Question of the first date: Will you have a second date?

Very easy to find dating partners in our sexually open world. Everyone can find a dating partner via internet, if really want to find. Than comes the first date, the question is:  Will you have a second date?

Does not matter you are a man or a woman, does not matter it is a romantic date to build a long lasting relationship, or a casual date to just have some no commitment fun, either way you both have to find each other likeable.

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A lot of on line dating and off line service offers their service to  everyone to find the best possible match in our high tech dating world.  Higher end (more expensive) dating services advertise themselves, something like: “Our unmatched artificial intelligence powered algorithm will find the perfect match for you.”

I wont name that On-line Dating Service   here, but  we tested it, my best friend and I created  a fake profile. My best  friend a lady too. The very first question was, “your marital status”.  I am separated,  there was an option separated so I selected that. After that first question we spend approximately two hours to create a really honest profile. Than finally we submitted it, and we got the respond immediately. Sorry, we do not publish separated users profiles.

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Really? So why did not tell me this 2 hours ago?  Would be a  good time  after when we selected “separated”…

So we created an other profile, at this time we selected divorced for marital status. Than there was a question:  “How important is sex  for you? Explain it please.”

My lady friend wrote it;   I am always horny, therefore satisfying love life or sex is very important for me. In fact if I have to choose between go to the church or make love, I prefer the love making.

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We finished this profile too, and submitted it, than we got the result. The result stated: “Sorry our algorithm could not find anyone to match you in our members database… ”

So her goes their artificial intelligence  powered  unmatched  algorithm to find a dating partner.  Than a simple adult on-line dating service a way better… There are easy to find a date, in fact if you are a woman, you can find as much dates as  you dare… If you are a man, it is a little harder, you need to put some work in, but if  your work on it.. hard work will pay off.

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How can you turn your first  date into  a good fist date?