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Oral Sex Tips

Tips and things that guys can do to help a woman to give better head.

How to help her to receive better oral sex.  How should a woman  perform oral sex on man.

The key for good sex and good oral sex is to satisfy your partner. You satisfy your sex partner true his/ her senses. Sense like, smell, touch and imagination are important when you consider oral sex.

You are a man and you would like to get a good blow job. You should know that not every women born to be perform oral sex. Even if she loves penis, she wont go down on guys who smell like a toilet.

Whatever you are going out on a first date, or going to the swingers club, or have been married for several years, keep in your mind, to be clean. If you want to get a really good blow job, you should shower before you even think about it. Some deodorant and perfume help, but not to much and not on the shaft of your penis. Remember she supposed to lick it and suck it and perfume's taste terrible.

If you want to put something on your dick, put on some good tasting lubricant. It will make your "oral delight" messy, but oral sex is messy anyway.

Penis Deep Throat

With other words: She swallows your penis half way down.

At first talk about pubic hair. If you want to get deep throated your penis, than you should trim your pubic hair. To swallow the penis half way down need a lot of practice. If your pubic hair going to get on her throat, then this oral action will be a really messy one. However no any woman's throat is a vagina. Not every lady can take things down there with out gagging. If she gags, she might vomit and if she does vomit, she wont try it again, and you don't want this happen.

Communication. You need to let her know if she does it right or if you want something else from her. Tel her, for example suck my balls baby, or good keep it doing...

The orgasm. It comes with ejaculation. Not every women loves to swallow, in fact lot of them don't want any cum in their mouth. You should let her know when you hit the no return point, and let her choose where she wants your sperm. Either way you should work on your sperm's taste. Never know when she will try to taste it...

If you would like to receive a great oral sex, you have to perform on her even greater oral sex, on street language you have to eat her pussy. It you want to be very polite, you should go down on her first. If you give her a great oral orgasm it will motivate her to return you the favour...


How to eat her pussy? Oral sex positions to perform oral sex on women.

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