Female – Female – Male ffm Threesome

I am a girl, my best freind is a girl and I wanted to screw her boyfriend. It is not nice at all, but hard to control my hormones…

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I began about five and a half years ago, at first, I pretty much sat by myself at home, talking with friends over the phone. It was a Friday night and I wasn’t expecting too much to happen that night, little did I know that after this night things would forever change for me.

The door opened, and to my surprise, my best friendĀ  walked through the door along with her new boyfriend. Of course we were both happy to see each other. As we sat down to talk my eyes wandered over to her boyfriend, who stood in the open doorway looking outside.

I tried not to stare, I certainly didn’t want my friend to think I was checking out her boyfriend. But I just couldn’t take my eyes off of him, so to cover up I tried to make small talk about him…occasionally breaking my stare to look at her.

After that night, I made sure that I went out with them as much as I possibly could. I didn’t understand why I so strongly had this need to be in his presence. It wasn’t like me to be this way, but I just felt drawn to him.

Not to long after I had started to go out with them, I began to go to his house by myself. We would always sit or lay on his sofa, just talking. Oh man, did I always want more to happen. Every time I was near him I felt as if my pussy on fire. My lips longed to kiss him, my skin craved to be touched by him. Every time our eyes briefly made contact I could feel myself start to move closer to him, and every night all we would do is talk.

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We’d talk about everything… our relationships, likes and dislikes etc. Then he’d walk me home at a very late hour of the night, I’d give him a hug, and that was it. Every single night he’d walk me home I’d go straight to my bedroom and fantasize about him and masturbated. I killed a lot of batteries in my vibrator, because of him.

I played with the vibe and fantasize about he is touching me, kissing me, and fucking me. I would always cum very hard. I didn’t cut off all communication with my friend, though I did spend a lot more time with her boyfriend than I did with her. When she and I did talk about him, she didn’t seem like she cared for him too much.

I remember one time she told me that she had gone to a bar and gotten some other guy’s phone number. This made me feel not quite as bad about wanting to be with her boyfriend.

Some times I was in the middle, trying to give them both advice to make their relationship work despite my interest in him. But things just didn’t seem to be getting better. I wanted to let him know that I was interested in him, without coming right out and saying it. I figured if he had any interest in me as well, then he’d pick up on my hints and we’d go from there.

At this point my yearning for him was burning inside me so strongly it nearly consumed me.

One day, when he and I were talking on the phone, he told me that he had always fantasized about watching two females have sex together. Being curios of women myself, I saw this as an opportunity to turn him on and possibly get closer to him sexually.

So, the next day, we all went to his house. My best friend was very fond of drinking, so she did a bit of that. Afterwards we all went into his bedroom so that he could watch us play a game of truth or dare.

My friend dared me to take off all of my clothes. So, I stood up and stripped. With each piece of clothes I took off, I got more excited hoping that he was watching me, hoping that he would finally see my body and how it ached for him. I tried to look over at him to see if he was watching, but again, I didn’t want to seem too obvious to my friend. When it was my turn, I dared her to do the same, and she did.

Slowly the game started to fade away and we began to take matters into our own hands. He wanted to see us kiss, so we leaned towards each other and kissed. Our hands began to roam all over each other’s bodies, as did our mouths. Feeling each others breasts, and licking at each others skin. Things were definitely heating up! I laid back onto his bed as her mouth slowly moved down to my pussy. I arched my back as her tongue began to glide over my pussy lips, my eyes rolling back with ecstasy.

I looked over to him (he was sitting on a chair next to the bed) and was pleased to see that he was turned on.

He watched every move we made seemingly getting more and more turned on. That turned me on more than anything my friend was doing to me. I was so hot for him that I almost completely lost control of myself. I flipped my friend over so that she was now laying on the bed.

And as I proceeded to kiss all over her, I bent over leaving my legs slightly parted. My hot, dripping pussy was well exposed and quivering for his cock. I heard him get out of his chair. In the midst of my being drunk with pleasure, I glanced at him as he walked around the bed. I remember being full of anticipation… wondering if he would join us.

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He stood there at the end of the bed, getting a good look at my yearning cunt. It took every bit of self control not to scream his name or to reach over and just grab him. Maybe I should have. I was getting overloaded, my whole body throbbed for him until finally I just couldn’t take it anymore…

I shoved my fingers deep inside of my pussy. I thrust them in and out almost violently as he continued to watch. My desire to feel him inside me was so strong it almost felt as though he was actually pounding his cock in and out of my tight little twat. Needless to say I came from my fingers…

Just then, we were interrupted by another friend coming over. Our little session had ended, but the fantasy lived on. We didn’t have sex that night. However, not too long after that night we finally would have sex together. Just he and I. Not only would we have mad, passionate sex together, but as it turns out we were both madly in love with each other.

We have never been apart since that night. Now, five and a half years later, we’re still together, still madly in love, and still fucking each other like mad.

I suppose the moral of this story, if it has one, is that some fantasies can come true. They can be everything you expected them to be, and even exceed your expectations. One of the most important things I can tell you is to be honest. Be honest with your partner (or love interest) about what it is you’re fantasizing about. Be honest, but be considerate too.

adult datingFemale – Female – Male ffm Threesome

If you fantasize about having a threesome, for example, then discuss it with your partner. Express your feelings while considering their feelings as well. Talk to them in a way that they won’t be offended. Always reassure them that this fantasy of yours doesn’t in anyway effect how much you’re attracted to them.

Try to explain that they satisfy you completely, but that you want to experience a whole new level of pleasure with them. Don’t be enraged if your first conversation to your partner about your fantasy doesn’t go as expected.

Your partner may not know how to react to what you have just told them. Take things slowly. Try to work things out without getting into an argument, without getting angry. And once again, ALWAYS let your partner know how much they satisfy you.

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