Shave your pussy or do not

Some women are kinky, some others kinkier. I think all of us have some readiness  to be kinky  deep inside us, but some of us denies it… For example not to long ago, genital hair shaving considered kinky sexual activity.

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Is it really kinky? If a women keep her pussy nice and clean and shaved, that would make her a kinky woman? I don’t think so.

The lady at left on the photo, consider herself a kinky woman  and if you take god look at her genital area, you realized her vulva is not shaved. Therefore shaved pussy and kinky sex not the same thing, but shaving a pussy can be a kinky sexual activity.

What men like to play with, hairy or shaved pussies? This question is like a ghost, just keeps coming back. There is no one world answer to this question, but usually men want to get what they can’t get or what they did not have yet.

There are so many tastes, likes and dislikes, that no any  woman can please everyone. Therefor if you are a woman, you just need to concentrate on how to please your man, of course  it applies to men too. If you are a man, your first priority should  be to please your female partner, spouse, wife, etc., or sooner or later someone else   will try to plea her.

Does not matter you are into casual dating or not, either way, the most important thing is what your permanent partner or husband like, so you just be yourself because that is what you partner like or love in you. You do not change to please any man.

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 But you should know a lot of ladies in our open sexuality world fix (trim) and clean (shave as they shave their legs) their genital area from pubic hair,  and most of the men don’t mind that at all. Just because her pussy shaven, it does not mean she is a slut, but  it can mean she is clean and worry about hygiene.

Than Comes Oral Sex

Oral sex is popular and a lot of man like to perform oral sex on a nice clean pussy, they don’t like pussy hair in their mouth. A lot of men state it: A neatly trimmed and lightly shaved pussy is the way to go.

If your pussy hair is long trim it first with scissors or with an electric beard trimmer. At that place where you want it shave, take off that much hair as much is possible with the scissors. It will make the razor’s job much easier. After trimming you should take a shower or a bath. The warm water will soften up the pubic hair. Use shaving jelly and a very sharp new razor every time. Always move the razor in the direction that the hair grows. If you shave in the opposite direction, in-grown hair may occur, which cause redness, bumps and small scabs. If you have sensitive skin, you should apply medicated shaving lotion after the shave. It will keep your skin smooth and won’t let develop bumps.

Some women trims their pubic hair, than wax it afterward. In almost every beauty shop you can buy stuff for bikini wax. However if you never waxed your genital area, it can be very painful at the first time. If you can not handle pain but want to have a nice smooth beaver, you should try to shave it. Use your imagination and design your pubic hair the way how you like it.

Remember, what works for one might not work for others. Some ladies use bump stopper for sensitive skin. This cream is very popular in the US, but hard to get in Canada. I saw it only on Amazon…  A lot of black people use it. They have a lot of shaving related skin problems and this substance helps them.

Also some ladies apply only DOVE original deodorant on after shaving and they believe (from their own experience) DOVE is the best staff to keep your pussy smooth and silky.

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As you probably already know, our  hair grows all the time. In only a few days pass by and it starts to get itchy, it means time to shave again. Shaving can be fun. You can do it with your partner. With females – or males it doesn’t matter. The easiest way, is to lay back and relax, spread you legs as far apart as you can to give your partner the best access and view. I forget to mention that, it can be very erotic and kinky.

So what about men? Should they shave their genital area?

Men and oral sex – on the receiving end.

At first, the penis body has no hair on. The testicles  might have some hair on and around them, so a little trimming and, maybe  some shaving wont hurt any men, if want experience great oral sex. I don’t think any women want to have hair ball in their mouth, so to clean up the testicles not that bad idea.

Than there is the hygienic, its easy to clean keep the genital area if the hair is short. Men or women, make difference, long pubic hair will small easy, special in a warm summer day.

Again the most important thing what your partner and you like. If she likes it bald, shave it off, but most of the women don’t like a bald cock. They say bald cocks are too gay. So the best way to go, trim it nicely and maybe shave the ball’s area.


What do you prefer, shaved or hairy pussy?

Romance, love or casual no string attached relationship?

What are you after?

Either way 10 things to do at Easter time, and when Easter is over, anyone free to do this 10 things on any weekend… Of course you can do the next things only if you have someone to do things with…

Not easy to figure out what to do on Easter’s Saturday night, if you not plan to spend it with your family and even harder if we are talking about a normal, boring Saturday night. The hard part is to find someone to spend that Saturday night with, if you have someone than you need to be smart.

You have to make your partner understand, what it is you’re really after. The hard part is avoiding misunderstandings about what you want. Whether it’s everlasting love or casual o string attached play, you’ll want to tailor your plans accordingly.

The following advises should help you clearly and effectively convey your true intentions. I assume you are a man, than.

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Call at least four days in advance, requesting the pleasure of her company.

Call her at least 20 minutes in advance, and ask, “Can I come over?”

Maximize class factor. Channel Audrey Hepburn.

Maximize jiggle factor. Channel Pamela Anderson.

Cook most the meal yourself, but invite your partner to join you for the finishing touches, to give a sense of partnership. This meal should convey the idea that loving domesticity can be a feast for the senses. Choose a homey yet delicious menu, such as roast chicken or rack of lamb. Drizzle truffle oil over mashed potatoes, transforming this ordinary dish into a veritable bowl of luxuriousness.

Prepare appetizers before your guest arrives: finger food, nothing fancy. Keep the lighting low, romantic music, scented candles, and some mild kinky movie in the DVD player. The idea is that she may nibble, but YOU are the main course.

Choose a restaurant based on romantic potential: soft lighting, somewhat quiet ambiance, a menu rooted in the Romance Languages: French, Spanish, Italian, quiet jazz – bar music.

Choose a restaurant where you can order over protein rich foods, like oysters, foie gras, chocolate mousse, that spoil quickly, implying that this is a onetime opportunity, and there’s no chance of a repeat performance.

WHEN THE BILL ARRIVES and if you want to be loved by her in the rest of your life
Discreetly take it as soon as it arrives, and don’t allow her to see it. Decline her offer to split it with you. After all, her company is payment enough.

IF IT’S No string attached
Look at the bill. Then look at her. Say, “So. Are you coming over?”

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Ask her if there’s anything she’d like to see. After all, how bad can Samurai Tomb Destroyer’s new adventure really be?

If she want to movie, try to choose something really boring. Sit in the back row. But the best thing would be to take her home and watch kinky movie.

IF IT’S LOVE and she does not want to go to the movie theater.
Go home with her and rent a movie on pay per view or AMAZON, what ever system you use at home.Go for a popular drama, comedy, or foreign film.

IF IT’S NSA and she isn’t into kinky movies.
Than rent a DVD and try to find something that labeled, “Terms of Endearment.” But make sure you’ve switched the disk inside with the adult title, “Terms of Endowment.” Once you’ve turned it on, feign surprise, then say, “Well, we have no choice now, so might as well watch this one.”

Tell her she’s the most beautiful woman in the room. Then take her up on the roof or into the garden to look at the stars. Kiss her on the lips.

Tell her she’s the hottest babe in the room. Then take her into the bathroom. Kiss her everywhere but the lips.

Proudly introduce her to everyone by her name and as “She is my lovely girlfriend”. Don’t invite ex-boyfriends unless they’re truly good friends with no ulterior motives.

IF IT’S Casual
Just say, he name and look uncomfortable. Make sure you invited as many of your exes as you could. If it doesn’t work out with her, maybe you’ll get lucky with one of the ex.

Surprise with box seats at the opera. Offer to buy her outfit and go with rented limousine to pick her up.

IF IT’S Casual
Surprise her with seats at a strip club. Offer to buy her a lap dance from man dancer.

If you manage to follow the above advises, does not matter you are after her because you want to build a long lasting romantic –  based on love relationship or you just want to have string attached sex play, either way, if  you do it right you will succeed and you will have a memorable Easter.

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What makes a man a great sex partner, or a great lover?

Tips on erotic massage for men who want to make her night…

On this page I am going to try to give some tips and suggestion for guys, who pick up ladies at the bar or at the Internet.  Casual dating might be in their mind, but these tips at next, can apply to any kind of adult play.

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It is easy to pick up a girl or a woman in our open sexual world,  it’s easy to take her into a hotel room. However sometimes it’s hard to get  things going. The biggest mistake that man can do is talk to much.  If she is in a hotel room with you, you  have already talked enough. It is time for some action. However, you have t make it sure, she wants the same things what you  want, otherwise you will be charged with  sexual assault, rape and who knows what else…

Therefore you go forward only, if you are sure, she is in the game…  At first you have to make her relaxed. One of the secrets for having a great time is relaxation.  A nervous, stressed woman  not much fun to be around. You, as her male partner have to make her relaxed. Confidence is the best solution. You have to be confident. Even if you don’t, you have to look like you are confident.

I assume some kissing, touching and erotic play already happened at the bar or at the way to your room. Otherwise it is very unlikely she will go to the hotel room with you.  So you are in the room with her. You have to set the mood right for sexual play. If you want to have a great time, you need to do your homework. In this case you need to rent the room in advance and take some “stuff” over there in advance. Stuff, like a portable CD player, CDs, candles, maybe some light, that you can adjust, and massage oils.

That’s right, massage oils, because you are going to give her an erotic massage. A good erotic massage is going to make her relax and if you do it right, she might even have an orgasm while you massage her.

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You can see there are no freebies here. If you want to have a great time, you have to work, you have to put forth an effort and you need some preparation. Less preparation  is needed if you do it in your home, but you should not invite strangers in your home.

Well, isn’t it strange a bit already? You can have a casual sex, one night stand with a stranger, but not in your home? It is just a pre caution. Sometimes things aren’t going to the right direction and sometimes it will better for you, if your new partner don’t know where you exactly live. However it’s up to you and up to your morals…

I hope you already know that most women are turned on by gentle bites on the neck and throat while being held from behind. You know that gently pulling her head back with her hair while kissing her is very exciting for a lot of women.  So as soon as you close the door you should do the above immediately.

The previous sentence has two important words in. They are,  gentle and closed the door. At first you need to close the door, because you don’t want anybody to walk in to your room, not your room mate, not your mom and not  room service. If you are in a hotel room you should place a “Do Not Disturb” sign outside  the door.

The other world is “gentle”. You have to be gentle all the time. You should not push her and you should not do anything that might make her uncomfortable.

Dim the lights, light some candles, turn on some very romantic music, maybe even pour her a drink. Make the room as romantic as possible. And now you can start to massage her. You have two goals in a massage, the first you have to make her relax, the second you have to turn her on. At first she doesn’t have to be naked. You just rub her shoulders and offer her a back massage. Have her lie on her stomach and massage her back with nice long steady strokes.

You should read her body language. If she likes what you do, you should say something like: I should apply some oil, and you go and get that oil. You do not ask her, can I apply some oil, if you ask, she might say yes, or might say no. You have to be confident, not pushy, just confident. You should not give her any chance to say no. So you tell her I will apply some oil and go to the bathroom and get the oil. You go to the bathroom because heated oil does better job. The easiest way to heat up the oil is with hot water. Just put the oil container into a bigger container of hot water.

Take her blouse or sweater off. The bra can stay. Have her lie on her stomach again. If her bra’s opening from the back just open it. If from the front ask her to open it. Don’t poor the oil on her back. You do not need too much, you do not want to make a mess, plus the oil is not heated up yet. Just poor a small amount in to your palm, wipe your palms together, it will warm up the oil and start to massage her back again.

This massage should be different from your regular back massage. During this massage her back is naked, making it easier for you to access all  the areas. From her body language you might find out where are her erotic zones. Massage her spine area with nice long steady strokes. Next, some oil all over her back and start massaging in small circles. From the back, move to her arms and legs. To do so she have to take off some more clothing.

Don’t worry about her panties. They can stay, if she takes them off it’s, okay but you should ignore her butt.  Maybe just cover it with a towel. Massage her legs exactly the same way how you did on her back (long steady strokes at first, and small circles second).

A foot massage can be quite erotic and certain pressure points can spawn feelings of elicit sexual pleasure. You should spend plenty of time massaging the bottom of her feet. Millions of nerve endings are there, it can start to turn her on.

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Now pore some oil into your palm, place one of your hands on to her leg, the other hand on to her other leg and with a nice long move go back to her butt.

Right now is the time to start the erotic part.  Place on hand at the bottom of one cheek and place your other hand at the top of the other cheek. Move your hand up and down, to the side and center in the same time and opposite direction. Put a little more pressure on,  it should  tighten her skin. If she is still wears her underwear, you can slide your hands under it, and after a couple of strokes just take them off.

Move your hands on her upper thighs and point your fingers toward the inside of her thighs. Massage it with small circles. Lightly brush her vagina’s outer lips with the top of your fingers. Within a few seconds you should see the excitement in her body language.  If you are healthy, you should have a hard on by now.  Slightly brush your body over hers,  to let her feel your hard penis and whisper softly in her ear that it is time for her to roll over.

If you think she isn’t relaxed enough, you can cover her genital area with a towel. If you think she is getting horny  (you can find out from her body language, hip movement and her breathing), you do not need to cover anything.

Massage her breasts and stomach gently. Use the circular motion. Play with her nipples, but not too long. If you spend too much time there, she might ask you stop, and you don’t want to stop now. Move the action to her upper body, once again ignore her genital area, but you might slightly touch it, while massaging your way down to her feet. Massage all the way down on one of her feet, use both of your hands. The circular motion is the best. Spend some time to explore behind her knee cap. Do the same with on her other foot on your way back to the top, but now stop at the genital area.  Give her a long very erotic kiss.

Seat facing her vulva, on the side of her body. Pour the warm oil into your hand and hold your hand over her vagina, let the oil drip from your finger on her vagina. If she is shaved down there, you should use a lot of oil. If she is neatly trimmed, you should not massage the hairy area too much, and if her pubic hair is long, use a small amount of oil. Long pubic hair and lots of oil, plus a massage can make a lot of mess and trouble.

Put your hand on her pussy’s area and with a gentle pressure massage it, in slow circular motion. Use enough pressure to move her skin over the harder tissues. With one finger, tickle her vaginal opening as lightly as possible. If you have a sex toy feather,  rub that feather across on her love channel opening several times.

First focus on her larger labia with smooth long up and down strokes,  then run the top of your finger on inside of her inner labia. Rub the entrance of her vagina in a circular motion. If the shaft of her clitoris is long you can try to roll it between two fingers. Never directly massage her clit, that is an extremely sensitive area. Put your well oiled finger on the top of the hood and try to make a small half circles, or site to site moves.

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Put your palm just over her clitoris and with a slight different kind of pleasure and vibrate your entire hand.  Try inserting the top of your first finger into her. If she moans insert the second finger too and thrust them in until your rests against her clitoris or if her clitoris is very sensitive, just rest you wrist on her lower abdomen above the pubic bone.  If she did not pull her hip a way, try to insert your fingers deeper.

Try to find her G spot and massage it in a circular motion. If she likes what you do she will push her vulva to your hand, kind of asking for a finger fuck.

Not every women like finger(s) inside their  vagina. A lot of them prefer a penis instead, or oral sex. If you love to perform oral sex, you should use edible massage oil. If you don’t have any, then you should clean her genital area with a warm water soaked towel and then go down on her…

If you take your time and follow the above tips, its almost guaranty both, you and your partner going to have a lot of fun…


There are a lot of adult dating tips, questions and answers are in our big sister’s on-line adult dating magazine. Those questions from our users and some other users provided thee answers, based on their own experience.  Check them out at next…

Kama Sutra – Is it love making art?

There is nothing like pleasing your lady with orgasms. You will feel satisfaction and you will be more man.

So what is the big hype about Kama Sutra lately? A lot of people say that, Kama Sutra is just some sort of ancient porn magazine, it is old and useless; we do things better in our modern days…

Well, from the above sentence only one thing is true. Kama Sutra is old, but it has nothing to do with porn. Kama Sutra is ancient art of love making. It illustrate love making techniques and sexual positions. It describes how enjoy love and how to give maximum pleasure for your sex partner.

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However there is no mystical power need to learn and practice techniques described by Kama Sutra. It is only knowledge. Kama Sutra mean Kama or Sex and formula or Sutra, stand for “Sex Formula”. The today’s version of Kama Sutra widely available on the market and on the Internet. Today when a lot of information is just few mouse clcik a way, Kama Sutra is not that big deal anymore.  It is good and helpful, but not that big  cessation as it used  to be.  Anyone can be   good lover with out Kama Sutra, it just need some knowledge and practice… to make it perfect.

Becoming The Perfect Lower & Perfect Sex Partner

Have you ever made love or had sex with someone who was an expert lover, but failure as a sex partner? It happens because sex can be truly fulfilling if it accompanied by chemistry. In our today’s open minded dating world not all the people are looking for love. They are loved by their family, and by their spouse. People who are browsing erotic personal ads; looking for satisfying sexual experiences and sexual fulfillment, with or with out their loved one. It depends on their moral and preferences.

To make sex satisfying and fulfilling – with out love – is not that simple. Viagra only can’t make sex satisfying for women. You have to get your partner going. You have to have information on erogenous zone, kissing, erotic touching, foreplay, sex, sexual positions, etc. Sexual fulfillment can not be achieve by improving sexual performance. To give a mind blowing orgasm to achieve sexual fulfillment and sexual satisfaction, you have to create some kind of emotional connection between you and your sex partner. If you are able to create this emotional connection, even just for a short time (swingers call chemistry) then you are on your way to make your and your partner’s night unforgettable.

Everything About Sex

Our on-line erotic dating magazine has every information about sex in a large database of instructional videos, articles and eBooks that can teach anybody what the ancient people of India meant when they spoke about Kama Sutra and what they were doing in bed that has made this book so famous through the ages.

Our on-line erotic dating magazine explain you and teach you everything about women. It has all the information that you need to know about women, how to woo them, how to perform in bed in order to please both yourself and the lady in question. Everything that you need to know about NSA sex is just few clicks away on the on-line erotic dating magazine website.

Every single heterosexual man want to amaze women. It doesn’t make any difference, older men or younger men, they want to amaze women with their love making skills and sex techniques.This woman can be their  wife, or lover or girlfriend or even their casual sex partner, make nor different, every men in this world want to be a  good lover.

This is where Our on-line erotic adult dating magazine can make a huge differences in your or any else love life. New sex positions, new attitudes and new ways of courting women can be at your fingertips in a short while. With more information comes more confidence and before you know it a new man will emerge from within you, a man who knows what to say and what to do, to succeed every time.

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I think every man would like that.

If you are keen to get sex right every time, if you want to get her off several times a night, then you need visit this on-line erotic dating magazine. It contains the very best in video, written and interactive sexual advice to ensure that sexual performance failures are a thing of the past.

Don’t hesitate, if you want to be successful in this lifestyle, visit the Our on-line erotic adult dating magazine and learn what men, women, and couple think and like in NSA sex.

This on-line adult dating magazine was created for open minded men, women and couple. If you are a woman and your man do not want to know how can he bea better sex partner, you should learn it and then show him something new… in the bed. I am sure you can make him change his mind with your new erotic – love making technique.

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Are you want to be a party animal at Valentines Day?

Valentines Day is lovers’ holiday, therefore people not really getting wild with their loved one, but it doesn’t mean you can’t be. If you want to be wild you can  be at any day, with out any reason, but Valentines Day provide  anyone with an opportunity  to  turn to be a party animal.

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Are you want to  be a party animal? You can be. Host your Valentines Day party and turn it into an  erotic party. Its wont be easy, but can be done, or as a second option,  find someone else Valentines Day erotic party. Erotic parties or sex parties are organized by people either for profit or fun. If you would like to participate in somebody else’s erotic party (for fun) in our member’s section you will find upcoming events posted by members for members. If you don’t feel like creating your own party, then feel free to join someone else’s!

Other type of sex parties run by swingers clubs for profit.  Swingers club will charge an entrance fee which can be very expensive at Valentines Day if you are single man. Single women usually can get in free, I know this is not fair, but life usually not fair at all.

Before you decide to go, you need to know, erotic swingers parties are divided into two categories, on premise and off premise parties, meaning sex allowed or disallowed on the premise. If intercourse allowed on the premise, the entry fee will be even higher.

On premises sex parties are illegal in many countries, however were legalized here in Canada  December of 2005. Previous to it was legal only in the privacy in somebody’s home.  A group of swinger couples gathered at one person’s house and what ever have happened there, it’s have  happened for fun…. Men and women love to have fun in our sexcentric world.  It shouldn’t be surprising that women participate in erotic parties for fun.

Women have erotic fantasies also. Sometimes, they are more sexual than men’s.  Women often fantasies having sex with strangers, special single women around Valentines Day. They feel very lonely and they want to get loved by someone for list one night.

Having sex with a complete stranger takes away the pressure. They feel like they don’t have a standard they have to live with, since they won’t be coming back for seconds. Women engage in this type of sex because they feel that they won’t be judged. Around Valentines Day more single women fantasias about sex than any other time – even group sex… Group sex can be exciting for a woman. I don’t mean that they want to get banged by seven horny men. Women tend to like the idea of a bunch of nude people together having sex with their partners, unless of course, if they like to have sex with multiply sex partners.

If you decide to host your own erotic party, you can find a lot of “How To Host Your Erotic Party” information on our personal website.

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Wild  Valentines Day Erotic Party

Please keep reading if you decide to join someone else’s  Valentines Day erotic party. If you would like to have a wonderful time, while you at a party, you should:

Show up by the time. If you are late, you might not get in. Erotic parties often happens behind close doors. You can leave at any time, but if you are late, nobody going to open the door for you.

Dress appropriately. Appropriate stand for suitable, proper. Blue jeans usually are not suitable for  erotic party, but you need to ask the host about dress code. Ladies can dress as sexy as they dare. They can show as much skin as much they want, however nobody have to. Wear something that make you feel comfortable as well as sexy. Guys should wear dress pants.

Circulate in the room(s) and mix and mingle with many people. If you just try to chase down the sexiest couple, you might have to go home alone… with out sexual satisfaction. Make contact and talk with a lot of people. Be carefully, don’t talk about your spouse, girlfriend, or boyfriend. You can talk about every day’s issues, weather etc, maybe Holidays. Show you are interested in some erotic play, but don’t start the conversation talking about sex. The sex talk will come later.

Don’t drink to much. This party supposed to be a sex party, not a drinking party.

Remember,  erotic parties usually organized for couples. In some cases limited single guys can attend. However either you are single or part of the couple, you can have a great time only if you leave your punk attitude at the door (if you have an attitude). Be yourself, be real and socialize. If you are a man ask a lady to dance and have fun. Maybe even ask her husband for permission to ask his wife to dance with. Talk to her husband and be friendly with him too,  if he doesn’t like you, you’re not getting anywhere with his wife. Take your time and don’t be in a hurry. If it is a couples game, all four of you have to find attractive the others.

If you are a single man, play with a couple will be even harder. Visit our “Single Men In Swinging” page  for more info. If you do not have to much lifetime experience I suggest you to browse our website and search the internet  for related info, before you try to attend any erotic party.

You have to make your move, if you want to have fun at this upcoming Valentines Day, or you will run out of time. Remember, Valentines Day is just around the corner…

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Do you want to get lucky on your first date?

Four Basic First Date Moves

My friend and I did his wife