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We got a very interesting e-mail from a female reader. She has some problems with her husband’s role playing habits. Actually we are not sex therapist, so we are, not sure why she emailed us, in fact I am even not sure it is really on-going true happenings with her, or she just created it.

However either way, it worth 2 minutes from anyone times (who into adult dating)   to read he message.

role play loverole play love

She wrote it:

I found your web site after searching through my husband’s search history on his computer. Yes, that might sound bad but it isn’t. I don’t care if he looks at porn or sex pictures, I look at them some times with him  and they turn me on. I was looking for a website that I had visited a few days ago and I noticed he visited here. I was curious about what your site was all about. I think you guys have a great site for people who are into  adult dating and adult dating related plays.

Actually I am not sure what exactly he was looking for here, because he can get as much sex as much he wants at home. He is very healthy, in fact can’t be any healthier, therefore he is often horny and  ready for sex at any given time. Anyway, here is my problem. I hope you can give me some advice.

My husband likes to wear costumes in bed. Let me put it differently, he likes to wear them when we have sex. He usually stock up on the cheap ones on sale after Halloween. I’m open to the idea of this, but these cheap costumes made from cheap plastic very cheaply, and they sometimes cut me. He cut my vagina once when has was wearing one of those plastic masks while he gave me oral sex.

I don’t mind the costumes, well I kind of do. I don’t like them because they are cheap and because he feels weird in them. I don’t wear them, he only he does. The plastic outfits don’t feel right on my skin.  As I said before these costumes are the cheap ones that  all made from synthetic materials.

Sometimes they come with fake hair, but that is another story. He buys them in the Dollarama.

Once again, for reading my email, I like your website, so much, I have recommended it to my girlfriend.  She told me something wrong with her husband sex drive. He isn’t into love making anymore. I thought they were going to break up, but she found a guy to screw her together with her husband every now and then.

I am not sure it is right or not. Sometimes I fantasize to get screwed by two guys at once… and in that fantasy, I would not mind to wear a costume.

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As I said we are not sexologist, but your messages got my attention and I Googled your mail’s subject. Actually you could do the same… just Google it. Anyway I found a website, and they have an on-line adult dating magazine, there are few similar posts. Check them out, several people responded with several different  ideas.

Here is what  our stuff and I suggest to you.

I would ask him what type of costume turns him on the most. Then I would go to your local costume or adult store or it might be a Fetish store. Yes, there are costume and fetish shops still around. Look in your phone book or search the world wide web. At these shops they will have better costumes. Some of them might actually be made right there in the shop. Some places do this in case you need the costume changed to fit you perfectly.

I would go through the store and find one that he likes. Make sure it doesn’t have plastic or sharp metal parts or anything that can cut you. If you can get silk or crushed velvet, that would be the best. That will feel good against your skin. This might sound a little weird, but I would suggest to him that you also get one. Maybe because he is into the whole costume thing, he might be into you wearing one and you said you would not mind the have a  three way if you are in a costume, so you can consider this like a practice… Practice makes perfect, you never know, you might will have a wild night of sex with you hubby.

Unless this is something that he always does, I wouldn’t get too worried about it. Be more worried about the health hazards from the cheap costumes. If he is doing it once or twice a month, it is just a fetish, or erotic role-play. We all have some kind of kinky thing in our mind that we might  try to do, and that is completely normal. Of course there are some borders, that no should cross, but lets not go there now.

If you are already having a good sex life, don’t let his role play practice  stop you. Embrace it for all its worth. It could be something else that makes your sex life good. Never knock something until you try it!

About the second part of your email. If I were you I would not worry about your girlfriend’s preferences with men, but if it really does bother you, you can try to do something about it. I am not sure how open minded are you, but if you really worry about her, why don’t you do something more than give her advice. You wrote that you thinking about having a threesome and your husband is ready for sex at any time. Her husband and she already experienced  in your fantasy sex play, so  ask her to help you out, and you fix two problems at once.

Talk with your hubby and talk with your girlfriend. For starters organize a Back to School  costume party together, this time of the year that Back to school erotic parties are all over, but if you do not need a reason for partying, than make  a party in sexy costume. I am sure your husband is going to like that. If you think this is way is too much, you should suggest to her to visit the same erotic on-line dating magazine, that I  suggested to you, and she will find a lot of sex life related tips and advises, what to do and how to do…

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If you do not want to partying with your girlfriend and with her husband, than you just need to find a few wanna be party animal guys. Its easy to find, students moved to colleges and universities, so you just need to go somewhere  close to colleges and or universities, or visit bars that these students like to visits. If it does not work for you, then you need to search the Internet, for example our partner – sponsor’s members here.

Hope it will work out for you…


Role play tips

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Threesome or one on one sex

Kama Sutra – Is it love making art?

There is nothing like pleasing your lady with orgasms. You will feel satisfaction and you will be more man.

So what is the big hype about Kama Sutra lately? A lot of people say that, Kama Sutra is just some sort of ancient porn magazine, it is old and useless; we do things better in our modern days…

Well, from the above sentence only one thing is true. Kama Sutra is old, but it has nothing to do with porn. Kama Sutra is ancient art of love making. It illustrate love making techniques and sexual positions. It describes how enjoy love and how to give maximum pleasure for your sex partner.

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However there is no mystical power need to learn and practice techniques described by Kama Sutra. It is only knowledge. Kama Sutra mean Kama or Sex and formula or Sutra, stand for “Sex Formula”. The today’s version of Kama Sutra widely available on the market and on the Internet. Today when a lot of information is just few mouse clcik a way, Kama Sutra is not that big deal anymore.  It is good and helpful, but not that big  cessation as it used  to be.  Anyone can be   good lover with out Kama Sutra, it just need some knowledge and practice… to make it perfect.

Becoming The Perfect Lower & Perfect Sex Partner

Have you ever made love or had sex with someone who was an expert lover, but failure as a sex partner? It happens because sex can be truly fulfilling if it accompanied by chemistry. In our today’s open minded dating world not all the people are looking for love. They are loved by their family, and by their spouse. People who are browsing erotic personal ads; looking for satisfying sexual experiences and sexual fulfillment, with or with out their loved one. It depends on their moral and preferences.

To make sex satisfying and fulfilling – with out love – is not that simple. Viagra only can’t make sex satisfying for women. You have to get your partner going. You have to have information on erogenous zone, kissing, erotic touching, foreplay, sex, sexual positions, etc. Sexual fulfillment can not be achieve by improving sexual performance. To give a mind blowing orgasm to achieve sexual fulfillment and sexual satisfaction, you have to create some kind of emotional connection between you and your sex partner. If you are able to create this emotional connection, even just for a short time (swingers call chemistry) then you are on your way to make your and your partner’s night unforgettable.

Everything About Sex

Our on-line erotic dating magazine has every information about sex in a large database of instructional videos, articles and eBooks that can teach anybody what the ancient people of India meant when they spoke about Kama Sutra and what they were doing in bed that has made this book so famous through the ages.

Our on-line erotic dating magazine explain you and teach you everything about women. It has all the information that you need to know about women, how to woo them, how to perform in bed in order to please both yourself and the lady in question. Everything that you need to know about NSA sex is just few clicks away on the on-line erotic dating magazine website.

Every single heterosexual man want to amaze women. It doesn’t make any difference, older men or younger men, they want to amaze women with their love making skills and sex techniques.This woman can be their  wife, or lover or girlfriend or even their casual sex partner, make nor different, every men in this world want to be a  good lover.

This is where Our on-line erotic adult dating magazine can make a huge differences in your or any else love life. New sex positions, new attitudes and new ways of courting women can be at your fingertips in a short while. With more information comes more confidence and before you know it a new man will emerge from within you, a man who knows what to say and what to do, to succeed every time.

on line adult datingOn-line Adult Dating Magazine

I think every man would like that.

If you are keen to get sex right every time, if you want to get her off several times a night, then you need visit this on-line erotic dating magazine. It contains the very best in video, written and interactive sexual advice to ensure that sexual performance failures are a thing of the past.

Don’t hesitate, if you want to be successful in this lifestyle, visit the Our on-line erotic adult dating magazine and learn what men, women, and couple think and like in NSA sex.

This on-line adult dating magazine was created for open minded men, women and couple. If you are a woman and your man do not want to know how can he bea better sex partner, you should learn it and then show him something new… in the bed. I am sure you can make him change his mind with your new erotic – love making technique.

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Fetish in Adult Dating | Common Fetishes

Some people are open about their lifestyle, even if they are into casual adult dating and looking for partners on the Internet,  while others aren’t. I think some people are afraid to be honest about adult dating via Internet, because they worry about what others think. Unfortunately in our today’s society a lot of people think that, people who are use the Internet for  find  dating partner are a bunch of sex maniac idiots.

fetish adult dating adsKinky Fetish Dating Ads

Okay, let’s complicate it a bit. What about if someone into sexual fetish and always looking for new partner on the Internet for casual sex, because this person   love to have sex with multiply sex partners? Is this person, a sex maniac swinger or  have some kind of sexual fetish?

If your neighbors, think that,  people who looking for  dating partner on adult dating websites are oversexed idiots, what they think about sexual fetishes? They might think fetishes sick or are weird,  in this case I have a bad news for your neighborhood. No any fetish is weird, unless it is having sex with animal (Zoophilia) or with human corpse (Necrophilic fantasizes).

Otherwise fetishes are normal and we all have them, probably your neighbors too. They are what make sex interesting and fun.

What is fetish anyway?

A fetish is when we need something special to turn us on. It can be a thing, can be an imagination, or a sexual activity. For example that special thought we think while we are masturbating. It is what makes us really horny, not just horny. There are all kind of fetishes out there. More than we can imagine.

Some fetishes will contain actual items, such as high heels. Some fetishes will be about acts, role-plays, for example acting like a prostitute, or house keeper, while having sex. Some “hard core” fetishes might contain both actual items and acting, like wearing a diaper and acting like a baby. I don’t want to talk hard core fetishes, like, domination, pain, plastic, golden shower or water sport. They are a different category and have nothing to do with on-line adult dating or casual sex, (other than find willing partners).

Some people might be into adult dating and or casual sex, or they might not, but they get aroused from fetishes and don’t even know it. Are you a breast lover? That is a fetish. A nice long female legs turn you on? Do you like them in pantyhose? What about shaved and pierced genitals, or hairy chest, I mean men’s chest, or cock ring. That too is a fetish. Don’t run from them, they are what turn you on.

Voyeurism is the most common fetish. People love to watch and be watched while having sex. Also lot of people into Hotwifing role play and or swinging because they love to watch their spouse in sexual activity with others. This is why they swing. This turns them on. Is this practice consider as fetish? I believe so.

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Other popular fetish that almost every one of us practice is: the language. Lot of people enjoy saying things while having sex, because it turns them on. Some people (usually women) can’t have orgasm with out dirty words. For example a lot of swingers women like to “order” their sex partner: “Fuck me harder whit that hard big cock of yours!” She get turned up by just thinking about big hard cock (even if her sex partner’s cock is not that big) and if somebody watches it, that person probably will get horny too.

It is interesting how the swingers men and women deal with fetishes. For example the average swingers men has foot, crotch less pantyhose, garden belt and shaved pussy, fetish.

Women, swingers and non swingers obsess about shoes and spend a lot of money on shoes. Also women often fantasizing with threesomes and sex partners with multiple sex partners. Is this fetish? You decide!

A lot of people into sexual fetishes. Probably they don even know what they love is fetish. They love it and they don’t want to give it up and they should not. If they and their spouse, or sex partner enjoy it, just because it is fetish it is not a crime!

You are a fetish lover or not, it makes no difference, the quality of your love live or sex life, what does make difference, if the quality is missing, you can not replace quality with quantity. If you try, your relationship, will be in very serious trouble. You should find somebody to help you out, or you should educate yourself, before she’ll find some young stud to serve her sexual need. You should visit the Ultimate Sex Guide. You can learn there tons of sex games, erotic tips for foreplay, tips before and after sex.

kinky women


Should couples masturbate, should they give a hand job to each other? Is this fetish or just plain fun? Do you think, if masturbation is a fetish, couples wont masturbate anymore? What about clubs for people who are into masturbation fetish?  Continue reading….

Virgin Girls Browsing Adult Dating Websites

The cool thing these days it seems is for women to call themselves virgins and they brows adult dating website.  What a virgin woman want on an adult dating website? The problem, very few of them are actually virgins, but they wanna be virgin. I think women are trying to win back their dignity. Virginity is not dignity, if your virginity “expired” than that is gone for life. List from this present life…

adult dating
The lady on the above photo definitely not a virgin. A lot of them seeks sex partner here.

This kind of girls want to seem as pure and innocent while they lay on their backs for men who knows how to ride the bicycle and for those who don’t know how to ride the bicycle.

Finding a virgin girl, who is around 19 years old or older in year 2017 is like hit the jackpot on the lottery. For example in our Canadian 6/49, to select the 6 winning numbers from a possible pool of 49 numbers, the chances of winning the jackpot are 1 in 14 million. Someone wins, and someone virgin… One 19 year old girl from 14 million. They are exist, but hard to find one. I don’t know if it is worth the time, unless you want to go where no men was before.

There are many reasons why a woman might want to be a virgin. In this days and age of diseases, its not that bad of an idea. She might say, I never had penetrative sex, not yet, is it worth dying for? I can understand woman like this, but I never met one.

There are many other reasons to stay a way from penetrative sex.

adult dating By not having sex you don’t have any risk of getting pregnant. Men these days don’t seem to want to take care of their babies. Nothing would be worse than having a baby and being forced to quit school and work at a Timi’s to pay the bills. Being a single mother is tough these days and I don’t blame them for not wanting to take that chance. It is hard enough to live on your own, let alone have to worry about kids.

adult dating Some women may choose not to have sex for religious reasons. This is probably the number one reason why women stay virgins. They believe that they aren’t allowed to have sex until they are married. I used to go to church when I was a teenager and during this time a lot of girls in the church were having sex. I guess some people practice this, while others just claim that they do.

adult datingThere is the type of woman who claims she is a virgin but she will perform oral sex on you. She will allow you to stick your finger, or even two fingers in her vagina and get them really wet. She does this so in her mind she is still a pure and clean virgin.

adult datingThe next bunch of virgins are the type that allow you to touch them, but not do anything else. She may allow you to touch her breasts or lick her nipples. If you are lucky she will play with your penis, or if you are very lucky, she will give you a hand job. That is about as far as it goes with her. She might eventually end up being like the “virgins” who will learn how to perform oral sex on you, but I wouldn’t count on it though.

This might sound odd, so make sure you are sitting down for this next one. Some “virgins” enjoy anal sex. Usually women who originate from countries where sand is everywhere as far as you can see and camels still in use for transportation. They feel since they aren’t using their vagina’s it really isn’t sex. Anal sex is called anal sex for a reason, because it is sex. Just like oral sex is sex.

anal sexAdult Dating Ads

She never had vaginal penetrative sex, but she might experienced double anal penetration… and she is still virgin. Strange things happens. I guess it doesn’t matter in the long run. All that matters if you can get into her sweet anal love canal. I won’t argue, if she thinks she is virgin, so what?

Sometimes when a woman hasn’t had sex in a while, the vagina can shrink back to its normal size. Though she isn’t really a virgin, she will seem like it and will feel like she is a virgin. Than she will tell you, you are the first man in my life, but she wont tell you since when. Wonders can happen…

Some women are what they call “virgins again“. This really blows my mind. Basically they started to screw in high school, they screwed all their class mate, plus everyone else who bothered to move between their legs and than decide they will be a virgin until they get married. I’m not sure how they can feel they are a virgin again, but who am I to understand anything about a woman. I think this usually happens after a woman climbed into some unwanted pregnancy, or might picked up some nasty STD. Those think can make her to decide that “No sex until marriage“.

Why is this so important? To a man, he could care less really. Getting to lay a virgin is like winning a jackpot on 6/49, but after a certain age you realize that is not just luck, that is a time consuming hard work. Does it worth? Personally, I want a woman who can screw my brain out in the bed and on the kitchen counter too, not someone who has never done anything kinky before. Other than not having to worry about disease, to me and probably most men, this whole virgin thing is plain stupid.

The reason why some women are so obsessed about this is, they want to remain pure. Their virginity is the only thing that they see as making them pure and clean. They can talk like a sailor and they can take two dicks in they butt hole. Are they pure, or are they better than a girl who had 2 lovers in her 19 years of age?

I am amazed that this is still an issue. After all women have the same rights as man have since the 1960’s, so why no one worry about guys and virginity?

I used to know a girl in my home town, she screwed the high school football team, than next year she screwed the next year’s team too. I know this for fact, I played in both year’s team. Than I moved a way and did not see her for few years. Than we ran into each other once, and after the Hi, how are you, long time no see, she told me, she is virgin again… Well I let her believe she is virgin again, because I realized she is more than likely a nut case and needs to be avoided…

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Romantic or casual relationship?

How Can Anyone Set a Great Romantic Date Up

Anal Sex Is More Than a French Kiss

Tips for Women How To Attract Men

Men used to start relationship with women in our past. Today they try to keep the tradition,  but  don’t realize facts often and try to pick the wrong woman up. In our open sexuality world, women can start anything and everything, or they can use some tricks. Kind of trick him into any kind of relationship.

I am not talking about only NSA casual sex, not just recreational sex is in my mind, but what I will say here, it will work in nsa too. Smart women can make things look like he was the one who started the the relationship. Doesn’t matter it is casual, recreational sex, or long term romantic relationship, the principals are the same.

older women younger menOlder women looking for younger men for Casual relationship.

There are easy ways to attract a man’s attention and keep it to concentrate on you. If you’re spinning your head wondering the best way to get his attention and keep it, join the club. Most men seem to have this innate and diluted version of Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) when it comes to women.

Of course, this drives women nuts, special when men knows what to do, when the lights off, but they don’t know how to build a situation to turn those light off…

I used to have a friend in my University years. His love life was zero in three years, he spent that three full years asking one woman to go out with him and got rejected for three years. He did not give up,  he did not care anyone else. He was a nice guy and a lot of lady would be more than happy to get into his bed. I think he missed a lot of fun. And when, she finally said yes, he just stopped to think. Continue reading…



Offer for men who want to become a lot more sexually attractive to women. Sexual chemistry in a bottle, making men irresistibly attractive to women.


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She said yes to his movie invitation, and as he sat across from that very beautiful young woman, basically he was after her for three years, he couldn’t focus his attention to what she was telling him. Instead, as almost against his will, he kept shifting his eyes to the boobs of a nice brunette that sat across from them.

Her welcoming eyes kept him fixed on her throughout the entire conversation. He felt terrible that he could not help himself. Finally the lady who he wanted to so badly said yes and he just recognized an other lady. Somehow he felt, she is attracted to him. But why right now in this moment?

So, you might be thinking, “what a horrible looser this man is!” And perhaps it’s true, or might not be. Most men do have ADD when it comes to women. Men are simply wired to be this way. So where does that leave a woman who wants to know how to attract a man’s attention and keep it?

Well, if you want to know, you have either two options:
– Listen to what I have to say or
– Listen to the nice guy’s version.

At least with me you will know the truth and will be to act on it. To attract a man, you will have to heighten all of his senses, not just his visual sense (though it is important and it gets a lot of warranted attention).

leisure datingEasy Leisure Dating Ads

Smile: A genuine smile that brings “crow feet” to your eyes can stop a man dead in his tracks. Make sure your smile is a half second longer than you would do, if you smile on someone else.

You might get, should get your lips wet with your tongue. Do it very discreetly, like your lips dry. It will get his fantasy turn… This invites a man to come closer and make a move.

Scent – a nice lasting scent can work wonders. But make sure it’s light and not on your clothes. Men don’t like getting perfume on their clothes, even if it’s from the hottest woman in town. It’s like he just got marked. Put some perfume on your neck, and some at the back of your neck too, so if and when he stands behind you, he still can smell it. Every men have a little piggy inside them. They think what is smell good, probably taste good too…

Food: Whether you cook him an amazing dinner or share left-over meals at the office. Nothing plants roots better than a great meal. You can catch a man by his stomach. If you work with the guy you are interested in, bring him an extra piece of your last night dinner. Let him visualize and get a taste of your cooking. Don’t forget the strawberries. There is a very easy, sexy way for a woman to eat a strawberry. If you do this right… He wont be able to take his eyes off from you…

Stroke his ego – but not that much. Drop a compliment, on his muscle or hair cut… or if you are into casual sex, then the bulk in his blue jeans… but then back off a bit, like he might not deserve it. This allows him to take up the challenge of living up to whatever you are complimenting him on.

Men love to see a lot of skin and sexy underwear. Show him a lot of skin and the edge of you lace push up bra if you wear one.

Men love a beautiful face, great legs, nice butt, or beautiful breasts. Tease him with you assets… and you will get him.

adult dating adsEasy Leisure Dating Ads

Also here at the end, you need to know, men crazy about boobs. When they born, the first think what they wanted is a boob into their mouth. And this is something, that never goes a way. Almost every men dying for a nice set of boobs.

A sexy push up bra is very important. Of course if you do not need to wear bra, then don’t wear one. Let your nipple push your blouse. Those up pointing nipples will get his attention even more…

If you think, your titties are not perfect, and you need to wear bra, you should know there are ways to enhance your breasts and other features without drawing too much attention to them by those you don’t want noticing.

Simply position yourself where he can see you what you have, but not give him too much. I know this from experience, my husband is a boob man too.

If you would like to enhance your breasts, consider Total Curve™ 3-Step Breast Enhancement Therapy for women. The ability to increase the hardness, the firmness and the tightness is your breast. Total Curve™ can make your breast great looking breasts. It can even enlarge your breast.

From what I have heard, this stuff makes wonders on breasts. A lot of older woman looking younger men for NSA sex and they use this.



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Four Basic First Date Moves