Erotic Noises or the sound of no string attached casual sex

Lovers and sex partners make erotic noises during love making or during nsa sex.

How much erotic noise not too much during sex?

How much noise do you make when you make love or have no string attached casual sex? I am not talking about the sounds or how you gasp for breath. I mean a real noise, a scream or whimper. Some lady giggle like a little girl. Do you? And the other side some men sound like a fighting bull. Some others are very quiet, they make love with a closed mouth. Not because they don't want to entertain the neighbourhood, but because they are the silent type.

What about you and the sound you create while you are having sex? How much noise is not to much during sex?

horny Asian women One of our open minded Asian user at left stated it: ( Her erotic profile)

I enjoy a vocal sex partner or in some cases sex partners. I've been told by several older playmates that they usually found the women to be very quiet and non-vocal, and then they were surprised at how much I vocalized during sex and they loved it. They said it motivates them, makes them want more...

Also I love man who can be louder than I am. When he is completely quiet, there is something wrong. I like to hear my partner, I like to know if I do things right. His moans turns me on too. I  love nothing better than making men moan like crazy the louder the better!

How much kinky noise is enough during casual sex

If you live in an apartment building with a thin walls, you better be the silent type or your neighbour might think you are killing somebody and they may call 911. Except if your neighbour is a noisy love maker. In this case you don't have to worry about sex related noises.

If the neighbour doesn't mind it you can make as much noise as you like. The hearing is a very important part for the sexual act and for the seduction, especially for women. Men are seduced by visuals and women by words. If you are a man you have to talk with your sweetheart before and during lovemaking. You have to whisper beautiful things into her ears and if you find the right tone of your voice, it will drug her more than smoke weed... because a man sexy erotic voice has a lot of magic power.

How much talk and erotic whispering is not too much during sex

It depends on your partner and on their mood. There is different when you make love with your wife and when you have sex with casual sex partner, but in any case you should let them know you are enjoying yourself.

You should not forget, you are not in a chat room, you are supposed to be having sex. Try to say well formed words, for example: "Your sexy body really make me horny" or "Your boobs taste as sweet as honey. I can't stop licking them." "Oh yes, it is good. For you too?" or "Don't stop just do it". Or let her know what you going to do. For example: "I have to eat your beautiful beaver. I going to have to go down on you."

Also this is good time to ask her about her erotic fantasy. She might ask you to do something differently. Shem might ask you to perform anal sex on her and than the real screaming might began... The list is almost endless.

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What do you think? Is there any noise made by those three sex partner on the above photo? Does men moans and or does she scream from erotic pleasure? You can find it out if you watch her erotic video, that attached to her erotic dating profile.

Seduced By Erotic Voice

If you are a woman things are a little different because it is hard to seduce man by words. Men are primarily seduced by visuals. Sex must be filled with visuals for men. Touch yourself, play with your breasts in front of him. Men love to see masturbating women, so if you really want to turn him on, play with your clitoris, spread your vaginal lips and show him your silky pussy.

Of course you can talk too. The best is if you ask him to do something for you: For example you can ask him to go down on you, or ask him to suck your nipples. Also you can tell him how nice and hard his cock is, etc. You can let him know: "I will wrap my legs around your waist so you can be deeper inside me."

You can get very creative with words. Try to use deep sexy voice, it will work.

Have you ever tried to ask your partner to fuck me now? You might find this explicit words, whispered at the right time, will drive your partner crazy. If you use erotic sometimes dirty words on a a sexy town in your voice, it will arouse your partner as much as your lips or body.

Sex & Music

Sex and music can go very well together, of course not rap or hard core punk rock... This is a well know fact for a long - long time. Remember the old Sirens stories. They lured the horny sailors or seamen into their death with their music. Nice romantic or erotic music definitely helps every lovemaking couple or every couple during sex.

The physical sounds of sex are essential parts of love making. You can moan, whisper and sigh and gasp dirty words into your partner ears. If you are loud you can yell and screen from the pleasure. Hearing sounds during lovemaking loosens the grip of erotic sensibility. Hearing erotic sounds stirs our pleasure.

Have you ever made love with a person who did not make any noise? Some people make a lot of noise, some don't, the most important part during sex, you should let your partner know when you are reaching your no-return climax point. 

Great Sex Can't Happen By It self

Great sex can happen, but usually one partner have to make it happen. The best things what you can do, happen what ever is happen, but you never criticize your sex partner's love making sounds and noise level. You want great sex, your partner want the same, that is why both of you here. That's why you read this page until the end.

Great sex happens only when a least two people do what excites and pleasures the other. For some people love making noises and the dirty talks are very exciting, for some others not that much, but in any case,  practise makes it perfect. You should learn your partner, lover's erotic needs and than you can serve, make them happier very easily.