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They found sofa at the far end of the room and sat down to enjoy their drinks. "I'm a business associate of Fred's. I ran our branch with my wife in Cleveland. We just get into Chicago about twice a month." She took a long sip of wine and asked him, "Where is your wife?" "Somewhere in the house. Not sure exactly where, but I am sure she'll have a lot of fun tonight. Have you been here before?" He asked her.  "No, never. Actually I never been to any kind of swingers party and I didn't really want to come tonight, but my roommate talked me into it... and now I'm glad that I did!"

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He looked her in the eye as he took a drink of his Scotch and water, and just as casually as can be, he let his hand rest on her knee. How much does a hand weigh, certainly not more than a pound, but the mere presence of Champion James McConnell's hand on her knee had a dramatic effect on her. Normally she would have been immune to such an overt pass, but this time it was different and she knew it. Her heart raced just a little bit faster and incredibly her pussy was dampening at his mere touch. She was reacting like a school girl, but under the his insistent gaze and the pressure of his hand, she felt herself becoming extremely aroused. With a trace of red rising in her cheeks, she barely heard him when he asked,

"And what business are you in, Phyllis?" "Uh, I'm a lawyer at a firm down town," she stumbled. "That sounds interesting," he commented smoothly as he let his hand wander a little higher up the inside of her thigh, "corporate or criminal?" "C-corporate," she stammered, stunned at his boldness. He looked into her eyes again, searching for a sign as he asked softly,

"Does this bother you?" His hand was now actually up under her skirt and was making steady progress northward, but she managed to mumble, "I-I'm not used to having a man put his hand up my dress in public." "Mmmmm," he hummed, "We are not in public. This is a swingers house party. He pushed his hand up a bit again and asked. "Does that mean that you are used to it in private?" "Uh, no," she stammered on, "that's not what I mean at all, I just meant that there are a lot of people around and it's a little embarrassing, that's all." ...

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