Do you want to get lucky on your first date?

What takes a woman to go into the bed on her first date?

Nobody ever will know it! One of our sponsor had run an  adult  dating survey on their website for a few months in this subject. According to their survey 30% of single women might sleep with a man on the first date.

47% of divorced or widowed women might do the same on the first date. However 45% of single women might go into the bed with a man on the second date.

divorced women looking forDivorced Women Looking fro Casual Date

Also 51% of the divorced or widowed women go into the bed with on their second date.

About 20% of the single women would wait a few months before they go all the way. The remaining 5% of single women can’t predict it when, for them it will happen when ever is the circumstances are right.

The remaining 2% of divorced/widowed women don’t don’t care about sex, they date because they lonely and just want someone to talk.

Its getting complicated…  Way too many number.  However, according to this adult dating survey if you are looking for fun, you should concentrate on the divorced women’s category.

Its bring up the question; How do women select who will get lucky on the first date? The polite, clean, average build guy with a sense of humor was at the first place.

The second was the financial success and the education, and the third category was the muscle men’s category.

For all three category the confidence, the scents of the person and the good clean breath was very important. Also most of the voters would love to find a man who know how to dance. Non of the voters like pussy people.

Therefore, if you wanna get lucky on your first date, be  confident, be polite, be  clean, smell good, take a few dance lesions, and find  a divorced woman!

Lets say, you got want you wanted, which is sex on your first date, this brings up the next question;  Will you have a second date?


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Usually divorced women don’t have time to waste, if you did not perform well, there wont be a second date. If the sex was amazing, you might see her again.

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Remember, confidence was important for women in all category.  This mean, all woman, divorced or single, want men who acts like a man. A confident man have a tool, have knowledge and he knows how to make and how to keep a lady happy.