Erotic Valentines Day celebration

We all know that, Valentine’s Day is the lovers holiday and all lovers like us, (list I think so) like to keep sex life interesting, special when you celebrate Valentines Day… The question is, how far are you willing to go with your partner with this tough at Valentines Day?

erotic Valentines Day

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Maybe some foot worshipping and the like?

Maybe it gets both partner aroused, maybe not… If he does it on her, it might get her turned on but what does it do for the guy?

I think it’s a huge turn on for both involved but maybe I’m wrong here? So this is my question.

How far do we go to keep things hot and erotic in the bedroom at Valentines Day? Continue Reading…


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Foot worshipping as erotic Valentines Day treatment… Never heard of it!

Foot worshipping is foot fetish, a play for sex slaves  or mistress. The master’s feet must be deserved to be worshipped. Something like this: My feet are dirty and sweaty. I want them clean, clean therm! I need my foot worship now!

If you are into foot fetish it might do something for you, but I don’t think it does to much for your man.

How far would I go? I would and will got to partying like a party animal at Valentines Day. That is what I call an erotic Valentines Day celebration. Continue Reading…

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If both understand and trust each other, the sky’s the limit, special if you want to turn that Valentines Day into erotic Valentines Day.

Foot worship isn’t my thing (and I’ve known men and women such ticklish feet that any such move would result in a kick in the nose) but I know it’s a big turn-on for some.

Our things are toys, threesomes and moresomes, bondage, blindfolds, spanking, video – the list is endless…. Continue Reading…


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We don’t worship no human being’s body. It’s bad enough I lust after the flesh.

Less worship, more focus on pleasing spouse and or partners in  the bed.

Just have good time in the bed and if you want to get kinky invite some friends over and as it stated at above, the sky is the limit… Continue Reading…


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Get someone new. That might be a mistress, or a random fling here or there, or a complete change of replacing the old with the new or add one or two new to the old and that is a group…

Sure, you can dabble in different gimmicks of sex play, but eventually you will realize the problem is you want someone different to play with, and when you tasted it, you want even more… because the more is merrier.

Three men and a woman can go very far at any given day, not just Valentines Day. Continue Reading…

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If you aren’t truly into the person you are with no amount of trying will keep it hot in the bedroom, or anywhere else for that matter. But if  you are into your partner, and he is into you that make thing easier.

You just need to mix open mind into your partnership and find an attractive open minded couple and then really the sky is the limit on experimenting and finding things that work for both of you.

You do both need to be on the same page  with this, otherwise your Valentines Day celebration might turn to be the worst Valentines Day that you ever had… Continue Reading…


Valentines Day or not… our favorite thing to do is sex party, which is always no holes barred, wild fuck fest of an orgy!