Wife Get Seduced Into a Foursome

My Wife, My Two Friends & I

I The Wife Get Seduced At a Party

It was our first foursome.

I have to tell you, the next story really happened with me, with us. I twisted the story a little bit,  but those twists doesn't change anything...  For example one of the twist is, the title of this page. It states; "Wife get seduced at a party." The party wasn't a planed sex party and was not really a party, did not happen anything that we planned up front, but it was a foursome, my first foursome with three men. One of the man was my husband and he is still my husband. In fact our marriage is better and stronger than ever been before.

I think I should start at the point where this very erotic adventure started, which is our marriage. We are a happily married couple, we will celebrate our 10-th anniversary in this year (2015). That will be a planned sex party. I hope we will celebrate the 20-th anniversary on the same way.

In the first few years our marital sex life was marvellous. However to get into the  bed with the same person for years and years, sooner or later will get routine and it might get boring. Sex is very important part of our life, if sex is good we are happy. After 6 years together, we had to find a solution to spice up our bedroom activity.

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Local Sex Parties

I love anal sex, my hubby love to perform  anal penetration on me, so we were going to try anal vaginal double penetration. We bought some really erotic XXX DVD's and sex toys and copied some of the sex scenarios form those DVDs. We used, penis shaped vibrator and dildo regularly. A vibe in my pussy and his cock in my anus. It was great for about two years, but after a  while it turned to be routine too and once again our sex life have became boring.

Than my hubby suggested that we should get into some kind of no string attached sex or role play with other people. We did not have any idea how can we do that, so we decided we will visit a swingers club or a sex club, and than nothing happened, even though  the thought of getting it on in a form of hard core penetrative sex with another couple certainly did sound like fun.

Deep inside me I felt awkward about sharing my husband with another women, and I did not push this swingers club thing at all, and he stopped to talk about it too. Usually when sex wasn't  great we started to talk about it again, than we talked about it for weeks, and then the subject just died, but it was like a ghost, it kept coming back.

We talked about it again, have checked out few swingers magazine, swingers sex ads and once again, we did not make the next step. Until one day. What did  happen on that day? On that day I had more sex what I ever wished fore.

It was a foursome. When people talk about foursomes, many of us think two couple have sex in the same bed or same room, etc. They might or might not exchange partners, either way it is a foursome. My foursome was different. There was four person, three men and I. Did they seduced me at a party?

No they did not, I did not need to get seduced and wasn't a  sex party, but it was a foursome and like a good threesome it happened in the heat of the moment.  Continue Reading...

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