Romance, love or casual no string attached relationship?

What are you after?

Either way 10 things to do at Easter time, and when Easter is over, anyone free to do this 10 things on any weekend… Of course you can do the next things only if you have someone to do things with…

Not easy to figure out what to do on Easter’s Saturday night, if you not plan to spend it with your family and even harder if we are talking about a normal, boring Saturday night. The hard part is to find someone to spend that Saturday night with, if you have someone than you need to be smart.

You have to make your partner understand, what it is you’re really after. The hard part is avoiding misunderstandings about what you want. Whether it’s everlasting love or casual o string attached play, you’ll want to tailor your plans accordingly.

The following advises should help you clearly and effectively convey your true intentions. I assume you are a man, than.

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Call at least four days in advance, requesting the pleasure of her company.

Call her at least 20 minutes in advance, and ask, “Can I come over?”

Maximize class factor. Channel Audrey Hepburn.

Maximize jiggle factor. Channel Pamela Anderson.

Cook most the meal yourself, but invite your partner to join you for the finishing touches, to give a sense of partnership. This meal should convey the idea that loving domesticity can be a feast for the senses. Choose a homey yet delicious menu, such as roast chicken or rack of lamb. Drizzle truffle oil over mashed potatoes, transforming this ordinary dish into a veritable bowl of luxuriousness.

Prepare appetizers before your guest arrives: finger food, nothing fancy. Keep the lighting low, romantic music, scented candles, and some mild kinky movie in the DVD player. The idea is that she may nibble, but YOU are the main course.

Choose a restaurant based on romantic potential: soft lighting, somewhat quiet ambiance, a menu rooted in the Romance Languages: French, Spanish, Italian, quiet jazz – bar music.

Choose a restaurant where you can order over protein rich foods, like oysters, foie gras, chocolate mousse, that spoil quickly, implying that this is a onetime opportunity, and there’s no chance of a repeat performance.

WHEN THE BILL ARRIVES and if you want to be loved by her in the rest of your life
Discreetly take it as soon as it arrives, and don’t allow her to see it. Decline her offer to split it with you. After all, her company is payment enough.

IF IT’S No string attached
Look at the bill. Then look at her. Say, “So. Are you coming over?”

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Ask her if there’s anything she’d like to see. After all, how bad can Samurai Tomb Destroyer’s new adventure really be?

If she want to movie, try to choose something really boring. Sit in the back row. But the best thing would be to take her home and watch kinky movie.

IF IT’S LOVE and she does not want to go to the movie theater.
Go home with her and rent a movie on pay per view or AMAZON, what ever system you use at home.Go for a popular drama, comedy, or foreign film.

IF IT’S NSA and she isn’t into kinky movies.
Than rent a DVD and try to find something that labeled, “Terms of Endearment.” But make sure you’ve switched the disk inside with the adult title, “Terms of Endowment.” Once you’ve turned it on, feign surprise, then say, “Well, we have no choice now, so might as well watch this one.”

Tell her she’s the most beautiful woman in the room. Then take her up on the roof or into the garden to look at the stars. Kiss her on the lips.

Tell her she’s the hottest babe in the room. Then take her into the bathroom. Kiss her everywhere but the lips.

Proudly introduce her to everyone by her name and as “She is my lovely girlfriend”. Don’t invite ex-boyfriends unless they’re truly good friends with no ulterior motives.

IF IT’S Casual
Just say, he name and look uncomfortable. Make sure you invited as many of your exes as you could. If it doesn’t work out with her, maybe you’ll get lucky with one of the ex.

Surprise with box seats at the opera. Offer to buy her outfit and go with rented limousine to pick her up.

IF IT’S Casual
Surprise her with seats at a strip club. Offer to buy her a lap dance from man dancer.

If you manage to follow the above advises, does not matter you are after her because you want to build a long lasting romantic –  based on love relationship or you just want to have string attached sex play, either way, if  you do it right you will succeed and you will have a memorable Easter.

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What makes a man a great sex partner, or a great lover?

Fetish in Adult Dating | Common Fetishes

Some people are open about their lifestyle, even if they are into casual adult dating and looking for partners on the Internet,  while others aren’t. I think some people are afraid to be honest about adult dating via Internet, because they worry about what others think. Unfortunately in our today’s society a lot of people think that, people who are use the Internet for  find  dating partner are a bunch of sex maniac idiots.

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Okay, let’s complicate it a bit. What about if someone into sexual fetish and always looking for new partner on the Internet for casual sex, because this person   love to have sex with multiply sex partners? Is this person, a sex maniac swinger or  have some kind of sexual fetish?

If your neighbors, think that,  people who looking for  dating partner on adult dating websites are oversexed idiots, what they think about sexual fetishes? They might think fetishes sick or are weird,  in this case I have a bad news for your neighborhood. No any fetish is weird, unless it is having sex with animal (Zoophilia) or with human corpse (Necrophilic fantasizes).

Otherwise fetishes are normal and we all have them, probably your neighbors too. They are what make sex interesting and fun.

What is fetish anyway?

A fetish is when we need something special to turn us on. It can be a thing, can be an imagination, or a sexual activity. For example that special thought we think while we are masturbating. It is what makes us really horny, not just horny. There are all kind of fetishes out there. More than we can imagine.

Some fetishes will contain actual items, such as high heels. Some fetishes will be about acts, role-plays, for example acting like a prostitute, or house keeper, while having sex. Some “hard core” fetishes might contain both actual items and acting, like wearing a diaper and acting like a baby. I don’t want to talk hard core fetishes, like, domination, pain, plastic, golden shower or water sport. They are a different category and have nothing to do with on-line adult dating or casual sex, (other than find willing partners).

Some people might be into adult dating and or casual sex, or they might not, but they get aroused from fetishes and don’t even know it. Are you a breast lover? That is a fetish. A nice long female legs turn you on? Do you like them in pantyhose? What about shaved and pierced genitals, or hairy chest, I mean men’s chest, or cock ring. That too is a fetish. Don’t run from them, they are what turn you on.

Voyeurism is the most common fetish. People love to watch and be watched while having sex. Also lot of people into Hotwifing role play and or swinging because they love to watch their spouse in sexual activity with others. This is why they swing. This turns them on. Is this practice consider as fetish? I believe so.

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Other popular fetish that almost every one of us practice is: the language. Lot of people enjoy saying things while having sex, because it turns them on. Some people (usually women) can’t have orgasm with out dirty words. For example a lot of swingers women like to “order” their sex partner: “Fuck me harder whit that hard big cock of yours!” She get turned up by just thinking about big hard cock (even if her sex partner’s cock is not that big) and if somebody watches it, that person probably will get horny too.

It is interesting how the swingers men and women deal with fetishes. For example the average swingers men has foot, crotch less pantyhose, garden belt and shaved pussy, fetish.

Women, swingers and non swingers obsess about shoes and spend a lot of money on shoes. Also women often fantasizing with threesomes and sex partners with multiple sex partners. Is this fetish? You decide!

A lot of people into sexual fetishes. Probably they don even know what they love is fetish. They love it and they don’t want to give it up and they should not. If they and their spouse, or sex partner enjoy it, just because it is fetish it is not a crime!

You are a fetish lover or not, it makes no difference, the quality of your love live or sex life, what does make difference, if the quality is missing, you can not replace quality with quantity. If you try, your relationship, will be in very serious trouble. You should find somebody to help you out, or you should educate yourself, before she’ll find some young stud to serve her sexual need. You should visit the Ultimate Sex Guide. You can learn there tons of sex games, erotic tips for foreplay, tips before and after sex.

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Should couples masturbate, should they give a hand job to each other? Is this fetish or just plain fun? Do you think, if masturbation is a fetish, couples wont masturbate anymore? What about clubs for people who are into masturbation fetish?  Continue reading….

How can I ask her out to a Halloween party?

One of our users questioned us,  he wrote it; One of my co-worker invited me to his Halloween party. His last year Halloween Party was a really kinky party and I would be happy to go this year too.  I have a lady friend and I really want to develop more than friendship with her but I scare if I make my move, I will lose her for good.

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So my question is: What happens when you want to ask a friend out for a date, or in my case that date will be a kinky Halloween party, but you’re scared you’ll hear, “No, thanks”? What can you do when potential lady mate think of you less like a lover and more like a brother?

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The question is good, because there is a fine line between friendship and romantic relationship, but only if she is your long time friend.  Built – develop romance with  a woman, who seem to think of you as nothing more than a friend is not easy. I mean, being friends is good, but if you would like to get into a relationship at some point than you have to make your move…

First of all, don’t be to hard on yourself. Being just friends is an all too common problem these days when, more than ever, fewer people actually go out on dates, opting instead simply to search the internet for casual relationship. They find someone to hang out, have a drink or two and sooner or later, after 2 – 3 dates, they might end up in a hotel room, while acting as if there’s no date happening.

The line between casual dating – relationship and or friendship, between men and women isn’t blurry, and that’s where many men’s problem starts.

Have you ever noticed that friends often don’t arouse strong romantic feelings in some of us? They may seem perfect in all sorts of ways: funny, great to be around, smart, trustworthy, similar, and familiar. But no matter how hard we try, they just don’t arouse strong romantic feeling in us?

She might say; “Oh. I could never go out with you, you’re like a brother to me.” And no one go to romantic date whit her own brother. That is taboo at this part of the world.


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I think this happens,  because men hesitate too long, to  figure out  whether their time together are real dates or just hanging out. Haven’t you ever felt the initial rush of interest for a new friend, but then suppressed those feelings because you thought that she didn’t act interested?

But it could be that she felt passion for you, way back when you first started hanging out. You just couldn’t see it. Time passed, and now you’re like a brother to her. She’s known you so long, and when the time was  right you did not make  your move, therefore you do not make her romantically exciting anymore.

It this happens in your case, your best option is run, and run fast. You will save a lot of time for yourself.

So what can you do to stop becoming a brother and start being a lover? Don’t hesitate too long at the friendship stage. If your friend has any romantic feelings for you at all, you’ll have to take advantage of the window of opportunity. Ask early, or be prepared to miss the chance.

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Picking the right time is essential: somewhere after the “getting to know you” stage but before she starts telling you about all the men she’s really interested in. When she starts talk about her last night date, well that is the sign you missed your opportunity, because from that point she does not consider you as a dating partner.

Making the switch from friends to lovers isn’t easy. You might not be up to the challenge since it is risky. What if you lose the relationship entirely? That might happen. Many people say if yours is a good friendship, it will survive, however I do not think so. I believe between men and women friendship I mean real deep friendship could not exist  for long time. Sooner or later one of them, and usually the men, want to get into her underwear and that is not  friendship anymore.

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The best casual sex relationship develops between friends. Fiends know each other, they know what they like what they don’t, and very often they can serve each other erotic needs. Also it is fact a lot of casual sex partner turns their casual relationship into romantic relationship, but now  we can get into the beginning, which was; How can you do it?

There is no correct answer for your question. But if I were you, I would  take her to that Halloween party, hopefully that party would be a “kinky” Halloween party and I would try to get intimate with her. What can happen? Get rejected or succeed…   You never know if you not try.

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Dating Your Best Friend Ex Girlfriend