First Date Expectations

What do You think, your date wanted You to be like? You found a dating partner and the first date’s time arrived. You’ve done all the checks you can and you may have chatted about hopes and desires, likes and dislikes.

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But now the date is about to happen.  What do you think your date really wants from you on this first occasion? Is it the same as you want?

When you meet do they match up to your expectations, treat you the way you want to be treated or do they disappoint you?

If so, was this due to any misunderstanding about what each party was expecting from a first date?

In short did you get what you wanted?

I have, many times but I just wondered what other peoples experiences had been like. Continue Reading…


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“What Do You Think Your Date Wanted You To Be Like?”

To be yourself. Would be my guess.

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The first time I meet anyone from here it is only a coffee & chat. It is just a short casual meeting in a public place to see if there is any chemistry or interest in real life, it is not a date.

I make it crystal clear in both my profile and in initial interaction that is all it is and that nothing will be happening other than a chat. If he says ok but still expect something to happen when we first meet, that is his problem not mine. So far there has been no issue. Continue Reading…


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That should been made clear as to what you both want in the go to get. It’s not a guess.

First we set a time and day when and where we meet. It is clear if we are attracted to each other, we may want to find a room and enjoy each others intimate company… Continue Reading…


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Well… I suppose you would think you were going to meet the person you’ve been communicating with. At least
that’s what you’d hope to do.

What I have found works best is to: Expect nothing, but hope for the best! You find you aren’t near as disappointed if things don’t fly right.


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You over think shit too much. Be real and be yourself.

I go in with no expectations and aim to have a good time. If the other person expects more than that, it is on them.

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