Love Making Tips For Men

Married men don’t plan to make love  with their spouse. It’s just supposed to happen. Put the kids in bed, sit around a little, watch TV and spontaneously make love. How nice it is to even talk about it.

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However if you would like to have fun with somebody else other than your spouse, you need to plan everything. You can play alone or as a couple, if you are both into NSA sex, but you still have to have some kind of plan. For example you have to know, how far you will go. Also you have to a find place in advance.

Would You Like To Have Sex With Her?

You have made the decision. You know it, you would like to have sex with her. You have a room, condoms, candles and you are ready to go. Unfortunately this is just 50% of you plan. The other 50% is up to her.

Every women love to be seduced, even if she is into nsa sex. Continue reading about NSA sex…

You have to make her accept your plan. But how? You can ask her, do you mind if I do this or do that? She might say yes, or might say no. This is not the best way to go, even in your case it would be  just a nsa sex play, because your future sex partner is into casual sex, you should not take her for granted. You can get rejected.

To get the forbidden fruit, you have to work on her. Her body is like a musical instrument, if you want to play, you need to know how to play, if you don’t than you need to learn.  You have to seduce her. I say it again, ladies love to be seduced. They love to be feel wanted. Use your charm to persuade her. Make her feel very sexy and beautiful. It will turn her on. You should start to seduce her, before you go to that room, for example in a bar or club.

You have to turn her on, before you even think about to get naked. You have to talk to her. Tell her how beautiful she is, how nice are her boobs or legs or buttocks. How silky is her pubic hair (if she has any). Tell her what you want to do with her. Probably it will get her into the want to have sex mood and must likely will turn you on too. If this happens, let her know how you feel.

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Some Men Quiet During Sex

If you are a quiet love maker, it is time to change. Try to let your partner know how you feel about her, before, during and after sex. Your effort will pay off.

Remember women needs more time than men to get turned on.

She needs more time to get fully sexually aroused. Just because you try to get her horny and you got yourself very horny, it doesn’t mean  she is ready for penetrative sex. You have to pay attention to her body. It will tell you when she is ready.

Are her nipples hard? Maybe some goose bumps have developed on her. Is she breathing faster?

Is she moving, pushing her hips toward you? When she is ready she want part of you inside herself and that is not your finger. You should not poke your finger into her as a fork in to the steak to check: Is it ready?

Is she wet enough? No she is dry, I will lick her boobs for a few minutes and check again. It wont work this way. You must to be sure her juice is running, before you finger her. Continue Reading…

Respect Her Body And Honor Her Willingness

Take your time. Respect her body and honor her willingness to allow you to play with her. When she is ready enter her. She want to feel you cock inside her. She needs to adjust her body to your cock and of course you want to feel her inside.

Go slowly and enjoy yourself. Take deep breaths in rhythm. Take a break, change position and talk with her, before you hit the no return point, than  stop and  go again. Don’t tense your buttocks. It will cause more pleasure and you will orgasm sooner. Take it easy, relax, specially your butt’s muscles and enjoy the pleasure.

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Try to give her as much pleasure as much possible. If she doesn’t have a good time with you, she wants it to be over fast. If she is an experienced lover she will fix you in a short time. You don’t want it to happen. You don’t want to get out from there in a hurry. The longer it takes, your and her sexual experience will be more satisfying.

Performance Pressure Might Cause Performance Failure

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try to have sex with new partner, it just doesn’t work. It usually happens with first timer partners in casual sex, but it can happen with any man. Nervousness, jealous-ness, alcohol and or pushy partner cause performance pressure. Performance pressure might cause performance failure. Some men can not get hard with the wrong partner. Communication will help. Relax and try again. Continue Reading…

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