parties more than this, they are usually for couples only, some are mixed, some can be kinky, some use the whole house and some are organized in a hotel room. As you can see, there are a lot of things that you have to deal with.

The First Step Is The Invitation

Most people really want to go to a party at Valentines Day, but more or less conscious mental barriers stop them from going for what they want. Valentines Day used to be a  chocolate holiday for lovers, so if they hear, you are planing to host a Valentines Day party for  “open minded” people, it might get their fantasy go. Help them, and make it clear your party wont be chocolate eating competition,  much more going to be happen there, but  anyone free to leave at any time.  If you want to make your party a kinky party and or an erotic Valentines Day party, than you need to invite people with “related – party experience.”

Very likely you will have people there without erotic party experience… They have to know, you are inviting them to a Valentines Day party, that might turn in to a party, that they never experienced before. Probably they will have a lot of things in their mind. You have to explain to them there is nothing to be scared of, NO means NO. Ask them what do they got to lose? If they are really serious they will accept your invitation because they don’t want to wonder about what could have happened if they had the courage to go.

If they have never participated in a party like yours, they cannot know what it is like, and if they show up, they wont leave early.  They are there for a reason, most likely they have Valentines Day’s erotic fantasy and they will probably give it a try. For this reason you should let invite first timers to the event even if they beforehand declare that they are not going to do to much. I know, it takes a bit of courage to invite first timers to an erotic Valentines Day  party, but do it anyway. What can happen, they might show or might not show up. The best  way to invite them is to speak with them,  few days latter ask them to confirm the attendance.

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Erotic parties should be held late night. At late night people have calmer energy, and are more in the mood for pleasure. To make the party successful even at late night, there should be about the same number of male and female participants. For a first party to invite more males then females is a very bad idea. However it might happen some “experienced” couple would like to bring their “boy toy” with them. You have to be careful with extra men. Its okay, but let them know they coming together and leaving together and the boy toy has to stick with them. Extra males might create intrigues (especially if they never participated in a party like yours) and intrigues are very destructive to the party. You don’t want a couple to leave; because one of the extra males wasn’t behaving in a proper way.

On the other hand some women’s fantasy is to get entertained by two men at at the same time. You do not necessarily need an extra guy for this, even if you have just two couples at present….

Alcohol & party and love making. Which one is better, drinking hard or make love, or maybe have  sex?

People usually take their own drinks to parties like this. Many people feel more self confident if they drink little alcohol. Little alcoholic beverage is okay, however you do not need drunk people at your party. Things can go wrong and alcohol is easy to blame, and in addition, critical thoughts are silenced while the sex drive is amplified. Too much alcohol can destroy your party. Drunken people often behave badly, and that may make other people leave.

Starting Activities

You might start with playing games. Laughing together makes people ease up and creates a friendly atmosphere. Use games that for example include being blindfolded and holding hands. Dancing while being blindfolded and find out who is your dance partner etc. Or strip poker. The losers have to take off a piece of their clothe. Do not use games in which the losers must leave the room. That would only make them passive.

People usually want what they cannot have. Therefore, if you play a game nobody should partnering with her/his permanent partner. This will make them start to talk with each other.

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Start With Erotic Games

The most difficult part of a party to turn it into an erotic party. The best way is to start with erotic games, like the one I mentioned above. Or give a four-handed massage for somebody. For example two ladies give a massage for one man, and then opposite way. At once thinks have to start somehow. This is why you should invite experienced couple. They will know how and when to start to get serious.

It might happen, by now someone was leaving. It is okay any one free to leave at any time. If somebody walk a way you should tell the others he/she or they chickened out. This might stop others to leave. However if nobody left your party yet, probably they will not leave until the end, because serious erotic activities might started around them. People love sex, that’s why they are at your party and they will not leave until they haven’t try why they are there.

Go Slowly – Very Slowly

To help people overcome their own mental barriers, you should make sure that the action is slow. Everybody want to go further some time before they actually do, if they don’t they would leave your party by now. At some point, unexpected things will start to happen. Let them happen. Do not disturb the group unless something or someone is threatening the entire party, but if it did not happen, well there will be Valentines Day next year too.

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