My First MFM

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MFM Threesome

My first threesome turned into unlimited nsa sex.

My first threesome experience with a couple. I was single at that time, in fact I am still single, but it might change soon. I have met with a beautiful girl, she loves sex... as much I love.  She was introduced  to me by Kelly. Kelly is the lady who replied for the next ad, which I posted on a website like this.

"Middle 20's str8 single guy looking for the first threesome experience with a couple."

After few email and pictures exchange we made arrangements to meet at a local restaurant. I was to meet them at the upstairs bar, where the band was playing. They were to come upstairs after finishing dinner with some friends.

Kelly came up first, and I recognized her from the clothes that she was wearing (we had described what we would have on, so that we might recognize one another). I was immediately taken by how attractive she was (is). That night I was drawn like a magnet to her magnificent, partially-exposed breasts. I was immediately turned-on by this sexy lady!

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We sat and talked for about 15 to 20 minutes before Aron, (her husband) came up and joined us in the lounge. Then we had some drinks and maybe another two - three hours or so of talking (and my mental drooling over her shapely body), we decided to go to a motel. I remember as we were walking out of the restaurant that I could not believe that I was going to be fucking this beautiful woman before the night was through. I felt lucky! My balls were already beginning to ache.

We drove to a local motel, Aron and Kelly in their car, and I followed in mine. They booked into a room there. Then Aron came back out to my car and told me the room number. He said to just go in while he went to buy some wine coolers.

I entered the motel room. Kelly was in the bathroom. She came out with a broad sensuous smile on her face and few condoms in her hand. She put the condoms on the night table. As she walked past me, she reached over and grabbed my cock and sat down on the bed  beside me. "Before we go any further I have to make two things clear. First, no anal play at all and the second, intercourse with condom only.  I hope we have enough for the night. Do you have problem with this?" She asked me. "Nope" I said. At this point I was so horny I did not have problem with anything, that might stop me to get inside her... "Good" she said and gave me a juice kiss on my mouth. And we began kissing, and I started caressing her tits through her dress. I did that for a little while, and then moved my hand to her lovely pussy mound, and began fondling her pussy through the material of her dress.

Few minutes later I lowered my hand to beneath the hem of her dress and began moving my hand up her leg. When I reached just above her knee she closed her legs very tightly for a minute, while sporting a wicked grin on her face, but then as the grin broadened into another warm smile, she opened them to allow my hand to complete it's journey to her pussy. I reached her sweet cunt and began feeling her through the thin material of her panties. Her nylons were being suspended by a garter belt.

I slid my fingers and hand beneath the elastic band that hugged her sweet thighs. Sliding my hand under the material of her panties, I began this part of my exploratory journey by running my fingers and hand across her trimmed pussy mound. As she and I relaxed more, I slid my hand down toward her slit. I was finally touching her sweet, swollen pussy lips, her slit, her clit... and then I was sliding my finger into her sweet, hot fuck hole.

I don't remember how long this went on before she removed her stockings. She was still lying on the bed with her legs off the bed and her feet on the floor. I got off the bed, helped her remove the stockings, and sat down between her parted thighs. I spread her legs open as she revealed her lovely, neatly trimmed pussy.

I moved closer to her exposed cunt, and began to lick her sweet slit and clit. I used my tongue in her wet cunt hole like it was a little cock. As I was busy doing this for maybe 20 minutes or so, the door suddenly opened and Aron walked in. I looked up from Kelly's exposed cunt and asked her if everything was cool. She assured me that it was.

The sight of me sitting on the floor between his wife's spread legs, feasting on her cunt, must have really been exciting for Aron to see. He quickly went to the other side of the bed and removed his clothes. Also Kelly removed rest of her her clothing at the same time. They lay back next to each other across the bed, leaving room on my side.

I moved up onto the bed, next to her, and I watched as she put Aron's hard cock into her mouth. It was exciting to watch. I had never seen a woman suck a other man's cock before, except in films. I just lay there and leisurely watched. She smiled and winked at me as she sucked Aron's dick. Then, she let go of his cock and moved herself further back on the bed and lay on her back.

Within moments, Aron had his hard prick condom-ised  and slicing in and out of his wife's hot cunt while I lay there watching the two of them fuck. I love to fuck, but I had to admit that I really enjoyed simply watching as Aron repeatedly buried himself within Kelly's squishy cunt... and as she thrust her hips up to welcome him in deeper and deeper.

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Finally, Kelly said, "One of us is still overdressed." Realizing that was my queue to remove my clothes, I got up from the bed and took off all of my clothes. I returned to the bed, and as I sat down, Kelly reached out to wrap her hand around my hard cock. She guided my prick between her lips and into her wet mouth. Quickly she was vigorously sucking my dick while her hubby continued to fuck her pussy really hard... while watching his wife suck me. He grinned his approval.

After awhile, I told Kelly that she had better stop or she was going to make me cum. Aron replied, "That's all right, That's why we here. Aren't we honey?" Kelly's only response was, "Mmmm," the sound escaping from her cock-filled mouth.

During the next five minutes or so, my burning cock released it's pre-cum maybe four or five times. Each time I could hear Linda murmur, "Mmmm," as the liquid leaked from the tip of my swollen cock head. Eventually I could not take anymore. I pulled my cock out from her mouth and it is exploded. I messed up my stomach with my own cum.

Aron just kept fucking his wife's sweet pussy while watching his wife cleaned up my swollen cock with her tongue from the left over sperm. Kelly seemed to be thrusting her pussy tight against each of Aron's thrusts... as she finished licking my cock. I heard her catch her breath... and her body spasmed... as an orgasm obviously passed through her. Within a few moments of me coming from his wife's mouth, Aron's cock was flooding his condom with his own creamy cum.

After we finished, Kelly suggested that we rest. I remember her reaching for my prick and sliding her hand up and down the swollen hardness of my still-stiff dick while her husband watched. She then suggested that Aron watch as, "someone else's hot, hard cock fills my horny cunt." Kelly and I fucked in many different positions while Aron moved around us. He
watched intently as I plunged my rubberized cock in and out of his wife's velvety pussy. Kelly squealed and came several times while we were coupled... and I deposited my load inside the same condom twice.

Eventually we both collapsed and rested for some time. The next thing that I really remember was Aron lying on his back while Kelly was again sucking on his cock. She was on her hands and knees. I had been stroking my cock back to firmness and rolled up a fresh condom. I moved up behind her and slid my re-stiffened cock into her sweet, hungry hole.

Aron asked, "Is everything all right?" Kelly removed her mouth from his dick long enough to say, "Yes, especially now that he (me) is sliding his cock in and out of my pussy." We kept up this three-way connection for sometime, until Aron moved to a chair by the edge of the bed so he could just watch my dick as it repeatedly dove into his wife's pussy. This was
more of a leisurely "fuck," but Kelly had a series of small quaking orgasms.

Eventually, Kelly moved to the floor and began to once again suck Aron's cock. I moved toward the edge of the bed and offered her my dick too. She reached out for it and began taking turns, first sucking Aron's cock, and then mine. It was really great to see the excitement in Kelly's eyes as she would look at my prick, and then lower her mouth down over it while her husband watched her suck.

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I would likewise watch as she took Aron's hard dick into her mouth and suck him. I watched as Kelly made Aron's cock cum. It was exciting to watch her as she made his dick release it's creamy, white cum.

After Aron finished cumming, Kelly put all of her concentration into sucking and working my prick. I noticed the lust and sexual excitement build in the room as she held my stiff prick and sucked it... knowing that her husband was watching our every move. This, in itself, was very hot and erotic for me. Clearly, he was enjoying the visual aspect of our three-way play as much as I was.

My cock, again being so very aroused, began leaking its pre-cum just as it did earlier. I began rising to my knees as she removed her mouth from my swollen dick. She kept watching my cock as she stroked the foreskin up and down its lust-hardened length. More and more juice began leaking out, until it was actually flowing from the tip of my cock.

I asked her not to stop. I was afraid that upon seeing all of the juice that was flowing from my pee-slit she might think I had cum, and stop before I actually did really cum. At last I began to feel my balls tighten. My cum started to build up in the length of my swollen cock. I watched her as she was watching my cock quite excitedly as she jerked on it.

I watched her as she studied my erect cock... and as the first jet of cum came shooting from the tip of my cock. It went flying into her blonde hair and across her breasts. I watched as she continued observing how my cock unleashed it's boiling ball juice. When she finished, she ran her hands through her hair and said, "I have cum on my tits... and in my hair."

Aron and I joined Kelly in laughing at her sticky condition. Then we all sat back and relaxed in sexual fulfillment. After maybe 20 or 30 minutes of just relaxing, we proceeded to dress and leave the motel.

The next day she called me, asking if I was all right with everything that had happened the night before. I assured her that I was. As a matter of fact, I was MORE than "all right." I was relishing the memories.

Then she asked if I would like to come over their house next weekend. Naturally I said, "Yes!" Over the next several days I waited impatiently for the days to past until Saturday night.

Kelly, Aron and I have been a regular threesome now for about five years. We have shared a wide variety of sexual fun together. I like her very much... but we never let our shared fun get beyond that. We both have too much respect for Aron. We never hide anything from him, and let him orchestrate most of our encounters and shared adventures.

And one they they introduce me to Rita. Rita turn to be my girlfriend. From that day, our threesome changed into foursome.

As a matter of fact, in addition to the genuine love that I believe Kelly and Aron share with each other, there seems to be a genuine four-way respect between each/all of us. Rather than being a "lover" to Kelly, we are just a good friend... a good friend to both of them... a friend they have been kind enough to share their very privet moments, their body and bed.


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