Roleplay Tips For Man Woman Couples

Have your your romance or casual relationship started feeling like they’re always the same? Can you predict what you’re going to say, what she’s going to say, and what will each of you do from the minute you both realize that you’re going to have sex?

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Schoolgirl Roleplay

The next time you and your partner make love, why not be someone else? Meet all over again. Do you want to get the sameness out of your relationship? Try this. Tell your wife (or girlfriend) to meet you at a bar or coffee shop. Make her dressed up like an innocent schoolgirl. Have her wear something like a high-school uniform . You do the same. Don’t drive her there, she have to get there her own. Meet her there, you should get there a few minutes after she’s due to arrive.

When you get there, sit down somewhere alone, order one drink or a coffee. Then look around and “notice her”. Smile at her and make sure she smiles back at you. That will be the only thing that is exactly planned out – that you will be “picking her up” as if the two of you had never met.

After you’ve come over – or she has – and you’ve introduced yourselves and gotten to know each other, it’s time to get away. Invite her to¬† a nearby hotel, or and if your date happens at evening, you could go to a drive-in theater. Now, don’t make your “signature moves”. You’re someone else – get into being someone else. You’ve never met this girl before, and you have just picked her up. Make sure she understands this in advance. You can either improvise as you go or even have fun discussing your characters, the possibilities are endless. You can have fun the night before talking about what you’ll be like.

Married Woman Looking For NSA Sex – Role Play

Some couples really enjoy this. She could be a married woman looking for sex on the side, and you could be a local romeo. Or you could be new in town and looking for a date, and ending up with more than you were expecting. Are you usually chatty and friendly? You could come off shy and quiet. Does your wife usually let you make the first moves? Maybe she could make the first move of picking you up in a bar.

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Role Play at Home

If you like the idea of being someone else, but don’t like the idea of going out somewhere to meet, you could try one of these situations.

One of you could be the man or lady of the house, the other could be a person from a local cleaning service sent over to clean the house. You could be the man from the garage sent to fix the car and she could be the seductive older woman. She could be your next door neighbor’s wife (it’s better that you both invent a person, don’t use a real one like your REAL next door neighbor’s wife) .

What makes this one fun is you both behave the the characters you’re playing. Maybe even dress like them. If you act and feel like you’re the next door neighbor, come over to welcome her to the neighborhood, you’ll both act differently and maybe speak a little differently. You don’t have to do it perfectly – you’re not going for an academy award. Just act like you’re not yourselves and have fun!

How would the man from the garage act? How would he kiss? And would she make the first move or would he?

If this is something that excites you both, you can enjoy almost endless possibilities, like photographer – model, teacher – student, uniform (police, firemen, jail guard) and the new neighbor woman, flying attendance – passenger, pimp – prostitute. As I mentioned at above, the roleplay scenarios are endless.

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