Erotic Prostate Massage – Prostate Milking

What is prostate, and why can it enhance sex?

At first before any misunderstanding, the prostate is a organ that males have only. The Prostate Gland is located in the region between the anus and the scrotum. It responsible to produce semen and closing the urine duct to allow for the “safe passage” of sperm.

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Because of its intimate relationship with men’s orgasm, the stimulation of the prostate can cause incredible pleasures while having orgasms. When massaged properly during sex, and especially during orgasm, the prostate can be a source of great pleasures.

However not every men are into in any kind of anal playing. If your partner one of those man, than you better stay a way from his anus area. But if he doesn’t mind anal play, we give you some useful and how to massage his prostate tips in the next few paragraph. Continue reading…

Pressing The Prostate Can Generate Orgasm

The anus area have millions of nerves endings. Because of this fact it is very sensitive plus offers a world of pleasure and sensation for everyone, who’s sex partner knows what to do there! For men, who does like anal play offers extra delights because both the base of the penis and the prostate gland are accessible. For some men, pressing the prostate itself can generate an orgasm, for others it just adds to the sensations.

You can stimulate the prostate with a finger, dildo or other anal toy through the anus. It located about two inches inside towards the belly, in the direction of the penis. In fact its location is similar to the G-spot’s location. If you have the full consent of your partner you may wish to try an advanced technique in male genital massage. Stimulate the man’s prostate gland at the same time one is stimulating the penis. Continue reading…

 Prostate Stimulating

When stimulating the prostate, being gentle is very important. If you should to do it, wear latex gloves, have short fingernails and use lots of lube.

Insert your well moisturized, rubberized, middle finger into your partner’s anus to the second knuckle, (inch – inch and a half deep) and stroke upwards in a “come hither” motion. You should feel the prostate through the rectal wall. Keep it gentle at first. If your partner enjoys it, then push a bit firmer. Some beginners find novel about anal penetration is that it makes one feel as if one has to go to the bathroom. By going to the bathroom pretty thoroughly before beginning play, and clean the anus area very well, may have an easier time not interpreting this new sensation in the old context. Continue reading…

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Ejaculatory Orgasms

Pressing on the prostate gland during ejaculation, or when a man is close to ejaculation, can feel wonderful. It is also possible for some men to have ejaculatory orgasms through prostate stimulation alone. You can combine prostate stimulation with other forms of sex! If you are using your finger or anal toys, try performing fellatio at the same time.

If your partner don’t like anus area play you can perform prostate stimulation by firmly massaging the area between the anus and the scrotum from the outside. His orgasmic pleasure will become greater. Continue reading…

Prostate Massage and Sex Game

Prostate massage is as other kind of sex or sex game. Some men enjoy it, some don’t. The amount that a man will or wont enjoy depends on his personal physiology as well as how he feels about it in general. Some men may find it unpleasant for a number of reasons, while others will experience incredible orgasms.

The relaxation and patience is the key. If you and your partner enjoy it, then do it, if not, than don’t do. There are a lot of other erotic fun to do things possible with your playmate, so don’t worry about prostate stimulation or prostate massage. Continue reading…

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She gave me a blow job after sex in the car

We met here on this swingers dating website. She was and is an average woman, but there was something in her that got my attention. I wasn’t sure what is it.

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Until our first time sex, when there was sex involved, things turned to be different. She gave me a blow job after sex in the car  while I drove her home, she all of a sudden wasn’t an average woman.

Sex was great and she was a “sex Queen”. We screw each other anywhere, anytime in any possible position.  We just could not get enough.

Than we spiced things up… first with a couple than couples and than single men. We became regular in the local swingers club. She used her sex to divert to catch men’s attention, including my. I thought we are fuck buddies, until she asked me to marry her.

I have other fuck buddies too, she knows, we played with them together, also she have man in her life, we did her (mfm threesome) together. Why would I married her? Marriage is not something that I want at this point in my live. So I told her no, since that she fucks men in the swingers club, and make sure I see it, just to piss me of.

What should I do? Continue reading…

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You met a lady & she stuck on you, some women are like fly paper. They stuck on you…

They know if they please a guy sexually, they have him. It is the truth. No any horny guy going to turn down a nice lady. Well, maybe gay guys, but that is another topic all together.

You need to clean her out from your mind, if you do not want to marry her. Go for a vacation, move to other apartment, change your phone number and don’t go to that swingers club.

Or if she is that great and you guys get alone good, than move together with her. Tell her it is a try marriage and tell her if does not work both of you save a lot of money when it comes divorce time. Continue reading…



There is a reason, why people change nsa sex partner often. They can get attached, like she attached to you.

Not easy to dig yourself out from this hole, I am sure you miss her sweet pussy, but not much you can do.

Disappear or let the wolf into your home…

You are stuck and it is harder than hell to break free. As someone said above with the flypaper, when a woman traps you in this deep, it is hard to get away from. Continue reading…


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Some women think that men are the greatest liars of the world. They think men will say anything to get in their pants.

This is true, but she can’t except it for temporary. Break free and run… she trap you in.

Probably you lied to her, because you wanted a piece of ass, she will lie because she wants to trap you. Continue reading…

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Men tends to be sucker… I know this and a lot of women know this. They know that when a hot babe with a nice ass walks by a guy, she has his full attention. If she bends over his eyes are plastered to her ass.

You do not believe me? Try it yourself. Next time you go to the mall find a woman who has a nice ass or a nice set of boobies work too. Follow her around for a while. You will end up seeing a ton of men who can’t keep their eyes off of her. This same woman could probably ask 75% of those men out on a date and they would accept. The first thing they are thinking about is her nice set of tits and ass. They don’t care if she can’t carry a conversation more than a few sentences long.

Women have been using this knowledge to catch men for millions of years. They aren’t going to stop anytime soon. Women will use sex to draw in a man.

If she wants to marry you, she will do it at all costs. She will open her legs and give you the best sex you have ever had.

The solution is: Run… and never look back. Continue reading…


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Don’t married her… One of my friend got himself into something like this.

He met a girl and his life was beautiful… Great sex and more sex, the next morning she gave him oral and made him breakfast.

Before lunch she offered her anal sex and won his heart over. The perfect woman right? 6 months later they are married.

All of a sudden he began to change his mind about his new wife. Before she was his best sex partner a perfect lover, now since they are married she never let him to feel her tight ass, not even a blow job…

Break up with her for good or she will have you eating out of her hand. Continue reading…


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If you are thinking to marrying her because she is a sex queen, with nice piece of ass here are some things to keep in mind.

It might happen her nice ass, after you get married will turn to be wide ass. Married women sometimes get fat. Yes, its sad but true. This hot piece of ass will get fat as a cow and she will look like a shadow of her old self.

Women always do this and men always are shocked by it. If you can keep an erection while looking at the cottage cheese on a woman’s ass, then you are more of a man than I am. The sex will dry up. You heard it here first. Continue reading…

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You met her and you screw her all the time or she is riding on you when ever is possible. You screw watching television, you screw in the shower, you screw on the back porch while taking the dog out to piss.

You screw her with your fuck buddies and she screws your buddies too, this is nice, and this website built to find people like you guys. This is not for marriage minded people, even though marriage can happen.

Don’t married her, the great sex will be over, you will be lucky to get it twice a week if that. Forget those times where she spent an hour to give you a blow job…

Forget the time when you fucked her with you buddy, maybe your buddy will do her and if you want anal sex, you need to hire an escort.

You will consider that to be great sex life, where as before doing anal while she was bent over the washing machine was thought to be great sex.

If she lured you in with great sex, don’t do it. There is more great sex out there. The sex will end and you will become unhappy. There is no way around it.

If you wanna be slipper, go head and married her and she going to forces you to kiss her ass or will make you a cuckold. Continue reading…


Friendship After NSA Sex. It it Sex Friendship?

I enjoy having sex friends, my hubby enjoys it too.

Older women loves first date sex

I searched the web about sex on the first date rules, and I have something to say about it. All in my life I had been told, you don’t have sex on your first date if you want to see the guy more than once.

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Why not? I am on a casual sex dating website, divorced and over 40.  I chat with men via IM and webcam for a while than if things ok, we set up a public meeting.

It seems like such a waste of time, because guys don’t show up to that first date.  What are they scared of?

Than finally someone show up, and we find each other sexually attractive, so I start to make the first move, and then I have the problem not having sex. And if I have sex with him, every time I did it was a one night stand.

So, what do you think; is sex on the first date or the first night you meet ok, or a no-no? Or is it only my personal not to lucky, because I am an older womanContinue reading…


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I don’t think it have anything to do with luck or with your age. If you do not have sex on your first date with those guys, than you might have on the second or on the third date and than those guys would stop to see you anyway, so that would be a waste of time too.

Majority of people comes her to find casual sex partners, so have sex with who meet here is kind of normal… Therefore, I think there is something else behind it.

I checked your photos out, if those photos recently made, than you are very attractive, you look like a late 20’s – early 30’s, not like someone who is over 40, but if those photos 10 years old, than this can be a reason… Continue reading…

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I am, we are over 40 too and what I have been told… Women and couples in our age group more conservative in sex than younger people.

So the reason might be boring sex… Your profile sates it, you are into younger men. Younger guys wont get satisfied with some traditional, missionary sex. They want more than that, they want anal, they might want  to bring their friend or girlfriend to their next play date. They might want to experience double penetration,  etc.

If you are only into traditional sex, then you should find dating partner to close to your age. Than they might show up to the second date too. Continue reading…


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What I hate is hearing from guys (and yes, this does happen) is that if a woman has sex on the first date then she’s not dating material.

Hello guys! This is a nsa sex dating website, and one night stand is nsa sex… Isn’t it?

Also some of those guys are so bad sex partners, I don’t even want to see them again…

And they are oblivious to the fact that they also have sex on the first date too, therefore they are not really dating material too.  Don’t worry, you will find other men… Continue reading…

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Sex on the first date is not a bad thing. One night stands
are not a bad thing, and this has nothing to do with missionary traditional sex position, or age.

The ridiculous thing here is that if a man had asked the same question, the answers would be totally different. Gotta love our patriarchal society.

I have learned that it is best if everyone lays out their expectations before hand so that no one is shocked, surprised, or let down. Pretty quickly I know what kind of relationship I am willing to have with someone. Continue reading…


Older women Looking for Younger men for MFM threesomes

Why some women do swallow semen?

In my experience there are women who love to give blow jobs and swallow a man’s semen, some other just spit it out or did not even let me discharge into their mouth.

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My wife swallows (my cum only) and I asked her what she likes on it and she said,  it gives her sexual energy… and makes her fill powerful.

I would lie if I say I don’t like when she swallows, and in fact it makes me really exited. Continue reading…

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But just recently we had a chance to play with a couple, the women’s breast was extremely beautiful and her blow job technique was really good too, and before she took me to the no return point via blow job, she told me, she loves when a man cum on her face and or on her breasts, but she did not like to swallow.

I asked why, and she said, the cum makes her skin nice, and she do not swallow, because she never did and she wont try for safe sex reason. I think her reason is a respectable reason.

But I know there are ladies, like my wife, who loves to swallow.  So this question is for them; Ladies… why do you like to swallow a man’s load….or why don’t you? Continue reading…


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Human’s tongue is covered with small bumps called papillae which in all purposes, our taste buds.

By swallowing, I don’t taste a thing.

Another reason is; as a woman, it sucks to have cum dripping down your leg, and it can make your pussy stink if you don’t have chance to get it out. By swallowing, that eliminates the problem altogether. Continue reading…

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When I swallow… I didn’t wanna spit it out on my floor, or on my car seat, or run to the bathroom.

It is just easier to just swallow…. If you know what I mean, and it can be very submissive role playing thing too, if you are into this kind of role playing… Continue reading…


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I have met women that like to swallow and others that just don’t, it depends on their preferences and their mood..

If I cum hard in their mouth, they don’t have to much choices, so they usually will swallow to start.

I leave it up to them can’t force the issue, I can make look like it was an accident, but if I do it twice, than probably that was it for my sex play, it is up to them. She swallow or don’t makes no difference for me, as far as I have  my share of orgasm… Continue reading…


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I love to swallow and let it go down deep in my throat. I love to see my mans face when I make that cum disappear.

But it’s been a while since I did that, because latelly my husband rather cum in my pussy and I like your wife, do not swallow if the sex partner is new… Continue reading…

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Women aren’t the only ones that like to swallow.

I love it when a guy fucks my wife and then pulls out and blows his load in my mouth or face, some taste really good. Continue reading…


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For me it’s not an open and shut case, it all depends on the mood of the moment. Like most our pleasure most of
the time depends on our partners experience. If he’s really into the blow job he’s getting then okay…

If he likes it but maybe something else might give an even bigger charge then let’s change things up. As for me I’m okay with where to cum, just not in my hair!

If it’s my choice I’d say deep in my ass after about two hours of play. The play would of been good or you wouldn’t be in there in the first place. Continue reading…


I am addicted to cum, I love to swallow.

Swallow his sperm or don’t

Threesome or one on one sex

My threesome started with a kinky erotic  fantasy. Fantasy sex with my partner and then I  add one more man into my fantasy sex. He was a big dick man… A lot of people states it, (mainly very religious people) erotic fantasies are unhealthy, they are indicates problems within the relationship or a retreat into a fantasy created world rater then live in real world.

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Well it could be, but I don’t think anything is wrong, just because two people fantasies to have sex with a third, if that sex doesn’t hurt anyone and doesn’t damage anyone’s relationship.

In fact fantasies can add a lot of positive to a couples sex life once you start sharing fantasies. If you share you secret fantasies with your partner you are laying bare in your partner’s mind, you are going to get deeper and getting more intimate then ever before.

However at one day, we made my fantasy reality. Since that time we do not really enjoy one on one sex? Threesomes are great, but one on one sex palmist like dirty work. Did we made a mistake? Continue Reading…


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I don’t think you made any mistake, but we are not here to charge you… Your life your sex play…

In my opinion, erotic fantasies can raise the level of sexual excitement. They provide short cut to sexual arousal because they reveal things about your partner, that you never knew before.

If you add a third person to your sex play, for example in our case it increased the intimacy between my permanent  partner and I.  This is why we got into threesomes (and more somes) and we have few friends and playmates. They got into casual sex pretty much for the same reason. So I am not sure why your one on one sex does not work for you…

There must to be a reason that you did not tell us… Continue Reading…


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A privet erotic fantasy is definitely not a recipe for better sex with a partner. If you do not share your erotic fantasy with your partner you will end up masturbating alone… Shared fantasy on the other hand is a way to turn sex into great sex.

You made your fantasy sex real sex and since that your spousal sex doesn’t satisfying. Sometimes it happens, you need to talk about with your partner, and need to find a solution  or your permanent relationship will be over sooner than you think. Continue Reading…


hornyfortwo70swingers sex

Agree with the above, the best way to do it… During intercourse you have to suggest something new, and very erotic what you never did with anyone. For example one of this think can be anal sex, but what ever it will be, that sexual activity should be reserved just for your primary painter.

It works for us. Continue Reading…

casual sexCasual Sex Dating

fuckmywifecasual sex dating

This is the biggest danger in a three way sexual relationship.

Before you got into you should make sure it is for you…

When we started we spent weeks on reading, how it would be. Continue Reading…


Would you like to double the pleasure? Are you looking for a threesome? How can you turn your fantasy into reality. At first you need to find a “fuck buddy”… to develop a no commitment casual sex relationship. You need to find a man or a woman to share your sex life, your and your partner’s body. How? Continue Reading…