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Sex is a short word with a lot of meaning. Talking about sex used to be taboo in the past, sex used to be very privet matter between two people, mainly between married couples or between couples in love. Don't forget, prostitution is the world's oldest professional, therefore taboo or not, there was and there is sex outside of marriage since marriage exists.

The Internet changed everything. Since the Internet boom  boom there is a "new" type of sexual encounter, the casual sex or sometimes people call it no commitment sex is more popular than any other on-line dating activity.

Casual sex was born from the past's keys exchange, swinging parties. Also casual sex might be a little different than no commitment or swingers sex.

There are many different world that related or many words that defines casual sex. For example no string attached sex one of the most used word the define casual sex. It means: Penetrative sex that involves two or more people who have no desire or intention of ever develop a committed romantic type of exclusive relationship with each other.

There are few benefits of no string attached sex. For example nsa sex eliminates many stressful factors that may accompany a romantic relationship such as: jealousy, mind games, verbal or physical abuse,  and/or frequency in sexual activity, boredom, and many more I'm sure. If the sex partners have enough from each other, they will try to find someone else.

Casual Sex can be short term, for example, one night stand. But sometimes, sex partners states it, after penetrative sex, they have had by-far the best sex they've ever had and can hardly wait for the next time they meet!  This kind of sex play might turn into friendship, friends with benefits,  sex friends, sex friendship or fuck buddy.

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Is swingers sex casual sex? Swingers are human be too, therefore their sexual activity can be casual sex too, but it can be more.  Swingers couples like to build sex relationship, with someone compatible for leisure. Swingers leisure sex relationships are relationships and they are are more than sex. It maybe a friendship, that ends up in sex. Casual sex can happen in a heat of moment. No commitment, no relationship, just sexual intercourse. Casual sex usually one night stand only. If it was good, the partners might meet few more time, but after that, the life will go on and they will find someone else to play with.

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Swingers sex never happens in the heat of the moment. Swingers prepare for that. They share their primary partner, spouse for sex. They are always looking for new playmate, they meet them, sometimes those meetings like a job interview... Therefore swingers sex is much more than casual sex.

Sometimes couples sex life getting boring, and here is the point when sex can meet with casual sex. We are being human, without sex we wont be around, therefore sex is our strongest desires. If sex is great the life is beautiful, if sex life doesn't work out right, we have all kind of other difficulties in our everyday's life. Sometimes couples sex life getting boring, and here is the point when sex can meet with casual sex.

Why do married couple like casual sex?

Not all of them likes it, in fact in US only about 9% of married couple looking for no string attached sex partner to share their sex life. Married couples, and couples with their permanent romantic partner, who are into casual sex loving it... because they can live out their sexual fantasy, and they love variety. variety in partners and it should be variety in sexual activity. Variety in sexual activity comes in many different form. For example, foreplay, oral sex, anal sex, masturbation, different sexual positions with different sex partners.

Our casual sex advice: Remember you are not with your primary partner, you can and you should try to do and learn different sex play, positions, etc with your nsa sex sex partner. Learn, practice and master your sex knowledge and this kind of knowledge will spice up and will make better your romantic relationship, sex life with your primary partner or with your spouse.

There are one more thing to say. People who are visiting our website, comes here in a hope to find sex partner for no string attached sex, so if nsa sex is in your mind too, than you are at the right place. 


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