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Oral Sex: Cunnilingus & Fellatio

Before any misunderstanding, fellatio is not a weapon from the middle age, fellatio is  oral sex performed upon the penis. Fellatio is very popular foreplay activity, prior to vaginal or anal forms of intercourse, or it may be performed to take him to the no return point. In this case he will have orgasm and he will ejaculate semen.

Cunnilingus is the act of using the mouth, lips, and tongue to stimulate the female genitals. Other words: Eating her pussy. Both, fellatio and cunnilingus can be performed by same sex couples too. In fact it is same sex couples' most popular sexual activity.

In our open sexed casual sex dating world, it is impossible being a competitive and good sex partner with out performing oral sex. No string attached sex play and in oral sex, knowledge is something that you need to work on, if you would like to give and receive oral pleasure.

Oral sex is like any other sexual activity, you need to know what you do...

If you are a man and would like to make your no commitment female sex partner happy, don't hesitate. Put your face between her legs and make her day. A freshly washed pussy is cleaner and contains less bacteria, then her mouth. So if you don't mind to kiss her, than go down on her and apply your tongue on her vulva.

Casual Sex & Oral Sex

On the other side, if you are a woman, the above apply to you too. The only difference is, you have to love men and you have to love their penises. If you do not love penis, than casual sex relationship  definitely not for you. With out penis, there is no man - women relationship exist.

Casual sex relationship, swinging and oral sex is so close, almost like a must for both genders, when it comes to erotic plays. However the personal hygiene and in some cases protection is very important, not only for oral sex, but any type of no commitment sexual activity.

He should go down on her first

It is very polite and usually ends up in great and a lot of penetrative sex if a man go down first on the lady. If he did you, I mean if he at your pussy, you as a woman, should not hesitate. Return the favour and meet face to face with his penis. Give him a blow job. He will really appreciate your effort. There are a lot of oral sex positions, the limit is only your fantasy. On from the lot is: 69.

Is it true? Is 69 is the worst oral sex position?

A lot of people believe, 69 is the worst oral sex position. Well, it is maybe, however it have one positive thing in. The partners do each other in the same time, so it might help to overcome on a do it or don't hesitation (if one of them hesitate). 69 is a good oral sex position to learn to tolerate the receiving and the giving pleasure of oral sex.

What is 69 anyway?

69 is the oral sex position when a man does oral on a woman at the same time she perform oral sex on him.  For example on our page header, the couple right at the middle of a traditional 69.They are performing cunnilingus and fellatio at the same time on each other.

Couples, who into nsa sex, usually enjoy oral sex, but not all of them big fun of 69. To reach orgasm in oral sex, the partners often have to concentrate on hard. It is very hard to concentrate on to receive and at the same time perform it on your partner.

However experienced couples love 69. They love the feeling of being sucked and suck in the same time. Practice make perfects.

On our page header is a basic 69 position. A man and a women perform oral sex, on each other at the same time.  He is on his back, face up, she is laying on him face to his penis.

The basic 69 sex position

He lays flat on his back. She knees top of him with open legs - face to his legs. Between her legs is his head. She can adjust her body position - to lower - or higher with opening or closing her legs wider. If she is tall, probably he needs a pillow or pillows under his head to get easy access to her vagina and to make his position more comfortable.

Fellatio,  (blow job) 69 & Oral Sex...


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