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Single men in the swingers lifestyle. Is it possible? Of course, with out single men, there would not be male - female - male threesome!

First of all, it is important to understand what swinging is before deciding to participate in. If you are a single guy looking for a no string attached casual sex, leisure sex or orgy club, you have to know that is not the same thing as swinging. However those sexual activities can be part of swinging.

Swinging is a lifestyle, not just having sex. If you really want to get into this lifestyle, you need to know what it's about. If you don't understand it, nobody  will take you seriously in the swingers world. It is not about screwing anyone wife. It is not sex clubs and not a escort service either. If you looking for sex only, hire a escort. In this case swinging is not for you. 

Single men often wonder why it is so hard for them to get into the swinging scene. This may help to understand why... 95% of swingers are couples. Most of them married. They are  usually secure people not looking for any emotional attachment. Just fun recreational sex as an enhancement to an already healthy primary relationship. For most of them friendship is very important. They are very selective about who they chose to be with or even meet. A high percentage of female swingers are bisexual. Fewer men are openly bisexual but that is gradually changing.

Couples generally seek other couples. Couples with a bi female often seek another couple with a bi female, or a single female. This benefits both the man & the woman. Therefore, fewer couples seek to add a second male unless it's something the woman wants or they are seeking a bi male. As far as married men playing discreetly without the wife, very, very few couples will accept that. Cheating is something that is very contrary to the concept of swinging.


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